JC Cut Off Points 2023

‘A’ Level Tuition Specialist

Here are the latest updated JC cut off points for 2023 for Arts & Science/ IB:

JCs Sci/IB Arts
Anderson Serangoon JC 10 11
Anglo-Chinese JC 8 9
Anglo-Chinese School
5 5
Catholic JC 13 14
Dunman High School 8 9
Eunoia JC 6 8
Hwa Chong Institution 4 5
Jurong Pioneer JC 14 17
Nanyang JC 5 6
National JC 7 8
Raffles Institution, RI 4 5
River Valley High School 8 9
St. Andrew’s JC 9 10
St. Joseph’s Institution 7
Tampines Meridian JC 13 13
Temasek JC 8 9
Victoria JC 7 8
Yishun Innova JC 20 19
Millenia Institute 17 20

For candidates seeking to enter into JC/Millennia Institute/ Polytechnic/ITE, the information can be downloaded here.

JC Cut off points 2023

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2023 Class Schedule

Year On Year (YoY) Arts JC Cut Off Points 2023

Anderson Serangoon JC1111111112
Anglo-Chinese JC0909090909
Anglo-Chinese JC (Independent)-----
Catholic JC1413131313
Dunman High School0909090910
Eunoia JC0808080810
Hwa Chong Institution0505050606
Jurong Pioneer JC1716161616
Nanyang JC0606060707
National JC0808080808
Raffles Institution0505050505
River Valley High School0909090910
St. Andrew’s JC1011111112
St. Joseph’s Institution-----
Tampines Meridian JC1313131313 (MJC)
Temasek JC0909091111
Victoria JC0808080808
Yishun Innova JC1920202020 (YJC)
2023 Class Schedule

Year On Year (YoY) Science/ IB JC Cut Off Points 2023

St. Andrew's JC99101010
St. Joseph's Institution77877
Anderson Serangoon JC1010111111
Anglo-Chinese JC88888
Anglo-Chinese School (Independent)55555
Catholic JC1313131314
Dunman High School88889
Eunoia JC66779
Hwa Chong Institution44445
Jurong Pioneer JC1414151515
Nanyang JC55666
National JC77777
Raffles Institution44445
River Valley High School88889
Tampines Meridian JC1313131314
Temasek JC88999
Victoria JC77776
Yishun Innova JC2020202020
2023 Class Schedule

Release of 2022 Singapore-Cambridge GCE O-Level Examination Results and 2023 Joint Admissions Exercise

1. The results of the 2022 Singapore-Cambridge General Certificate of Education Ordinary Level (GCE O-Level) examination will be released somewhere in January 2023.

Results Release for School Candidates

2. Arrangements have been made for school candidates to receive their results from their secondary schools in their respective classrooms.

3. Students may check their results online via Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board’s (SEAB) Candidates Portal at www.seab.gov.sg. School candidates who are eligible for Singpass can use their Singpass account to access SEAB’s Candidates Portal. School candidates who are International Students will receive their system-generated username via email. SEAB’s Candidates Portal will be accessible somewhere in January 2023.

4. School candidates who are unable to collect their results in person should inform their schools and can appoint a proxy to collect a physical copy of their results on their behalf. Proxies are required to produce the relevant documents for the school’s verification when collecting the results. School candidates may contact their schools for assistance if they are unable to appoint a proxy, or if they have not received their system-generated username for SEAB’s Candidates Portal.

Results Release for Private Candidates

5. Private candidates will be notified of their individual results by post. The results will be mailed in January 2022 to the address that private candidates had provided to SEAB.

6. Private candidates who are eligible for Singpass can also use their Singpass account to obtain their results online via SEAB’s Candidates Portal, similar to the arrangement for school candidates. Private candidates who are non-Singpass holders will receive their system-generated username via email.

Joint Admissions Exercise

7. Students who wish to apply for admission to Junior Colleges (JC), Millennia Institute (MI), polytechnics, and the Institute of Technical Education (ITE) may do so via the Joint Admissions Exercise (JAE) using their GCE O-Level examination results.

8. Eligible school candidates who sat for the 2022 GCE O-Level examination will receive Form A1 in January 2023, when they collect their O-Level results in person. Private candidates who are eligible for JAE will continue to receive Form A via post sent to the address that they had provided to SEAB earlier. If candidates are not able to collect their Form A from their schools or appoint a proxy to do so, they may contact their schools for assistance. Alternatively, candidates eligible for JAE may download a copy of Form A from the JAE-Internet System (JAE-IS) using Singpass during the registration period.

9. The JAE-IS will be accessible from January 2023 for students to submit their course choices through the JAE website at www.moe.gov.sg/jae. Applicants are strongly encouraged to use the JAE worksheet (provided in Form A or the JAE information booklet) before submitting their online application. The JAE-IS can be accessed using Singpass or the JAE PIN (found in the hard copy Form A). For more details on the JAE, applicants may refer to the JAE website at www.moe.gov.sg/jae or the 2023 JAE information booklet distributed to GCE O-Level students.

