Singapore Secondary School Tuition Fees Rate

Singapore Secondary School Tuition Fee Rate

Singapore Secondary School Tuition Fee Rate varies.

Private tuition classes are not only for academically weak students anymore. More and more elite students take up tuition.

In school, teachers often do not have sufficient time to cover every single aspect of the topic. It is not possible to cover everything.

In a one to one scenario or a small group, students don’t have to be shy about asking as many questions as they need. Your child will receive more attention. Unfortunately, the school teacher cannot answer every question and many students often leave the classroom with many questions unanswered.

The best time to explain their misconceptions or doubts is during the lesson. There will never be a better time to tell. On top of that, some students worry about looking stupid in front of their classmates and often keep their questions to themselves. It is not healthy.

Your child’s learning should not be compromised. He should be getting the most out of Singapore’s education system.

However, with so many tutors out there, it can be challenging to find the right one.

We have compiled the average tuition rates charged by tutors in Singapore based on their qualification. Hope you will find it useful. It is just a rough guide. Please spend some time to find out more about why the tutors charge at different rates.

Some tutors have higher qualifications or more experience. Hence they charge higher. A Ministry of Education (MOE) trained tutor tends to cost about 50 to 100% more than ‘A’ level or diploma holders. It is because they have more experience teaching students. On top of that, they are well-versed in the curriculum. Some tutors tend to charge 15% more for every 2 years of teaching experience.

Singapore is a small place. However, it can be time consuming and expensive to travel. Some tutors prefer not to take up students who live far away.

During the school term, your child is likely to be very busy with additional classes and extra-curricular activities. There is limited time for your child. He is only available on selected days and the tutor needs to be available in the same slot too. Hence, you may need to hire a full-time tutor.

Active MOE teachers are only allowed to give 6 hours of tuition a week hence their schedule is packed.

It can be challenging to find a tutor who is both suitably qualified and willing to travel to your residence.

‘A’ Level/ Diploma University undergraduate Full-time Tutors (degree holders) NIE Trainee NIE-trained Current/Ex School teachers
Sec 1 to 2 $50 – $60 $50 – $60 $60 – $70 $70 – $100 $70 – $100
Sec 3 to 5 $50 – $60 $50 – $60 $60 – $70 $70 – $100 $70 – $100

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