Joliana Fong, NYJC

Dear Mr Phay,   You make Sunday fun, I would have you as a tutor over anyone. there are sometimes when I fail, but you never bail. Thanks for the whatsapp replies, for econs tuitions where time flies, For the hours of dedication to your noble profession. I may not speak much in lessons, or [...]

Timothy Chan, JJC Mr Phay

Dear Mr Phay, Thank you for coaching me relentlessly, even after I failed you and myself so many time. Your lessons are interesting, especially with your comical character. Thank you!

Celine, JJC

Dear Mr Cai, Thank you for having confidence in your students, never discriminating and never failing to conduct an engaging lesson. Lastly, thank you for being an inspiration. I hope you will continue motivating students to work towards their goals and sharing your passion for the sciences through education.

Zann, Anderson JC

Dear Mr Phay, Happy Teachers day!!!! Thank you for making every lesson enjoyable and making me feel comfortable even though I've just joined :)

Cleon Tan, Victoria JC

Dear Mr Loh Zhi Hong, Thank you very much for all of the efforts that you have put into teaching our class as well as your other classes. I have honestly never seen any other teacher give so much time and resources to his/her students and I am very grateful to receive your tutorage; Without [...]

Varshiya, Private

Dear Mr Chee, HAPPY TEACHERS' DAY!!!🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉  Even though I started late, you are so patient and eager to teach your students (especially me). I make a lot of mistakes and get stuck all the time while doing the questions but u were always there to guide me through the questions! Thank you, so much. HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY.

Tong Ming Hao, Maju Camp 2PDF

Dear Mr Koh, Happy teachers day!! So blessed to have you as my economics teacher. You are always so willing to help me when I have difficulties in Economics. You take your precious time after class to guide me along with my questions and making sure I learn to the best of my ability. Thank [...]

Ashiley Annushri Thenpandiyan, Raffles Institution

Dear Mr Terence Chia, Math has really been a downhill battle for me in J1, with the content I failed to consolidate in the earlier part of the year snowballing to a huge mess at the beginning of this year. I reached a point in March when looking at Math papers and questions would already [...]

Basil Lee Ming Sheng, Tampines Junior College

Dear Mr Nicholas Lim, Just wants to say a huge thank you for all the work you have put into your GP classes to make it fun, engaging and knowledgeable. Well, GP has not always been my cup of tea, but ironically, I always look forward to your lessons on Saturdays. I admire your knowledge [...]