Mr. Aw Meng How

Mr Aw Meng How brings with him a wealth of life experience from having worked in the publishing and editorial line, the architectural design sector, aviation industry, and in education. Equally impressive is his broad tertiary educational background beginning with a Bachelor of Arts (Architecture) with Honours (Second Upper), a Master of Arts (Southeast Asian Studies), a Graduate Diploma in psychology, a Specialist Diploma in Molecular Biotechnology and finally, a Postgraduate Diploma in Education with Merit from NIE. He was awarded the Singapore Teacher Union’s Book prize for being the top student in his NIE course. He also holds a certificate in Teaching Pupils with High Ability awarded by NIE. Before joining Learners’ Lodge, he was a Subject Head for Special Projects and Innovation in a government school.
His wealth of working experience and diverse educational background well place him to be able to engage in critical discourse from multiple perspectives. From the cultural, social, political, moral, to the scientific and economic spheres of human activities, Mr Aw will assist pupils taking the General Paper to understand and develop their responses to these issues of concern to us. He will also help students to achieve a mastery of the language required of various contexts including academic discourse.
With his background in psychology, he understands the developmental stages of students and together with his experience from having taught in a government school, he can address the diverse learning needs of students by designing and providing the necessary scaffolding to help struggling students. His training in teaching pupils with high ability, on the other hand, has equipped him with the pedagogical skills required for engaging high achievers with sufficiently challenging materials. His achievement in his NIE course attests to the excellent understanding of pedagogical principles and his commitment to the pursuit of excellence in teaching. Furthermore, he believes in continual pedagogical innovation – an ideal which he has carried with him since his days as a Subject Head for Special Projects and Innovation.
He writes the occasional English haikus, a number which has been published by the Mainichi Daily News.


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Mr Aw Meng How and Layla NadirahOpening Quotes In all honesty, I stepped into Mr Aw Meng How’s class not knowing what to expect given the abstract nature of the GP subject. I thought my lessons will be structured and rigid, but Mr Aw is a master at weaving in windows of opportunity to stimulate discussions among us regarding various topics such as world affairs and issues close to our homeland, further widening our global perception. To add on, Mr Aw’s content notes for both P1 and P2, as well as his skills package for P2 are a lifesaver. They are informative and concise, every word keen to the eye because they held the key to scoring well in the exam. His notes, coupled with his loud voice constantly reminding us of the crucial skillset required of us to ace the GP examination, drilled into me as I picked up my pen to piece together my answers on that dreadful date of 8th November 2021. I am grateful for Mr Aw, not only for his patience and guidance as I worked to exceed expectations and clinch an A for GP, but also for his efforts as seen in his compilation of useful tips to try out during the exam as if he was there with us, cheering us on. My time in Mr Aw’s class may have been short, but it is definitely fruitful and for that, I really thank him for giving his best in every lesson to make my tuition journey with Learner’s Lodge a bittersweet memory.  Closing Quotes

Layla Nadirah, Tampines Meridian Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes Dear Mr Aw Meng How, thank you for teaching us your secret killer strategies and even life tips! I am so glad that I left my previous GP tuition, and joined your class. Without you, I probably would not have scored an A for my A levels. Your notes are useful and I love the many resources and notes that you share with us. Even after graduation, your advice is still useful and important to me. Continue doing what you do and inspire more young people like me 😀  Closing Quotes

Donna Tan, Tampines Meridian Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes Dear Mr Aw Meng How, thank you for teaching me GP! While my time in your class was quite short, I still benefitted greatly. Your lessons covered a wide plethora of content, ranging from essay formats to content notes which my school teacher never taught. In fact, I found your classification of essay and paper 2 questions into different types especially helpful, allowing me to tackle each question effectively. My A in GP for A-levels couldn’t have been achieved without your guidance, thank you!  Closing Quotes

Tran Ha Thu, Temasek Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes Mr Aw  Meng How exudes the authority of a highly qualified GP teacher during his lessons. His attention to detail to the way his students use the English language has certainly improved my command of it. Through his guidance, I have learnt more than I could possibly have learnt through school – the basics such as discourse markers and paragraph markers, along with essay structures and a greater understanding of the meaning of words were all only properly imparted through him. I find comfort and amusement in seeing Mr Aw pointing out errors in my school’s teaching as it assures me that I am in the good hands of a qualified teacher.  Closing Quotes

Isaiah Seck, Dunman High School (2021)

Opening Quotes My GP grade jumped from D/E to B, and I really owe that to Mr Aw Meng How. His every lesson was well thought out and useful. On top of his interesting content lessons and practical exam techniques, he also brushed up on my English foundation for better writing and comprehension skills. His lessons have been really transformative for me, and I’m really grateful to him for that.  Closing Quotes

Yi Ting Khoo, Tampines Meridian Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes Mr Aw Meng How is a very passionate teacher, who is willing to go the extra mile for his students. He is also very funny and tries to make class fun at the same time.  Closing Quotes

Liyana Afrina, Jurong Pioneer Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes Mr Au Chee Ping is a very kind and patient teacher. He’s passionate in teaching. And he also loves to give life advice to his students.  Closing Quotes

Liyana Afrina, Junior Pioneer Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes Thank you so much for all your help Mr Au Chee Ping!! I was able to go from a U student in J1 to getting an A in chemistry for A levels!! Your creative and fun lessons always helped me learn chemistry better!  Closing Quotes

Amyirthan Guru, Raffles Instituition (2021)

Opening Quotes  Thank you Mr Aw Meng How for your timely consults and advice in just a few months before A levels, which pushed my GP grade from a D to an A in A levels. Wouldn’t have achieved this without you!   Closing Quotes

