These are our upcoming holiday programmes for November and December:

Topical Revision Workshops

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Learners’ Lodge is proud to offer a series of Topical Revision Workshops from 16th November to 4th December to current JC1 students as one of our Nov-Dec Holiday Programmes. Through these workshops, we aim to help students strengthen their foundation on and mastery of JC1 topics across various subjects.

  • Students who are progressing to JC2 will be learning the new content material and will not revisit the JC1 topics until the end of JC2, so these workshops can help them boost their foundation on some of the topics and maintain content familiarity and currency.
  • Students who have underperformed in their promotional examinations may be required by their schools to take a retest to progress to JC2 or to keep 4 H2 subjects. These workshops can assist these students to prepare for these retests.

A Level Bridging Programme

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The A-Level Bridging programme is a 2-hour information session conducted in November 2020 aiming to familiarise Sec4/IP4 students with an overview of JC subjects and syllabus topics by our expert tutors. This is a fully complementary programme to help the students adjust their studying pace and prepare for the needed skills and knowledge to transition into the JC subject curriculum.