In line with MOE’s direction, we will not be publishing our students’ recent ‘A’ Level results. As expected, our students in Learners’ Lodge have done exceptionally well in the 2019 Cambridge ‘A’ Level examination. Below are some of thank you messages written by students, to thank their teachers who had made a difference in their A-Level journey.

Elaine Ang, Dunman High

Hello Mr Sng Tat Ming!! Thank you so so much for all your patience and guidance in teaching us mad maths. I am really grateful that you were my teacher, for 1) your holy grail (notes - literally the best summaries) and 2) your systematic teaching that makes math a lot easier to understand. [...]

Chien Hung Yeh, Dunman High School

Mr Au Chee Ping is a very passionate chemistry teacher. He made chemistry a lot easier for me to understand. He always entertain me and my classmates after class to help us out despite his busy schedule. I am very grateful for him and I am very proud to say that my chem grade [...]

Markus Lim , VJC

Thanks for the interesting lessons, Mr Loh Zhi Hong. He will always make a point to make jokes relating to the topic at hand to make dry and boring topics more lively. Furthermore, he will not hesitate to extend lessons by a lot to cover the necessary topics and ensure that all possible misconceptions [...]

Yang Yujie, National Junior College

I wasn’t very good in Mathematics and had lost confidence in myself when I got back my promotional exam results in Year 1. However, Ms Ruby Ng’s teaching methods and tips had helped me to slowly understand the subject again. She is very dedicated in really helping me to improve and has always encouraged [...]

Shina Foo, Dunman High

Hi Mr Loh Zhi Hong! Time passed really fast, the two years under you were indeed fruitful. You’ve managed to clear a lot of my conceptual gaps and misunderstandings. With your clear, effective teaching materials, I was able to comprehend the subject and ultimately scored well for my A level! Your admirable efforts and [...]

Yee Shan Ning, Hwa Chong JC

Mr Koh Chee Wee was a fantastic teacher. He was firm in his teaching yet he always found time to connect with his students in a fun way. Thanks to him, I gradually improved my Econs from a constant S to B and finally received an A in A levels! Thanks Mr Koh! [...]

Ashley Lim, Hwa Chong Junior College

I’d be lying if I said Econs was my favourite subject because that’s be SO far from the truth... but Mr Koh Chee Wee made lessons SO FUN!! Every concept that he taught was well explained and substantiated with so many easy to understand real-life examples. His dedication to every single one of his [...]

Kyna Poh, Dunman High School

Thank you Mr Loh Zhi Hong for your constant support and guidance throughout the past two years! You make econs less daunting and enjoyable to study, with many funny yet simple ways to remember key economics concepts. It might be funny in class but it also really managed to stick in my head and [...]

Wong Shi An, ACJC

To Mr Mike Wang: Thank you for guiding me throughout every topic of Chemistry and for allowing us to text you urgent questions any time we need to, and for always answering our questions with depth. Your determination to dedicate your own time out of class to have consultation sessions with us, going through every [...]