The school year might be ending soon, but it’s also the beginning of your preparations for the 2022 school year! Now is the perfect time to strengthen your foundations and step up your JC game. Our immensely popular Nov/Dec Holiday Programmes (for JC1 and IP 4/Sec 4 students) are what you need to sign up for right now to prepare before the new school year starts!

Head Start Programme
Do not be just ready for JC2, BE AHEAD. This program provides JC1 students commencing JC2 in 2022 a head start on the JC2 curriculum.

Topical Revision Workshops
Strengthen your foundation and mastery of JC1 topics across various subjects. Pick and choose the topics you want to re-visit.

A-Level Bridging Programme
Start your JC Journey right!
IP 4 and Secondary 4 students can be well-prepared & build a strong foundation for the JC curriculum &
A-Level examinations.

2022 Classes Now Open for Registration
No need to wait for next year to know which tuition classes schedules suit you! Register now for our 2022 tuition programme.