The JC2 Headstart programme is aimed at giving JC1 students going on to JC2 a head start. In the majority of the JCs in Singapore, the syllabus for JC2 will be covered within the first two terms. As such this is a rush for many teachers and students, resulting in many students begin unable to keep up with the pace of teaching. It is made especially worse because of the heavier CCA commitments that students have during the first half of the year.
Thus, at Learners’ Lodge, we are giving our students a head start in November and December. During the six lessons, we will be covering the syllabus material for JC2 so that by the time school reopens; students will have an easier time following the school’s pace.
When the new school year begins, we will continue with the JC2 syllabus, the material covered in the headstart program will not be covered again in new Term I. Find out more here.