Shravya, Raffles Institution

Dear Mr Chew, Mr Chew is very dedicated and passionate when it comes to teaching us physics. I have gained a lot of physics knowledge because of his efforts to train us to do well in every part of the subject.

Melody Lin, RI

Dear Mr Loh Zhi Hong, Happy Teachers' Day Mr Loh!!! Thank you for everything so far :-)) Thanks for helping me improve my grades so much. I would never have been able to improve without your help. I learnt more than just econs through your valuable lessons. I learnt a lot about better study methods to learn [...]

Alphonsus Zai, Hwa Chong Institution

Dear Ms Ruby Ng, Just want to say thank you so much for these two years of guidance and teaching! You have been a patient and understanding teacher. Math has always been less daunting than it seems after your lessons! You are probably one of the best tuition teachers I ever had, and it has [...]

Victor Tan, Dunman High School Nicholas Lim

Dear Mr Lim, Thanks a lot for teaching me GP this year and it was gratifying. I appreciate your patience and dedication to students especially your encouragement you gave. Your effort has motivated me to work harder and I'll strive as hard. Thanks for showing to me how invigorating GP can be and I won't [...]

Victor Tan, Dunman High School Gilbert Lee

Dear Mr Gilbert Lee, Thank you so much for teaching me Econs for the past 2 years and it was not just an enjoyable experience, but also one that is very enlightening. Really appreciate the amount of effort you put in to help us through our understanding and skills application and not to forget your [...]

Clarissa Ho, SRJC

Dear Mr Nicholas Lim, Happy Teachers' Day!! Thank you for making GP interesting & coming up with acronyms to help us apply!! I find it very useful!! Before I started this tuition, I had found GP to be hard. My English was bad and I had no confidence that I can do well. Through this [...]

Lee Wen Yang, PJC

Dear Mr Aw, I would like to thank you for teaching me GP and other general knowledge. I seldom meet teachers who would make lessons so productive, engaging and informative. Thank you, Mr Aw!

Lee Wen Yang, PJC

Dear Mr Sng, I would like to thank you for teaching me math and exposing me to challenging math questions. He is very friendly and helpful too. He even offers time beyond tuition lesson. It helped me a lot. I am very thankful for meeting him and having him as my teacher!

Cha Da Eun, RI

Dear Mdm Wee, Happy Teachers' Day!! Thank you for being so patient and generous in your teaching and always being so kind to answer our queries and help us outside class time :) Your lessons are always so comprehensive and concise and it has made biology so much easier to comprehend. Now I have a [...]