Kyna Poh, Dunman High School

Thank you Mr Loh Zhi Hong for your constant support and guidance throughout the past two years! You make econs less daunting and enjoyable to study, with many funny yet simple ways to remember key economics concepts. It might be funny in class but it also really managed to stick in my head and [...]

Wong Shi An, ACJC

To Mr Mike Wang: Thank you for guiding me throughout every topic of Chemistry and for allowing us to text you urgent questions any time we need to, and for always answering our questions with depth. Your determination to dedicate your own time out of class to have consultation sessions with us, going through every [...]

Christabel Yow, SAJC

I used to struggle with chemistry a lot before coming to learners lodge but Mr Au Chee Ping really helped me understand difficult concepts. He was able to breakdown complicated topics so it was easier for the class to understand. His way of explaining things was also very clear and concise. Mr Au would [...]

Claudia Chin, Hwa Chong Institution

Dear Mr Koh Chee Wee, Thank you so much for your guidance in H2 Econs! When I first joined in J2, my understanding of Econs was severely lacking and full of concept gaps. However, your comprehensive notes and your elaboration explanations in class really helped me to catch up in Econs. Despite Econs consistently [...]

Ashish Chugh, Vjc

Thank you Mr Loh Zhi Hong for this wonderful journey. You didn’t just change my attitude towards economics, but also instilled passion in me for econs. You taught me the correct thinking process and approach towards a question and ensured that not only you put in effort, but we also do our due diligence. [...]

Koh Jun Hou Marcus, Raffles Institution

Mr Aw Meng How: I came in at the start of JC2 with a D grade and within a year of working with Mr. Aw, I improved greatly and managed to do well in my A Levels examinations. Mr Aw Meng How has a very systematic way of teaching, he goes in-depth into every [...]

Shruthi , Raffles Institution

Thank you so much Mr Koh Chee Wee! I am certain that my interest in econs has truly increased because of your lessons. There had never been a lesson of yours that I was bored of as somehow you always managed to keep the lessons interesting, relating econs with your personal stories and also [...]

Lee Jia Qi, Raffles Institution

Mr Koh Chee Wee is definitely one of the best Econs teacher I've ever had. Getting an A for Econs seemed almost impossible until I joined his lessons. Thank you Mr Koh for being such a passionate & selfless teacher! I am immensely grateful for your unwavering support, guidance & confidence in us. Not [...]

Ryan Chan, Hwa Chong JC

Mr Koh Chee has taught me the ins and outs of Economics, allowing me to fully understand the topics and links between them. He is very detailed in explanations and often gives real life examples, allowing us to easily remember the topics. Thanks to his teachings, my Economics was able to improve from a [...]