Singapore JC Tuition Fees Rate

Singapore JC Tuition Fee Rate

Singapore JC tuition fee rate ranges from tutor and teacher. The following table serves as a guide.

The actual private tuition rates may vary depending on the following factors:
(a) Qualification and teaching experience of tutor and teacher

(b) The number of subjects

If your child requests for only one subject, the rate remains the same. However, it comes at a shorter hour such as 1.5 hours per week.

For single subject likes Maths or Chemistry, it can be a difficult subject and experienced qualified tutor do asking for higher tuition rate. Some tutors expect a different rate for 2 or 3 subjects, but the market is very competitive and transparent.

(c) Location of the student’s home

It is very time-consuming to travel to and fro.

(d) Full-time tutor and Part-time tutor
Full-time tutors earn their living through tutoring students. They travel from one student’s house to the next. The experienced full-time tutor can identify each student’s weaknesses and the problem faced by students. They are familiar with the syllabus as they have taught the same topics to different students. The full-time tutors do not waste time because they need to complete the lesson on time. They need to travel to next student punctuality and on time.

The part-time tutor is holding a full-time job and is busy during working hours. Moreover, the day job that each hold may be in a different field or discipline. The part-time tutor is available for tuition generally during weekends and in weekday’s evenings from 7 pm onwards. They are more willing to accept slightly lower tuition rate for those hard-working students.

Subjects like GP and Economics requires discussion. Hence one to one tuition is discouraged. It would be better to join a tuition centre like Learners’ Lodge.

In Learners’ Lodge, we cover 6 subjects like Biology, Chemistry, Economics, GP, Maths and Physics. We also have 6 convenient locations.

We only accept a $100 deposit fee. There are no hidden fees like notes fee.

University undergraduate Full-time Tutors (degree holders) NIE Trainee NIE-trained Current/Ex School teachers
JC1 to 2 $40 – $50 $60 – $70  $60- $70  $90- $120

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