Economics Tuition for ‘A’ Level

Economics Tuition for ‘A’ Level



Economics Tuition Specialist for ‘A’ level


Our Aim

The JC Economics program at Learners’ Lodge is a comprehensive program aimed at developing our students’ appreciation of the subject, rigour in their foundation, and skills both for analysing and discussing issues as well as performing in examinations.


Our Approach

We use an in-depth approach at teaching the content material, aimed at building into our students a deep understanding of economic principles and concepts. This is complemented by extensive use of real world events and examples to allow students to better appreciate the theoretical concepts. Analytical and evaluation skills are taught explicitly in our economics lessons, rather than simply demonstrated by the teachers. We also believe in the explicit teaching examination skills, paying particular attention to the different aspects of essay writing and case study.


Our Teachers

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We have a strong team of teachers who are not only highly qualified and experienced in preparing students for the A level examination, they are also very passionate about educating young people. They are all highly effective classroom teachers who connect well with students – a prerequisite for imparting knowledge and skills. Our teachers deliver lessons that are both engaging and enjoyable, but at the same time, very useful and effective in helping students improve their scores.


Our Edge

We have developed an approach, based on comments by Cambridge examiners, to develop each aspect of essay writing and case study skills and have used it to develop many cohorts of our students. Not only have they performed excellently in the A levels examination, they have also continued to use these valuable skills whilst in university.

Apart from economics, we are also specialised in all major JC subjects and located island wide to provide our students a convenient one-stop centre for learning and development.


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