thank you mr loh zhi hong for being the Absolute Most patient teacher who always puts in the extra effort to make sure everyone (mostly me) is following the lesson!! when i came in with basically zero foundation in j2 i really had no hope to understand anything at all, and i was really just there as a final attempt to just learn Something. but your teaching style broke every complex concept down to easy, digestible pieces, and it shocked me that i was actually absorbing what was being taught T^T i also felt very very safe in your lessons to ask any questions i had, no matter how trivial they felt (because you would really take the time to explain it in detail instead of expecting me to know it already) and this reaally helped build up both my understanding and confidence, slowly but surely. i owe not just my grade but the positive change in my attitude towards studying econs to you, and i am so grateful to have had you as a mentor during that difficult period :-( you really showed me that as long as i was willing to put in the effort, you would make sure it would go to the right places so that we could both see improvement!! thank you for believing in me when even i wouldn’t, and for showing me that actually i am not stupid :^)