In line with MOE’s direction, we will not be publishing our students’ recent ‘A’ Level results. As expected, our students in Learners’ Lodge have done exceptionally well in the 2018 Cambridge ‘A’ Level examination. Below are some of thank you messages written by students, to thank their teachers who had made a difference in their A-Level journey.

Nicole Tan , NYJC

Hey Mr Au, thank you so much for your guidance in chemistry! Honestly a huge jump from E in exams to A in A’s! I really appreciate the fact that you would stay back for us and patiently explain the concepts even after our lessons ended. Loved your small interesting facts and real life application [...]

Kok Yu Han, Catholic Junior College

Mr Low Kwee Peng is caring and committed to helping his students get the best grades they can achieve. He is definitely friendly to his students and his lessons are never dull. His teaching and hardwork has helped me achieve an A for H2 Chemistry in the A levels.

Nicholas Soon, NYJC

Mr Loh Zhi Hong taught me Econs since the start of J2 and I have no regrets of enrolling in his classes. He had worked tirelessly for us even extending class by half an hour every lesson despite it being late at night. His way of teaching has helped me grasp the writing skills necessary [...]

Ian Wang, SAJC

Mr Nicholas Lim is an extremely hardworking teacher and also one who knows how to motivate his students. Furthermore, Mr Lim made the extra effort to mark all the essays I wrote (which was 1 per day five days before the A level GP paper) and gave very valuable feedback on them too. I believe [...]

Tien Yu, Raffles Institution

Mr Gilbert Lee is an inspiring individual who always makes class fun and interesting. His lessons are never dull and besides teaching economics well, he imparts many important life values which benefit his students.

Prithviraj, RJC

Hi Mr Alex Xu, It has been a crazy journey for me for bio in JC with me struggling to even pass. But Mr Xu gave me the opportunity to believe in myself and to always never give up. He has one of the amazing teachers I have ever had, always trying his best to [...]

Prithviraj, RJC

Hi Mr Terence Chia, I may joined your class only in j2 but you are one of the best teachers I could ever ask for! Thanks for the amazing lessons and always taking time off after classes to help me when I was struggling. Not only that thanks for being such a caring teacher for [...]

Tan Si Jie, Hwa Chong Instituition

I would like to thank Mr Koh Chee Wee for helping me improve so much in econs! I got an E for econs in J2 BT2 and did below average for prelims but I managed to get an A for a levels! Mr Koh’s notes really helped me to understand the techniques of writing a [...]

Nicole, Anderson Junior College

Mr Sng Tat Ming was a very patient and caring teacher. He would always ensure that I understood what he was teaching and would never refuse to stay back after the classes to address any questions that I have. He was genuinely concerned about my progress and I have improved tremendously under his guidance. Thank [...]