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Learners’ Lodge X SG Code Campus

Are you interested in a future in tech?

This Dec, Learners’ Lodge has partnered with one of the top coding campus in Singapore to bring you a week-long 33-hour accelerated programme in Python Programming, Machine Learning and Cloud Computing on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud.

Learn about how AWS enables growth technologies from expert AWS Authorised Instructors and get officially certified with AWS


Why Attend?

  • Get officially certified with Amazon (AWS)

  • Gain the prototyping skills needed to bring your killer tech idea to life

  • Boost your resumes for Polytechnic, University, internship and job applications

  • Obtain the skills needed to take part in hackathons, business challenges and startup competitions

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Why choose a career in tech?

Apart from the excitement of having a career that is shaping the future, there are plenty of other reasons why you should explore IT as a career, here are a few points to get you started:

  1. Employability: IT is one of the fastest-growing sectors worldwide with record high demand for Cloud and AI engineers
  2. Variety: Any other industry that are undergoing digital transformation will require IT professionals
  3. Pays well: Even for a junior position, the pay can range from $4,000-5,000/month
  4. Universal language: It is a career that allows you to find job anywhere in the world without having to know the country’s language
  5. Career path: There are many options for career growth depending on where your interest lies
IT jobs

Career Paths

Every modern technical role requires you to know something about how the cloud works – simply put any App, AI, Deep Learning model, crypto exchange or e-commerce marketplace lives on some cloud somewhere in the world. What better place to begin your cloud journey than at the world largest cloud provider AWS?

IT jobs

What is the Cloud?

The Cloud is where one can rent and use computing resources owned by a company like Amazon over a network (like the internet).

Did you know that companies as diverse as Grab, DBS, Samsung, Netflix, Playstation all live on the (AWS) Cloud?

Why learn about AWS?

IT jobs

AWS is by far the world’s largest cloud provider (source: Statista 2022)

“The AWS Cloud Practitioner credential is #8 on Forbes’ Top Paying
IT Certifications 2020 list and consistently ranked as a top IT Certification
year after year on, PC Mag, Global Knowledge, US News”

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About the AWS Cloud & AI Bootcamp

Pick up Python, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing in a well-designed and coherent bootcamp running over a week.

Prepare for the AWS Cloud Practitioner Exam and earn one of the world most sought after IT credentials (all students will be provided with an exam voucher to sit for the official AWS cloud Practitioner credentialling exam on their own time after the course)

Certificate of Completion issued by AWS for Cloud Practitioner Essentials.

Programme culminates in a series of fireside chats, sharing and networking session with industry professionals at the Lifelong Learning Institute (LLI) in Payar Lebar.

Who should attend?

Student who has a genuine interest in learning about the technology of the future or considering a career in tech.


Programme Details

12 hours

This module teaches fundamental concepts in Python programming, including functions, control flow and basic data structures.

10 hours

Applying concepts from the previous module, participants will learn to power up a web application using machine learning services provided by AWS.

8 hours

This module provides an overall understanding of the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, independent of specific technical roles. Participants will learn about AWS Cloud concepts, AWS services, security, architecture, pricing and support to build your AWS Cloud knowledge. This course also helps you prepare for the AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner exam.

3 hours

Find out more about what life is like to be a coder in real life. Engage with industry practitioners in AI/ML roles, as well as undergraduate students currently pursuing computer science and data analytics in university.

Get Connected

Sit down for the fireside chat, open forum and Q&A on Sat, 10 Dec 2022 at the Lifelong Learning Institute with industry practitioners working in finance, banking and tech!
Find out more about how to get into the data science industry, get advice on applying for colleges locally and abroad and network with these experts over a light buffet spread.


You will be learning from some of the most qualified and experience in Singapore.

IT jobs

Programme Information

Learners’ Lodge students only pay $980. (U.P. $1,280)

5 Dec 2022 – 9 Dec 2022 (Mon-Fri)
10AM-5PM (1 hour lunch break)
SG Code Campus (Tanjong Pagar),
International Plaza
10 Anson Road #36-06

10 Dec 2022 (Sat)
Lifelong Learning Institute
11 Eunos Rd 8

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