Brandon Wong, Raffles Institution

Hi Mr Lim! thank you so much for these two years of GP tuition :) not only have my grades for GP improved, but I also have a deeper understanding and appreciation of current affairs and the english language as a whole! thank you for your patient guidance and help when A's were approaching! :) [...]

Thum Jia Hao, Nanyang Junior College

Hi Mr Chia!! thank you so much for helping me so much with math! even to the extent of rushing your dinner to help me with last minute questions ): thank you for being the best maths teacher you can be for me!!

Wilfred , Raffles Institution

Dear Mr Tiew, Thanks so much for teaching me the past year, I've really really done very well in school for econs because of you, and even though A level results arnt out yet thanks for helping me through that too :) you've really made me enjoy the subject way beyond the school syllabus which [...]

Jarret Ng, Raffles Institution

Dear Mr. Gilbert Lee, Thanks for teaching us more than just scoring for exams, but also teaching to have a greater appreciation for how Economics can be applied in our everyday life! Thanks to you, I now understand enjoy the subject content a lot more :)

Helen Lin, Raffles Institution

Dear Mr Tiew, thank you for being such an amazing teacher! Your lessons are very engaging and interesting, and beyond helping us master the content, you also helped us learn more about econs in the real world. Thank you also for always being so patient with my questions and homework :-)

Geraldine, Dunman High School

Mr Lee's legendary lessons always leave us not only with newfound knowledge on economics, but also life lessons on how to be a better person in general. His charisma in the classroom makes sure that we are always hooked onto his every last word, and he has an incredible amount of patience when teaching us. [...]

Myohan, River valley high school

MR MIKE!!!! You saved my chemistry grades. I HATED chemistry but for the first time in my life I actually didn't mind it when I was in your class. Thank you so much!!! I won't ever forget a teacher who changed my perspective on chemistry. :)

Ruth, Anderson Junior College

Hey Mr Lee! Ruth here! Thanks for teaching me throughout the last 1.5 years, I really learnt a lot from tuition, and enjoyed econs as a subject more. I'm not sure how things will turn out but I tried haha. See you around!

Tan Kaibin, Dunman High School

Dear Mr Raymond Cai, Thank you for helping me with my physics and being patient with me all the time. I have learnt a lot of things from you and thank you for helping me along this A level journey 💪🏻 Dear Mr Phay, Thank you for believing in me and doing your best to [...]