General Paper Tuition ‘A’ Level

General Paper Tuition ‘A’ Level

JC General Paper Tuition


General Paper Tuition Specialist for ‘A’ level


Our Aim

The General Paper programme at Learners’ Lodge is a holistic one that prepares our students to meet and exceed the requirements for the Cambridge ‘A’ Level General Paper examination, as well as equips them with the skills and knowledge to help them meet the demands of the workplace and society of the future.


Our Approach

Our ‘A’ Level General Paper programme place equal emphasis on content learning, skills acquisition and language improvement. A weighted thematic approach is used as a framework for lessons, with in-depth lectures on recurrent issues that are of concern to all candidates. A comprehensive coverage of major themes is carried out during the two-year programme. Skills are explicitly taught with regular practice to reinforce them. There is also great focus on intensive reading – a type of reading technique that is often overlooked but is fundamental to language improvement.


Our Teachers

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We have a strong team of highly qualified and experienced teachers who not only connect well with students, they are also very passionate about educating young people. Our teachers deliver lessons that are both engaging and enjoyable, but at the same time, very effective in helping students improve their scores.


Our Edge

We have developed a weighted thematic approach, based on analysis of past year questions as well as on comments provided by Cambridge examiners. This is a crucial difference which sets our programme apart from others. Our approach provides students with a streamlined strategy that helps them prepare for their Cambridge paper in a much more effective way.

Apart from General Paper, we are also specialised in all major JC subjects and located island wide to provide our students a convenient one-stop centre for learning and development.


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