Tan Zhi Rui, River Valley High School

Dear Miss Ruby Ng, Miss Ng's lessons are perhaps the only math lessons I've ever looked forward to. Her help and guidance, in breaking down complex mathematics topics into a manner that is easier to understand, and in providing us with the appropriate tips and skills to tackle questions with, is simply priceless. She often [...]

Hui Kay, Nanyang Junior College

Dear Mr Phay, Thank you Mr Phay for being such a wonderful teacher! Your humour and laughter never fails to make the lesson fun and intriguing. Thank you for having faith in me and believing that I would do well!

Raeann Tan, Catholic Junior College

I have never understood physics and its basic concepts during the first few months of JC1 until I went to Mr Yeo’s physics tuition. Mr Yeo is a very dedicated physics teacher who is willing to teach his students and made sure we understood the true essence of physics. The way he teaches is very [...]

Dylan Chuah, Temasek Junior College

Mr Yeo is a very proficient and superb physics teacher. He is able to explain and help me comprehend complex physics concepts. He gives clear and concise notes and plenty of practices. The practice he gives covers a wide range of possible permutations of questions that may come out in the exam. He is a [...]

Bok Leong, Dunman High School

My first encounter with Mr Yeo was during a school lesson when he was a relieving for our usual teacher, and I remembered that he really cleared up many of my misconceptions of gravitation. His biggest strength as a physics teacher is his ability to break down difficult or complex questions into manageable bites that [...]

Benjamin Chan, Dunman High School

Mr Daniel Yeo is a marvellous Physics tutor who imparts his knowledge to his students efficaciously. His teaching methods are congenial to students of different ability and easily understood. His succinct topical concept notes subtly and aptly summarizes the crux of each topic, assuaging the vexation of onerous revision through convoluted lecture notes. Apart from [...]

Rachael Chua, Meridian Junior College

Mr Yeo is one of the most passionate teachers I have ever come across. With his many years of experience as a Physics teacher, his passion to teach always seems to be growing. He is patient and very detailed when conducting his lessons. In class, he would input interesting application of physics concept making it [...]

Natasha Tay, Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Mr Yeo is a dedicated and sincere teacher who puts keen effort in his explanation. His concise physics notes and effective drilling practices are just some of the areas I have benefited from.

Li Yushu, Dunman High School

Mr Yeo has made my journey of exploring H2 physics an interesting and enriching one. He simplified the complex concepts using the most fundamental knowledge and enabled me to understand them effectively. His teaching style was easy to follow and his lecture notes were very concise. His worksheets covered a wide range of carefully selected [...]