Having joined only in March in my J2 year, one of my concerns was that my weak areas may differ greatly from the rest of the class and I would be lost in tuition. However, it never felt like that! Mr Fung always prioritised his students’ welfare and ensure that they can keep up. His dedication to teaching not only makes his classes engaging but also makes learning Econs fun and less tedious! He can easily break down concepts for you to understand and if you do not understand them still, he will patiently explain them to you till you are crystal clear. (which happened to me many times, I had a lot to catch up on but he was always willing to help!)

Mr Fung also offered to help me outside of the scheduled lessons by marking the essays that I wrote, and even going through them with me through 1-1 consults. I have not seen any other tuition teacher that is willing to do this much for their students.

Studying Econs with Mr Fung at Learners’ Lodge was a worthy investment!! He is caring, dedicated and has an excellent content mastery! And also extremely relatable! So it won’t be intimidating. Econs tuition was the only class I never used my phone in!

Thanks for all the help Mr Fung Jia Pei  :D