Singapore Secondary School Fees

Singapore Secondary School Fee

Singapore Secondary School fees were revised from January 2017 for students. It affects permanent residents (PR) and international students (IS) in Government and Government-aided schools.

Foreigners will feel the pinch. The hike in School Fees varies based on types of nationalities.

“School fees will increase by $60 per month for PR students and by $60 to $150 per month for International Students. However, school fees for students who are Singapore Citizens will remain unchanged.” MOE also said there are currently no plans to adjust school fees for Singapore citizen students in Government and Government-aided schools.

The MOE said that the move is to further differentiate fees by citizenship. “This revision is part of MOE’s periodic review of school fees,” the press release added. Non-Singaporeans in Government schools and Government-aided schools will pay more in school fees, in a bid to “further differentiate fees by citizenship”.

The standard miscellaneous fees will remain unchanged. The last time fees were raised for these students was in 2013.

Nationality 2017 ($) 2018 ($) 2019 ($) 2020 ($)
Singapore Citizens 5  5  5  5
PR 200 260 320 380
International Student(ASEAN) 600 660 720 780
International Student 950 1,100 1,250 1,400

Standard Miscellaneous Fees (Per Month) is $10.00


Parents can pay the fees through the following ways:

  1. Join the GIRO scheme
  2. Pay via AXS
    • AXS e-Station [internet] (eNETS / Mastercard / Masterpass / PayLah!)
    • AXS m-Station [mobile app] – by selecting “eServices”, followed by “MOE” (eNETS / Mastercard / Masterpass / PayLah!)
    • At any AXS Stations by selecting “Education”, followed by “MOE” (NETS). To locate the nearest AXS Station, please visit
  3. Pay at their child’s school (cash, cheque or cashier’s order)
  4. Pay at MOE’s Customer Service Centre (cash, cheque or NETS)
  5. Send a cheque payable to “Ministry Of Education” to
    Ministry of Education, Finance & Procurement Division, Cashier’s Unit
    1 North Buona Vista Drive, MOE Building,
    Singapore 138675.

Please write the student’s name, NRIC number and school name on the reverse side of the cheque.

More information can be found on our frequently asked questions on school fees.

Singaporean students who wish to pay their second-tier miscellaneous fees and autonomous school fees (if applicable) from their Edusave account may sign up for Edusave Standing Order.

The Edusave Standing Order application form is available from the school or can be downloaded here. A completed application form is to be submitted to the school.