Singapore JC Tuition Fees Rate

Singapore JC Tuition Fee Rate

The following table serves as a guide for JC tuition fee rates for tutors and teachers in Singapore. 

The actual private tuition rates may vary depending on the following factors:

(1) Qualification and teaching experience of tutor and teacher

University undergraduate Full-time Tutors (degree holders) NIE Trainee NIE-trained Current/Ex School teachers
JC1 to 2 $50/hr $70 – $80/hr  $90- $120/hr  $120- $150/hr

(2) The number of subjects

The rate may also vary depending on how many subjects you are taking, although you may negotiate with the tutor for a lower rate if you take up more. Each lesson  is usually about 1.5 hour to 2 hours, once a week.

For some tougher subjects such as Mathematics or Chemistry, experienced and qualified tutors may request for higher tuition rates. There may be some tutors who expect different rates for each subject, but all-in-all the market is very usually quite transparent regarding pricing.

(3) Location of the student’s home

Tutors are usually quite particular about the locations they want to teach, because for them to travel out of their comfort zone is an extra cost to them, and that will equate to higher cost for you.

(4) Full-time tutor and Part-time tutor

There are many different types of tutors, ranging from MOE-trained to student tutors, based on who you choose, the rates will differ.

To explain further, full-time tutors are those who earn their living through tutoring, travelling from one student’s house to the next. Some of them are experienced enough will be able to identify each student’s weaknesses and the problems faced by them. They will also familiar with the syllabus as this is their profession and they have to keep up with what is being taught in school. However, these tutors are usually quite time-conscious as they need to complete the lesson on time to be able to travel from one student to the next student on time, so it may be difficult to squeeze extra “question time” from them.

Part-time tutor is someone who is holding a full-time job or a student, and they are usually busy during normal office hours. Moreover, some of the day job that the tutors hold may be in a different field or discipline. These part-time tutors are generally taking up the assignments as an additional income and will be available for tuition mostly on weekday’s evenings 7 pm onwards or weekends. For these tutors, they are more open to a slightly lower rate, but it will also be heavily dependent on the assignment and their commitments. 

1-to-1 Tuition VS Group Tuition

Although a private tutor is able to provide full attention and customised learning for the student, not all students and subjects are able to reap the full benefits from it. There are some students who learn better when they are with their peers, and there are subjects such as GP and Economics that require more discussion. As such, if we were to take the student’s learning and the monetary savings into consideration, it might be better for them to join a group tuition centre such as Learners’ Lodge.

Learners Lodge provides tuition for JC level Biology, Chemistry, Economics, GP, Maths and Physics across 6 convenient locations.

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