Ong Zhi Sheng, Catholic Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes  Hi Mr Aw Meng How! Thank you so much for all the detailed and concise notes that you painstakingly compiled for us which greatly helped my learning! Through your lessons, apart from improving my English skills, I also got to broaden my worldview on certain global issues from the content lectures. The idea of scoring well for GP has always been quite daunting to me but I’m so glad to say that with your lessons I managed to get an A for A levels! Thank you so much and I wish you all the best :)   Closing Quotes

Brenda Ng Qi Zhen, River Valley High School (2020)

Opening Quotes Mr Aw Meng How:

I came in at the start of JC2 with a D grade and within a year of working with Mr Aw, I improved greatly and managed to do well in my A-Levels examinations. Mr Aw Meng How has a very systematic way of teaching, he goes in-depth into every single question types for both comprehension and essay. This was especially important to me because I am able to focus on every single question type and master every single question type before proceeding to another. Mr Aw also has a lot of notes which makes content learning a lot easier. Most crucially, Mr Aw is always there for his students and never fails to go the extra mile to help his students with whatever they need. I was really surprised that Mr Aw was willing to spend up to 30 mins every week to go through my essays with me
1-1, despite the fact that he has so many students.
I highly recommend parents and students to work with Mr Aw. Given his profound understanding of GP and his level of commitment towards his students, as long as you listen to what he says and are willing to work hard, you definitely would be able to achieve your desired results!

Marcus   Closing Quotes

Koh Jun Hou Marcus, Raffles Institution (2019)

Aw Meng How Wei Hong Peng


Opening Quotes   I was not good at writing essays and answering comprehension questions in the past. My friend recommended me to go to Mr Aw’s class as his brother did well under him. After attending almost a year of GP tuition, I can see myself improving in writing essays with broader knowledge and more precise language. When answering comprehension questions, I can better identify the necessary points and discuss the language used. Under his guidance, my grades are better than what I have expected at the start of the year. Thank you, Mr Aw.   Closing Quotes

Wei Hong Peng, National Junior College (2018)


Aw Meng How Andrew Tan


Opening Quotes   I do not read much and often face difficulties in GP papers. Mr Aw’s lessons help to expose me to various events around the world and broaden my perspective. The use of humour in his lessons always makes it very interesting and enjoyable. He has helped me to improve my grades and develop an interest in GP. Thank you for the all the help and support.   Closing Quotes

Andrew Tan, Hwa Chong Institution (2018)


Opening Quotes   The process of internalising the contents and acquiring the right techniques required in GP could have been an arduous one if I have not joined Mr Aw’s GP lessons.

Through his multi-faceted lessons and comprehensive notes, I was positively empowered with the right skills and knowledge to tackle the questions thrown to me in examinations. He shares his wealth of knowledge with us through his engaging lessons and comprehensive notes that has given us a cutting edge over our classmates in school.

Thank you, Mr Aw.   Closing Quotes

Tan Hong Ying, Raffles Institution (2018)


Opening Quotes  I would like to thank you for teaching me GP and other general knowledge. I seldom meet teachers who would make lessons so productive, engaging and informative. Thank you, Mr Aw!   Closing Quotes


Lee Wen Yang, Pioneer Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes  I always felt that GP was a burden because I had no interest in this subject and I had no motivation to read and improve on my own. But I am very grateful to Mr Aw for making the GP lessons fun and enjoyable. I have gained more knowledge about the world as he exposes us to many things in a single lesson.   Closing Quotes


Pooja, National Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes  Mr Aw is an extremely dedicated teacher who does not merely aim to help students improve their grades but also to aid students in the development of their language skills. At the same time, he constantly updates his notes to ensure that students are aware of current affairs and can provide relevant examples in their essays. Under his guidance, I managed to improve my grades from a D in J1 to an A in A levels. His focus on the development of language skills will be helpful not only to the GP paper, but also in my future workplace where the command of language is important.   Closing Quotes


Aloysius, Raffles Institution


Opening Quotes  It was great to see the ‘A’ on my result slip for GP. Thank you for all the fun lessons and all the motivational talk you have given us! I will always remember to possess ‘AQ’ (adversity quotient) when the going gets tough because life is not easy, but there will always be a way if we are willing to work hard for it. I hope that you will continue to inspire and motivate your students! Once again, thank you!   Closing Quotes


Felicia Soh, River Valley High School


Opening Quotes  Throughout my journey in JC, Mr Aw has been one of the best tutors I’ve ever met. The efforts he puts in his teaching by going the extra mile for his students is a testimonial to how dedicated he is towards teaching. He even spotted the theme for the GP comprehension passage for my year! However, what I feel matters the most is the way he motivates his students to strive for excellence and never giving up on anyone of us. I’m glad I chose to attend his class and I would like to once again thank him for all that he’s done.   Closing Quotes


Ryan Phua Jun Yuan, Nanyang Junior College


Opening Quotes  Before taking up General Paper tuition, I was confused with the subject. To me, it was a subject purely based on bombastic vocabulary and a whole lot of luck.

Through Mr Aw’s classes, I was made more aware of the requirements of General Paper. I also became more involved in exploring local and global news and thinking in multiple perspectives to construct logical and persuasive arguments. These are skills that I will bring with me to my future education and employment institutions.

Beyond the classroom, Mr Aw also encourages us to submit essays which he diligently grades and gives comments. His constructive feedback made me improve my essay writing skills by leaps and bounds.

Once again, I would like to thank Mr Aw and the Learner’s Lodge Team for the care and dedication. I am pleased to say that I successfully attained an ‘A’ in my General Paper which was unfathomable to me as a JC1 student. Thank you!   Closing Quotes


Lee Hui, National Junior College