Term 2 is a challenging time for J2 HCI students because the school is embarking on “flipped learning” (see point 5) which essentially means the students are left largely on their own with no lectures or tutorials for the topic “Firms and Market Structures”. This is a topic with quite a number of difficult concepts and therefore even with teachers teaching this topic, many students still struggle with it. This is why Learners’ Lodge is now offering specialised HCI Economics Classes at Bukit Timah!

Here are the 5 key features of Specialised HCI Economics Classes:

  1. Follows HCI pace of lesson closely with an emphasis on closing the content gaps that arise due to the fast pace of lectures in school.
  2. As most students in the class are HCI students, the class is able to cater to the current topics being taught in HCI.
  3. Customised lessons to prepare students for assessments when there are class tests or exams, focusing on the topics tested and format of the assessment for that particular paper.
  4. Experienced teacher who has taught HCI specialized classes for the last 5 years and is therefore familiar with the sequencing of lessons adopted by the school as well as the way the school sets their papers
  5. Currently, HCI is doing “flipped-learning” for the topic “Firms and Market Structures”. This is where there are no lectures or tutorials but the students use an app to learn about the topic at their own pace. However, this is a topic that is very technical and requires a deep understanding of the graphs. As such, many students struggle with this topic. Mr Koh will be teaching the essential content to ensure the students are able to understand and grasp the topic.
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