Application Results

10. The posting results of the JAE application are scheduled for release in February 2023 through the following modes:

  1. Short Message Service (SMS) to the Singapore mobile phone number provided by the applicant during registration
  2. JAE-IS, which is accessible through the JAE website

11. Applicants posted to JCs and MI are to report to their posted institutions in 2023. If students are unable to report to their posted JC or MI on the first day of school due to valid reasons, they may contact their posted school directly to confirm that they are taking up the place, and the school will be able to reserve the place for them.

12. Applicants posted to polytechnics and ITE will receive a letter from their respective institutions on the enrolment details.

Direct School Admission – JCs

13. Students who had accepted offers through the 2022 Direct School Admission – Junior Colleges (DSA-JC) will be admitted to their chosen JC if they have met the eligibility criteria for admission based on their GCE O-Level examination results. Students admitted to a JC through DSA-JC will not be eligible to participate in the JAE.

14. Students who do not meet the JC admission criteria may take part in the JAE to apply for courses which they are eligible for. More details on DSA-JC can be found at www.moe.gov.sg/dsa-jc.

Early Admissions Exercise – Polytechnics

15. Students who had earlier accepted conditional offers to a polytechnic course through the Polytechnic Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) in 2022 will have their offers confirmed and will not be eligible to participate in the JAE2, if they meet the following criteria:

  1. A net ELR2B23 score of 26 points or better for the GCE O-Level examinations; and
  2. Minimum Entry Requirements for the respective polytechnic courses.

16. Students who do not meet the above criteria will still get another chance to apply to polytechnic via the JAE.

Early Admissions Exercise – ITE

17. Students who had accepted conditional offers to an ITE course through the ITE EAE in 2022 and have their offers confirmed based on their GCE O-Level examination results will not be eligible to participate in the JAE. Their EAE offers are confirmed if they meet the subject-specific Minimum Entry Requirements for the course. More details on ITE EAE can be found at www.ite.edu.sg/admissions/full-time-courses/higher-nitec/eae.

Progression Pathways for Secondary Four Normal (Academic) Students

18. Secondary 4 Normal (Academic) [N(A)] students who have sat for O-Level subjects in 2022 can use their O-Level results for these subjects to apply for a place in the Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP) and Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP).

Polytechnic Foundation Programme (PFP)

19. The PFP is an alternative to the Secondary 5 N(A) year. It is a one-year foundation programme at the polytechnics that offers a practice-oriented approach to prepare students for entry into the relevant diploma courses.

20. Students are eligible to apply for the PFP if they obtain a raw ELMAB34 aggregate of 12 points or lower, and meet the subject-specific requirements for their chosen course.

21. PFP-eligible students who had taken O-Level subjects will receive a copy of Form P from their respective secondary schools when they collect their GCE O-Level results in January 2023. Each copy of Form P contains a unique password. Interested students should use the respective passwords to submit their applications online via the PFP website at https://pfp.polytechnic.edu.sg/PFP/index.html. More information on the eligibility requirements for the PFP, as well as how O-Level results are considered in the computation of the ELMAB3 aggregate, can be found on the PFP website.

22. Applications for the PFP will be open in January 2023. The PFP posting results will be released in January 2023 through the PFP website. Students will be required to indicate whether they wish to accept, reject, or appeal for a change of course.

Direct-Entry-Scheme to Polytechnic Programme (DPP)

23. The DPP prepares students for progression into selected polytechnic diploma courses via a two-year Higher Nitec course at ITE. Students are eligible to apply if they obtain a raw ELMAB3 aggregate not exceeding 19 points and met the subject-specific requirements for their chosen course. More information on the DPP and eligibility requirements can be found at www.ite.edu.sg/admissions/full-time-courses/higher-nitec-dpp.

24. Secondary 4 N(A) students who are newly eligible after taking into account their O-Level examination results should submit their DPP applications online via the DPP application portal at www.ite.edu.sg/apply-for-ite-courses. The final application phase for the DPP will open in January 2023.

25. The DPP posting results for applications made under the final application phase will be released at in January 2023 through the DPP application portal. Students will be required to indicate whether they wish to accept or reject the DPP offer.

For successful PFP and/or DPP applicants

26. Students who have been offered a place in the DPP under the final application phase should report to ITE in January 2023 upon acceptance of their DPP course offer.

27. The last day of school for Secondary 5 students who have accepted a place in the PFP will be in January 2023. Students will be informed by the respective polytechnics on the enrolment dates for the PFP.

28. Students who accepted a place in the earlier application phase of the DPP in December but have now decided to take up a PFP offer will need to apply to ITE to withdraw from the DPP first before they are able to take up the PFP offer.

  1. Form A will list the applicant’s GCE O-Level examination results, the courses which he/she is eligible to apply for under the JAE, and his/her JAE PIN (i.e. a personal password for the applicant to access JAE-IS).
  2. More details on Polytechnic EAE can be found at https://eae.polytechnic.edu.sg
  3. The ELR2B2 aggregate comprises the English Language, 2 relevant subjects for the polytechnic course applied for and 2 other best subjects which could be elective subjects.
  4. The raw ELMAB3 aggregate comprises English Language, Mathematics, and the student’s three other best subjects, and excludes CCA bonus points. CCA bonus points will be taken into account during posting.


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