Date: 3rd June (Mon) to 30th June (Sun)



The June Intensive Revision programme is a series of intensified classes aimed to revisit fundamentals and resolve any student’s doubts. Our comprehensive learning approach during sessions will help students determine their weaknesses and work towards overcoming them. As the grasp of concepts improves, the student will gain a better understanding of the subjects, and ultimately, an advantage over their peers during the examinations.

The Programme

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Who should attend?



  • Students who are not performing well in their school assessments should take the June Intensive Revision to aid them in laying a strong foundation of the key concepts covered in the syllabus.
  • Students who are weak in particular areas or topics.
  • Students who are not able to problem solve and understand new context despite allotting many hours of hard work.
  • Students who want to improve their existing grade and excel at the A-levels before it’s too late.
  • Students who want to reach their peak potential and want to be equipped with top examination skills and techniques and a positive mindset necessary to excel the ‘A’ levels.





Biology June Intensive Revision

 JC1 Biology Revision Objective:

Reinforce the Basics of Syllabus
The higher level topics taken up during the first half of the year will be reviewed and simplified. We will also correct the most frequent phrasing errors and learn tips on how to remember facts better.

Learn the Skills and Techniques of Answering Exams Correctly
The class seeks to help students to interpret and present ideas and concepts of Biology better. Also, create a stronger foundation of skills as a preparation for the mid-year exams and a primer for J2, using tougher school questions.

JC2 Biology Revision Objective:

Learn the Skills and Techniques of Answering Exams Correctly
Practice answering different types of H2 Biology questions on-point and learn to avoid the most common mistakes in answering exam questions. During the revision, students should be able to point out the weaknesses in their previous answers and correct them with precision. Be able to use this enhanced skill on the new Paper 3 component of the new H2 Biology syllabus and drastically improve the students’ exam readiness.


Chemistry Image

 JC1 Chemistry Revision Objective:

Review fundamental topics taken during the 1st semester and reinforce the key basic concepts to clarify the common misconceptions about Chemistry. Students will acquire real examination skills and techniques to increase confidence in answering integrated and applied questions.

JC2 Chemistry Revision Objective:

Review of tough topics and key concepts for a more structured learning. Develop analytical and examinations skills to tackle Chemistry with confidence and mastery.


Economics Image

JC Economics Revision Objective:

Improvement of Essay Writing Skills
Learn techniques on how to interpret essay questions clearly and how to structure your essay that will discuss the most suitable points. Different essay samples will be provided to cover different topics of economics which are taken up in schools
Understanding of Case Studies
Create discussions for case study topics taken up in schools to help students understand and interpret economic concepts better. Students should be able to analyze and answer economic questions better because of the practice questions about the case studies.


GP June Intensive Revision
Emphasis on Paper 1 Essay Skills
Show understanding of social and cultural topics which is helpful in interpreting the question’s answering objective. Students should be able to create the essay’s structure – complete with introduction, well-developed paragraphs and conclusion relevant to the topic,


Emphasis on Paper 2 Comprehension Skills
Improve comprehension and critical thinking skills such as paraphrasing and inferring to answer questions that are short yet complete. Create a well-explained, elaborate and coherent essay that answers the question on point and with depth.


Maths Image

Key characteristics of our teaching style
• Concise summary of concepts in each topic and their application
• Exposure to a huge variety of question types within each topic
• Discussion of concept errors in each topic
• Highlighting common mistakes made, with feedback from Cambridge
• Emphasis on time management
• Tips on self-checking for those prone to making careless mistakes
• Managing full papers on all topics
• Full-length solutions provided
• Tailored to follow topics tested in school


Physics Image

Our revision programme will be comprehensive in helping students refine their concepts and build critical examination skills.
With a strong concept, they are better placed to comprehend questions, process the given information and make accurate calculations or explanations.
The revision programme will strengthen their data handling and processing capability, mathematical skills and presentation skills which will culminate in good answering techniques to maximise their scores in the examination.
Good practice questions which integrate knowledge from various chapters will be included. The ability to integrate knowledge from different chapters is a necessary and essential requirement when they sit for their A-levels examinations.
For weaker students, we will help them level up by providing questions that help build broken links in their knowledge. We will also share the thought processes involved in problems solving.
For JC2 students, excellent planning skills (understanding of variables, experimental procedures, useful design features and knowledge of apparatus) will also be re-visited to help students maximise their scores in the Design of Experiment section.



Physics Image

Our revision programme will focus on improving skills such as cross-referencing and pairing of sources to effectively support or challenge assertions for SBQs. Lines of arguments are also strengthened so that content will be applied effectively for essay writing.

We place emphasis on evaluation techniques for essays and source evaluation for Sourced-Based Questions (SBQs). This is to help students be less overwhelmed with the concepts because their evaluation skills have improved. Students will be more confident in applying the contextual knowledge in support of their analysis more effectively.

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