Learners’ Lodge is the leading national provider of academic enrichment and tutorial program for junior college (JC) students in Singapore. With over 15 years of experience, our holistic blend of pedagogically sound curriculum, digital technology and innovative teaching methodology has been specially developed to meet the needs of JC students over the past years.

Through innovative teaching methods delivered through our highly experienced NIE trained teachers from the local education industry, we have helped many students achieved better grades. Most of our students have been able to qualify for their course of their choice in the local University (NUS, NTU, SMU). Some of our alumni have also been admitted into Ivy Leagues Universities in the US and UK (Stanford, Harvard, Princeton and Yale in the US, and Oxford, Cambridge and the LSE in the UK).

Many have secured prestigious private and public sector scholarships, including a few being awarded the Singapore Public Service Commission’s President’s Scholarship.

In our pursuit to provide the best education services for JC students, we have established ourselves as the premier centre for innovation and academic excellence in junior college (JC) tuition program.

What our students say

I joined Mr Gilbert Lee’s class in July 2021, with just a few months left till A Levels, with a U average in all my exams till that point. His no-frills, simple lessons enabled me to finally grasp the answering techniques that eluded me for my whole JC life. As long as you follow his instructions to the letter and grasp the main idea of what he’s saying, answering econs questions becomes so much easier. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Mr Lee for being the reason my grades jumped from U to A.

Zan Wa Ti, Anglo-Chinese Junior College

A big big thank you to Mr Mike Wang for helping me to grasp the foundation of Chemistry when I was completely lost and had no idea what was going on in school at the end of J1. After attending his chemistry tuition, he made me understand all my misconceptions and built up my foundation and further enriched my knowledge with past year’s questions. With all these preparations, I can happily say that I managed to score an A for Chemistry in the A Levels. Thank you, Mr Wang!

Glenn Liew Zi Yi, Victoria Junior College

Mr Daniel Yeo never fails to take care of his students and guide them to achieve the best they can in Physics. Mr Yeo’s lessons are engaging and effective, explaining the core ideas of each topic clearly to help his students understand better. Mr Yeo’s teachings have helped me to improve tremendously and become much more proficient with the skills and concepts needed for me to score in examinations. Thank you Mr Yeo for helping me to attain an A for the A levels!

Gavin Teo Zhi Qi, Anglo Chinese Junior College

Hi Mr Aw Meng How! Thank you so much for all the detailed and concise notes that you painstakingly compiled for us which greatly helped my learning! Through your lessons, apart from improving my English skills, I also got to broaden my worldview on certain global issues from the content lectures. The idea of scoring well for GP has always been quite daunting to me but I’m so glad to say that with your lessons I managed to get an A for A levels! Thank you so much and I wish you all the best :)

Brenda Ng, River Valley High School
Ms Ruby Ng

Thank you, Ms Ruby Ng, for always being so encouraging towards us. You were my greatest source of motivation to persevere while I was studying for my A-Levels Math, because of all the effort you put into teaching us. Thank you for seeing our potential and being confident in our abilities even though we often doubt ourselves. To me, you are the best Math teacher one could ever ask for and I appreciate you vv much!! <3

Soh Yuyan, River Valley High School

I used to struggle with chemistry a lot before coming to Learners’ Lodge but Mr Au Chee Ping really helped me understand difficult concepts. He was able to break down complicated topics so it was easier for the class to understand. His way of explaining things was also very clear and concise. Mr Au would recap the current topic at the start of every lesson which was very helpful. In addition, the practice questions that Mr Au picked out for us were unique and challenging. I am extremely thankful for Mr Au’s guidance and I owe my A in chemistry to him!

Justin Yeoh, Anglo-Chinese Junior College

Thank you so much for the help Mr Raymond Cai. Your lessons are always enjoyable and full of fun facts! Each lesson is fruitful and full of interesting happenings as you bring physics to life. I’m glad to have cultivated my interest with your lessons and progressed with your concise summary notes. I hope you continue to inspire students who dislike or fear physics to progress or even excel in the subject as it is more than it seems.

Eunice Ong, Catholic Junior College

I’m truly thankful to have Mr Harry Tiew help me with my econs in A levels! I have never scored exceptionally well for econs in my school exams and felt rather frustrated and worried about my A levels. However, Mr Tiew never once gave up on me and always went to great lengths to ensure my needs were met such as practising essay paragraphs in class, timed practices and marking our homework paragraphs! His patience in teaching created a safe space for me to ask questions and clarify any doubts I had. With his engaging lessons, I truly enjoyed learning econs and scored an A!

Steffi Lum, Raffles Institution

I used to flunk math consistently throughout JC. I joined Mr Chee’s math class in June of J2 onwards but even so my prelims was a D, still an improvement but not that good. However Mr Chee is honestly the best math teacher I’ve ever had. He encourages you and makes you feel like math is easy peasy. And he focuses on the A level exam as an end goal so it’s very efficient. Thankfully, I eventually got an A for math (which I knew I would, because I was that confident). Thank you Learners Lodge!

Ethan Leung, National Junior College
Dear Mr. David Wong!! Before I took up tuition I thought Chemistry makes no sense at all, but now I can finally understand the concepts thanks to you! I’ve never enjoyed doing this subject so much before this at all. Even though I only join for a short period of time, I’ve really learnt so much from you. Thanks for being such a interesting and patient teacher!!! I’ll do my best for the A’s and I believe after your guidance, it will be no problem.
Shauna Wee, Tampines Junior College

I just want to say that I am very grateful for Mr Koh Chee Wee’s help in this journey! I appreciate all the encouragement throughout this process! I am glad to have received help from you because, without you, I do not think that I will have a more solid foundation in economics:) I enjoy the classes very much and always thought they gave me multiple ideas and tips on how to improve my skills. I am honestly very surprised to be blessed with an A. We both worked hard! Thank you:)))))

Zhang Yue, Raffles Institution
Maths - Teng Kah Seng

Thank you Mr Teng Kah Seng for your guidance and patience!! I remember first coming to Learners’ Lodge failing one maths exam after another. Little did I know, after one year at learners lodge, I managed to go from an S to an A for A-Levels :)) Mr Teng was always there, constantly encouraging and guiding me along, offering us his tips and tricks that sure proved useful in the end. I hope more students will be able to benefit from his teaching in the future!! :)

Andres Neo Bo Jun, Dunman High School
Economics - Fung Jia Pei

I would like to thank Mr Fung Jia Pei, my H2 economics tutor, for never giving up on me and always pushing me to my maximum potential. I am very glad to have seen a very big improvement in my Economics grades in my A level certificate. Thank your Mr Fung for finding all the most interesting and reliable ways to get me to be more interested in the subject and bringing my grades up tremendously. I am ever so grateful to have Mr Fung, such a caring and patient teacher to help me with Economics. Bringing Economics, one of my worst subjects to begin with, to one of the best subjects in my A level results. Thank you for being such a passionate teacher and my A level Economics grades are really all thanks to you. Thank you Mr Fung!

Ng Yu Ting, Victoria Junior College
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