Celestine, SAJC

Dear Mr Low, Thank you for waking up earlier than us to teach us chemistry at 9 am in the morning(-: your reactions to our questions are sometimes hilarious as well!!! Happy Teachers' Day!!! Thanks for being a great chem teacher (-:

Cheong Hao Shaun, National Junior College

Dear Mr Daniel Yeo, Happy teachers' day!! You've helped me a lot in knowing all the physics concepts, and I see visible improvement in my school grades already (we have small tests here and there) Thanks for everything you've done so far!

Bryan Soh, CJC

Dear Mr Au, In JC, I was extremely uncertain about taking Chemistry as one of my subjects. It was a bad start. After taking tuition classes with you as my teacher, classes and learning about the various topics became easier and more interesting. You were always willing to provide help to me when I needed [...]

Chelsea, TJC

Dear Mr Yeo, Thank you for being a really encouraging and caring tutor! I really admire your passion. Thank you for continuously motivating us to push for an A even though I joined with a goal of just wanting to pass. Thank you for your dedication, replying and answering our questions even on other days [...]

Desiree Ng Yu Qing, Victoria Junior College

Dear Mr Loh Zhi Hong, He has changed the way I look at econs. I used to hate the subject, and I did poorly for it which made me all the more disinterested & spiteful towards the subject. However, Mr Loh makes his lessons super interesting by just being himself which is super funny and [...]

Goh Guan Hao, Serangoon JC

Dear Mr Daniel Yeo, Happy Teacher's Day! Thank you for your constant guidance as well as your encouraging words. Your words gave me the confidence to believe in myself and give myself another shot at physics. Your lessons never failed to push me on to strive for excellence. Once again, thank you very much and [...]

Pamela Yeo, Pioneer Junior College

Dear Mr Raymond Cai, Happy Teacher’s Day! The passion for your job is truly mirrored in your skills and abilities to be one of the most inspiring teachers I ever had. Thanks for taking the effort in making learning more fun and interesting than ever by showing us experiments on the spot. Thanks for also [...]

Alvin Ben Abraham, ACJC

Good Morning Mr Wong, I haven't known you for long; I don't know if it was destiny But now you teach me chemistry! Truly, the best chemistry teacher I've ever had, and honestly, my other teachers weren't half bad. And now I depart, but you'll be in my mind and heart Because on me, your chemistry [...]