Happy Teachers' Day!

It’s time to thank your teachers for all the hard work they’ve done throughout the year!

A short thank you message for your teacher will make them feel good and extraordinary this Teachers’ Day!

Gerald Oh, Eunoia Junior College

Hi Mr Yeo, I really appreciate your patience and passion for teaching! This has really helped me to better understand Physics. Your notes are quite easy to understand and are able to bring out the important concepts, making revision much easier. Happy Teachers' Day!

Charlotte Ngio, Temasek jc

Hi mr phay teik eng!!! Thanks for being a really funny and amazing econs teacher Even though your lessons are always late at night, I don’t feel tired during your lessons because you make econs fun and enjoyable to learn <3 Happy teachers day!!

Tianhui, RJC

Hi Mr Terence Chia, Happy Teachers' Day!! Thank you for your patient guidance and support :D I really appreciate the effort and time you put into making sure that our misconceptions are resolved and reminding us frequently of common mistakes. I also enjoyed the occasional puns (Chia pet, Chia seeds HAHAHA) in the questions [...]

Winna , DHS

Hello Mr Au Chee Ping! Happy Teachers’ Day!! 🤩 Thank you for always being so patient and encouraging :) Thank you for always working tirelessly to make lessons engaging and enjoyable too. You always try to understand the struggles and difficulties we face in order to impart us with helpful skills/advice and I really [...]

dhanusha, anglo-chinese junior college

dear mr au chee ping, thank you so much for being an amazing chemistry teacher and for never failing to entertain us during tuition sessions! even though i joined late, you have still constantly tried your best to ensure that everyone is clear on the topics you teach us and have always stayed back [...]

Srinivasan Karthik, Temasek Junior College

Hello Mr Aw Meng How! Happy Teacher's Day! Before joining your class, I thought GP was just a dry and boring subject. But after joining your class, you made GP much more fun and also helped us to know more information about certain issues through video clips. Thank you for also taking the effort [...]

Srinivasan Karthik, Temasek Junior College

Hello Mr Damian Chee! Happy Teacher's Day! Thank you so much for making Maths such an enjoyable subject and giving us tips on how to answer certain types of questions so as to help us with our time management. Thank yoy for also clearing my doubts about certain concepts or questions with detailed explanations [...]

Celeste Ho, JC2

Hi Mr Mike Wang, time flies and I’ve attended your lessons for more than a year. I remember coming into lesson with a big U grade for my Chemistry block test in year 1. I was afraid that I wont do well, and everything seemed so tough and confusing initially. So I came for [...]