Assessment format and assessment aims at the A levels

The A levels H2 Economics examination comprises of two written components: Paper 1 (Case studies) and Paper 2 (Essays).

Candidates are expected to complete two compulsory case studies in Paper 1 while they will have a choice of six questions in Paper 2, from which they are required to answer a total of three essay questions.

Description Overall marks Duration
Paper 1 (Case studies) Two compulsory case study questions with a mixture of
low and high order questions.
Candidates will also be assessed on their ability to
interpret and manipulate economic data presented in
various forms.
60 marks (30 marks for each case study) 2 Hrs 15 Mins
Paper 2 (Essays) Candidates will be provided with six essay questions from
which they have to choose a total of three essays.
Essay questions may require students to have contextual
knowledge of the Singapore economy.
75 marks (25 marks for each essay) 2 Hrs 15 Mins

The design of the A level Economics Papers will test candidates for their ability to:

  • Recall and demonstrate understanding of economic concepts
  • Apply economic concepts to explain economic issues and predict economic outcomes
  • Interpret and evaluate economic information presented in various forms
  • Evaluate their economic arguments and arrive at a well-reasoned judgement about economic issues
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Learners’ Lodge A levels Economics Skills Framework