March Holiday JC2 Economics Skills Boot Camp

The Essay Writing Skills and Case Study Analysis Workshop aim to equip JC2 students the necessary skills in economics essay writing and answering case studies to improve their scores in Economics exams.

Cost: $300 FREE! (Limited Seats only!)
Venue: Learners’ Lodge Bishan, Jurong & Kembangan branches
Date: 18th-22nd, March 2019


Essay Writing Skills & Case Studies Workshop
(H2 Economics)

18th-22nd of March

The objectives of this workshop are to help students:

  • Nurturing interest in Economics
    While building the foundation, skills and attitudes are enhanced which is crucial in scoring well for the upcoming examinations
  • Discover our “tried and proven” approach to writing an A-grade essay
    Learn easy-to-remember essay techniques that will enable you to tackle all Economics essay questions with confidence.
  • Access to highly-sought-after sample essays
    Our sample essays/customised notes written by our highly experienced Economics teachers. All well structured, detailed yet concise & easy to understand.

Case Studies Workshop
(H1 Economics)

18th of March

The objectives of this workshop are to help students:

  • Improve case study answering skills
    Learn how to classify questions and answer approaches per question type
  • Enhance annotating skills effectively
    Obtain correct information by properly read and annotate from case study extracts and save time making references when answering case study questions.
  • Access to highly-sought-after sample answers to case study questions
    Get access to sample answers to past A-level case study papers.

Boot Camp Details

H2 Economics Essay Writing Workshops

Date/ Time Venue Tutor Status
18th March, 6:00-9:00 PM Bishan Mr Fung Jia Pei Filling Fast
22nd March, 6:00-9:00 PM Kembangan Mr Fung Jia Pei Filling Fast

H2 Economics Case Study Workshops

Date/ Time Venue Tutor Status
19th March, 6:00-9:00 PM Kembangan Mr Fung Jia Pei Filling Fast
20th March, 6:00-9:00 PM Bishan Mr Fung Jia Pei Filling Fast

H1 Economics Case Study Workshops

Date/ Time Venue Tutor Status
18th March, 9:00 AM-4:00 PM Jurong Mr Koh Chee Wee Filling Fast


We have a strong team of JC economics tutors who are not only highly qualified and experienced in preparing students for the A level examination, they are also very passionate about educating young people. They are all highly effective classroom teachers who connect well with students – a prerequisite for imparting knowledge and skills. Our teachers deliver lessons that are both engaging and enjoyable, but at the same time, very useful and effective in helping students improve their scores.


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“The essay skills taught at Learners’ Lodge really helped me makes sense of what essay writing is all about. After learning the skills, writing essays not only became easy but also enjoyable.”

– Darren Cheng, ACJC, A grade for Economics. Currently serving NS.


“Economics used to be hard. No matter how much I studied and understood the material, it was always difficult to score well in the exams. But after having learnt the approach to essay writing at Learners’ Lodge, my efforts at studying the content were finally rewarded with a good score.”

– Felicia Tan, YJC, A grade for Economics.


“I never understood exactly what teachers wanted when they asked for more elaboration until I learnt what essay writing was all about at Learners’ Lodge. After that, essay writing became easy.”

– Xavier Lim, RI, A grade for Economics, currently serving NS.


“I never really understood what my teachers meant when they ask me to ‘elaborate more’. After learning the systematic approach to essay writing, it all made sense.”

– Jay Chen, TPJC, A grade for Economics, currently serving NS.


“The essay skills I’ve learnt at Learners’ Lodge made the once scary and difficult process of essay writing much easier and much more fun. Once I mastered the skill, scoring well became the norm.”

– Gordon Foo, TJC, A grade for Economics. Currently serving NS.

“Essay writing is not merely a stringing of words and sentences to form paragraphs, it requires a structured approach that enables the writer to be able to present his ideas in a coherent manner which makes it easy for the examiners to give high credit. This was a very essential skill that I picked up from the essay program that Learners’ Lodge offered”

– Tan Xue Feng, HCI, A grade for Economics, currently serving NS


“As a JC economics student, I had always thought that mastering the content was enough to do well in exams. After consistently failing tests and exams, I learnt the essay writing skills at Learners’ Lodge. Their systematic approach to writing essays helped me improve my performance dramatically.”

– Tan Li Jin, DHS, A grade for Economics. Currently majoring in Economics in NUS.


“In spite of all the hard work I’ve put into the subject, doing well for Economics always seemed out of reach. But after attending classes at Learners’ Lodge, and having been taught the clear and well structured essay writing skills, I finally managed to do well when it mattered most.”

– Serena Liu Fang Ching, YJC, A grade for Economics.


“Essay writing is an essential part of H2 economics exams but unfortunately students may not always know what are the requirements for a good essay and can only depend on ‘trial and error’ method. After enrolling in Learners’ Lodge and going through its well-structured essay writing program, it became very clear to me what the elements of a good essay were and coupled with the ample practice, I managed to score my distinction for economics at the A levels.”

– Charisse Yu, NJC, A grade for Economics

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