Thank you SO much to Mr Fung Jia Pei for being the best economics teacher I could ever ask for! I initially joined in JC1 because I had gotten a ‘C’ for my Mid-year examinations and needed some guidance to improve myself. Mr Fung was there for me every step of the way, not only as an academic tutor but also a provider of emotional support and life advice. Mr Fung teaches economics with extreme clarity and passion, inspiring me to invest more time and effort into learning this subject. Through his lessons, I cultivated a genuine interest in economics and consequently achieved better grades. More importantly, Mr Fung proved to be a sincere teacher as he often took extra time to share valuable tips for our further education and life in general, which never failed to move me. I still remember how I was once distraught about not getting a distinction for Project Work, but Mr Fung was the one who talked me out of my despair by sharing his own experiences and hence reassuring me of my capabilities. Mr Fung also often offered consultations to us beyond the tuition hours we pay for. Thank you once again Mr Fung, your actions along the way, big or small, have left a really big impact on my academic life and I hope that more students will come under the same valuable guidance that I got to receive by being your student