In line with MOE’s direction, we will not be publishing our students’ recent ‘A’ Level results. As expected, our students in Learners’ Lodge have done exceptionally well in the 2018 Cambridge ‘A’ Level examination. Below are some of thank you messages written by students, to thank their teachers who had made a difference in their A-Level journey.

Tan Si Jie, Hwa Chong Instituition

I would like to thank Mr Koh Chee Wee for helping me improve so much in econs! I got an E for econs in J2 BT2 and did below average for prelims but I managed to get an A for a levels! Mr Koh’s notes really helped me to understand the techniques of writing a [...]

Nicole, Anderson Junior College

Mr Sng Tat Ming was a very patient and caring teacher. He would always ensure that I understood what he was teaching and would never refuse to stay back after the classes to address any questions that I have. He was genuinely concerned about my progress and I have improved tremendously under his guidance. Thank [...]

Charlene Seow , Dunman High School

Mr Loh Zhi Hong is a very passionate and dedicated teacher who always makes classes something to look forward to. He drills us on the fundamental concepts and teaches us how to apply these concepts to daunting questions seamlessly. He ensures that every student is well taken care of by asking each of us questions. [...]

Natalie Koh, Eunoia Junior College

Exactly a year ago, I was struggling to stay afloat with my poor with Econs grades. From J1, I had never gone beyond a U grade in any of my major exams in school. Similar to every other student in the same situation, I began to have extremely low confidence in my ability to grasp [...]

Tan Hong Ying , Raffles Institution

Thank you Mr Phay for being such an amazing teacher who is always there for us in every step we take! Thank you for treating us like your own and teaching us everything possible to ace our exam!!

Joey Shi, Raffles Institution

Before joining Mr Daniel Yeo’s lessons, I struggled grasping the concepts of physics. However, after I had attended Mr Yeo’s lesson, I could better understand the concepts as he would simplify them and go through them repeatedly. He would also provide us with resources such as concept summaries and extra practices which allowed me to [...]

M Farhana , Raffles Institution

Mr Alex Xu has been a great Biology teacher and I’m very thankful for him. He is very encouraging and makes time to answer all our questions and doubts until we understand. He is very supportive and gives feedback on how we can do better. I’m very grateful to Mr Xu for helping me with [...]

M Farhana , Raffles Institution

Mr Low Kwee Peng has been a great Chemistry teacher and I’m very thankful for him. He is very patient and always makes time to answer all our questions until we understand. He explains concepts to us in a very concise way such that it’s very easy to remember. I’m very grateful to Mr Low [...]

Koh Kai Xun, Hwa Chong Institution

I would like to thank Mr Loh Zhi Hong for teaching me for the few months before A levels. He was a very dedicated teacher willing to go the extra mile and vet through all the essays that students were willing to do outside class. He would even stay back after class to answer students' [...]