The Physics of Drifting, Explained

Here's an in-depth look at the physics of drifting from Business Insider: Car drifting is both a pastime and profession. For hobbyists and professionals, the basic principles of drifting are the same. Toss the car sideways and hang on. We wanted to take a deeper look into the activity. We asked Leona Chin, a professional [...]

What is Entropy?

There’s a concept that’s crucial to chemistry and physics. It helps explain why physical processes go one way and not the other: why ice melts, why cream spreads in coffee, why air leaks out of a punctured tire. It’s entropy, and it’s notoriously difficult to wrap our heads around. Jeff Phillips gives a crash course [...]

The Standard Model of Particle Physics

Matter is made of fundamental particles and these particles interact with each other according to a theory called the Standard Model. Watch this video from Ted-Ed to know more.

Does time exist?

We actually don't know if time exists. This video from Ted shows why time puzzles scientists:

Faith in Physics

In this episode of the ABC’s classic science program, ‘Why Is It So?’, Professor Julius Sumner Miller re-attempts a favourite experiment, and things don’t quite go to plan. That's why we should all have faith in Physics.  

Interesting Facts About Gravity

Gravity is a force of attraction that pulls together all matter. The more matter something has, the greater the force of its gravity. Learn interesting facts about gravity by watching this video!