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Our strong team of JC tuition teachers are highly qualified and experienced in preparing students for a A-level exams. They’re very passionate about educating young people and they connect well to the students, which is an important trait for imparting knowledge and skills. These NIE-trained JC tuition teachers deliver lessons in an engaging and enjoyable way, making it useful and effective in improving students’ scores.

Thank you for your constant guidance as well as your encouraging words. Your words gave me the confidence to believe in myself and give myself another shot at physics. Your lessons never failed to push me on to strive for excellence. Once again, thank you very much.
Goh Guan Hao, Serangoon Junior College (2017)
Taking Physics lessons from Mr Cai is an enriching one. Not only are his lessons informative, but they are also enjoyable. He often uses demonstrations to apply and show Physics concepts. After attending these lessons, Physics has become a new interest of mine. Thank you, Mr Cai, for being an inspiration and making Physics a joy to learn!
Yu BoWei, River Valley High (2018)
Mr Chew is very dedicated and passionate when it comes to teaching us Physics. I have gained a lot of Physics knowledge because of his efforts to train us to do well in every part of the subject.
Shravya, Raffles Institution

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