To simply state that Mr Loh Zhi Hong was an amazing teacher is a gross understatement.

Initially, economics seemed very daunting and challenging but under his patient tutelage I began to love the subject and even scored better at each test.

During each lesson, he made the effort to ensure that each student had the chance to speak up and voice their opinion. This was especially useful for me because it pushed me out of my comfort zone and made sure that I was familiar with the content.

Furthermore, he went the extra mile and marked the extra essays that I did in spite of his busy schedule. Closer to the A levels, Mr Loh would never fail to motivate and encourage us to press on. It was very reassuring to hear from a teacher that I looked up to that he believed in me and knew that my effort would pay off. His passion in education shines through and he truly cares for his students.

Thank you for sacrificing your time to help us through this arduous journey. Thank you for your guidance and dedication. Thank you for believing in me. :D