A Level JC General Paper Tuition

A Level JC General Paper Tuition

Why study A level General Paper in JC? 

The General Paper curriculum @ Learners’ Lodge aims to prepare JC students for the workplace and society of the future by equipping them with argumentation, communication, critical thinking and writing skills.

The study of societal developments across a broad range of topics, including politics, globalization, technology and the arts inculcates within our JC students a fuller appreciation of the many challenges and opportunities present in the 21st century. An understanding of the global, regional and local issues nurtures students grounded in the realities of the world we live in and connected to the aspirations of humanity.

Inspired by the societal trends and possibilities influencing our world today, our students will be taught to utilize the skills gained in General Paper to position their unique and informed responses, accurately identifying humanity’s collective challenges and charting the way forward to a world of connected, empowered and transformed communities.

Our General Paper tuition program also aim to develop skills like

  • maturity of thought
  • application of creative reading skills
  • creative thinking skills
  • clear, accurate and effective communication skills
  • ability to evaluate arguments and opinions
  • ability to do extensive and independent research and reading




  • The most important feature of any JC tuition centre is its teaching staff. Our team of JC General Paper tutors are made up of former full time GP teachers as well as subject heads at top JCs. Not only are they trained at NIE, they are also trained by Cambridge Chief Examiners on how the A level exams are marked. Whilst teaching in JCs, our GP tutors had won numerous accolades in both teaching and mentor-ship from within and outside MOE. Together with the years of full-time teaching experience each one of them possesses, and the years of preparing their students to excel at the ‘A’ levels, these General Paper tutors can offer you the valuable guidance that freelance untrained tutors and undergraduates who work part-time as tutors, who had only done relief teaching for a couple of weeks in JCs, cannot give. Our GP tutors are vibrant, have strong communications skills and are passionate about imparting critical thinking, communications and writing skills and genuinely care for their students. Through inspiring and engaging students, our GP tutors will ensure that our students will reach their maximum potential at the A level examinations. (see our General Paper tutors’ profiles)
  • All our students receive comprehensive notes for each topic. These highly sought after summarised notes, written exclusively for our students, not only help them understand and remember the main points about issues drawn from across disciplines and issues of local interest and national concern but also serve as crucial revision material before exams and tests. The notes are designed not only to foster deep understanding, but also to aid the student in revising for exams. These notes are also constantly being reviewed to stay relevant to the changing syllabus.

2015 General Paper Tuition Class Schedule

JC1 Class Schedule

JC2 Class Schedule


General Paper Essay Writing & Comprehension Answering Techniques Skills Workshops

Learners’ Lodge will be conducted a series of General Paper Workshops to help JC2 students score in their Essay (Paper 1) and Comprehension (Paper 2) paper during the coming March Holidays.

In our Essay Writing Skills Workshops, our JC2 students will learn how to

  1. breakdown the question and define keywords in the essay question
  2. choose the right type of essay questions
  3. use a systematic approach to map out ideas for essay
  4. develop well written arguments to support your ideas
  5. develop arguments from different perspectives
  6. use paragraph planning technique

In our Comprehension Answering Technique Workshops, our JC2 students will learn how to

  1. analyse the question by identifying the topic questions
  2. apply special reading technique to enhance the understanding of the text
  3. recognise the inference (from the author’s point of view) and formulate a response using your own words.
  4. write a good summary by identifying the relevant points
  5. formulate counter-arguments in the AQ section and apply critical commentary to the author’s assertions.

For more details on how to sign up and ace your GP papers, visit our webpage at http://www.learnerslodge.com.sg/special-programmes/general-paper-workshop/

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