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Learners’ Lodge X IvyPrep

Getting Into The Top Universities Of The World

Beyond A Good Grade

Each year, the top universities such as Harvard, MIT, Cambridge, Oxford just to name a few, received applications from over tens of thousands of students all around the world hoping for a place in these prestigious universities. And each year, even some of the most talented failed to secure their seats, not due to bad results, but because of a lack of preparation for the entry interview.

The Preparation

Knowing how difficult it is to get into the top Universities in the world (even with a good result), this year end holiday, Learners’ Lodge has partnered with Singapore’s leading university admissions and test preparation consultancy, IvyPrep, to help you better understand what it will takes to secure a seat in any university around the world.

Over a course of 90 minutes in this FREE workshop, you will participate in activities such as mini-interviews and learn from an ex-Harvard Debate Team’s training director about:

  1. The tutorial systems of top universities
  2. How these prestigious universities consider verbal interviews
  3. How students are accessed

You will also have the chance to ask about questions like:

  1. Why are interviews important in the application process?
  2. How do I prepare in advance for my interviews, if I am still in Sec 4 or J1?
  3. What else can I do to prepare for a competitive application to Prestigious University?
  4. How important are my extra-curricular activities for the application process?
  5. How can I supplement the CCAs I am doing already to enhance my competitiveness?
  6. How do I know which University is the right fit for me?
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The Workshop Information

Venue: Learners’ Lodge Bishan
Date & Time: Sunday, 4 Dec 2022, 15:00-16:30
Speaker: Samuel Myat San
Cost: FREE (For Learners’ Lodge Students only)

About The Speaker

Samuel Myat San

Samuel Myat San graduated from Harvard College on a Singapore Public Service Commission Overseas Merit Scholarship and graduated cum laude with an AB in Government.

He was the Harvard Debate Team’s training director and was also the US British Parliamentary Debating Champion. Samuel has also served with the Ministry of Defence, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Law, where he was special assistant to the Minister for Law.

Sam is passionate supporting students find their strengths through a process of deep reflective engagement. Samuel also provides coaching for Model United Nations as well as negotiation and interview skills. Samuel’s strong writing and oratory skills have helped him provide start to finish support in students’ application journeys.

About IvyPrep

With over 10 years of experience, IvyPrep is Singapore’s leading university admissions and test preparation consultancy. We support students as they make high-stakes decisions about their educational and professional lives—whether through US and UK university applications, scholarship applications, or standardized tests.

At IvyPrep, our dynamic team is fully committed to serving students with care and quality throughout this daunting period of their lives. Our pedagogy and testing strategies are continuously refined by our dedicated instructors, teaching fundamental principles that help students achieve their near-term goals, while also laying the foundations for the long-term success. Our time-tested application curriculum propels students to success by offering the structure, reflection, and guidance necessary to reach their full potential.

Inspired by the spirit of academic vitality and intellectual curiosity, we empower aspiring undergraduates to discover new opportunities and define a coherent and confident vision for their future in higher education and beyond.

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