In line with MOE’s direction, we will not be publishing our students’ recent ‘A’ Level results. As expected, our students in Learners’ Lodge have done exceptionally well in the 2018 Cambridge ‘A’ Level examination. Below are some of thank you messages written by students, to thank their teachers who had made a difference in their A-Level journey.

Lishire, Dunman High

Thank you Mr Loh Zhi Hong for helping us get through the tough two years! I don’t think any of us could have done well without your extra lessons and dedication. You always went the extra mile to help us mark our essays and tell us how to improve. Econs was such a painful subject [...]

Tan E-An, Victoria Junior College

Mr Damien Chee is a wonderful teacher who always makes his lessons enjoyable. After joining Mr Chee’s class, I managed to consistently get at least B in my j2 exams which led to my final A grade at the A levels. Mr Chee does more than teach, he inspires and that’s what that really made [...]

Advait, VJC

BIG THANKS to Mr. Daniel Yeo for being patient, passionate and thorough as a Physics tutor. His notes are concise and bring out the essence in each topic so revising is a breeze, and he is very approachable if you ever have any doubts. Sitting for A Levels, I was the least anxious for my [...]

Joel Pang, CJC

Thank you Mr Alex Xu for giving me so much support in my H2 biology for A levels, I’m generally weak in bio and you helped me improve by simplifying complicated biology concepts leading to my results exceeding my expectations. Not only that, you constantly reassured me that A level grades are not everything but [...]

Darren Chee, Dunman High School

Mr Loh Zhi Hong is a not only a dedicated teacher, he is very lively in class and tries to help us understand each concept by breaking it down, then finally using the concepts on questions to make sure we internalise the concepts that have been thought. I believe that his way of teaching has [...]

Yi Shan, DHS

An experienced, confident teacher is the best support a student can receive in the journey of taking the A Levels. Mr Gilbert Lee has managed to make Economics fun to learn through challenging traditional ideas, maintaining the academic rigour while not making the subject dry nor foreboding. Being under his guidance was definitely a key [...]

Mandy Tng, Nanyang JC

Thank you Mr Daniel Yeo for being such a patient and thorough teacher during my short span of time in Learner’s Lodge! Not only did you fill up my knowledge gaps, you also went out of your way to specify the different concepts needed for each topic, making it easier for us to revise nearing [...]

Brenda Lee , SAJC

Thank you Mr Loh Zhi Hong for always making Econs lessons fun and interesting! I am really grateful to have been under your patient guidance. I really appreciate all your hard work and effort in teaching me, helping me to achieve a more than desirable grade for A’levels!

Jonathan Koh, DHS

From a subject that my teacher told me to drop, to a subject I honestly found interest and purpose in, thankyou for your guidance and care. Despite our feeble attempts to answer questions in class, you encouraged us and drilled in concepts that even now are unforgettable after As HAHAH. Not just as a teacher [...]