Mr. Daniel Yeo

Mr Yeo Kok Peng Daniel graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1987 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree with Honours (2nd class, Upper Division) in Mechanical Engineering. He received his post-graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from the National Institute of Education and was a former student of Hwa Chong Junior College.

Before joining Learners’ Lodge as a full-time Senior Education Specialist, Mr Yeo had 15 years with the Ministry of Education (MOE) including Dunman High (Senior High), National Junior College (Senior High), and Head of Department and Head of Physics at Serangoon Junior College.

During his service with the MOE, he was nominated twice for the Most Caring Teacher Award and once for the Outstanding Contribution Award. He has also contributed in many other areas such as serving as a Teacher Mentor and a SPA assessor/moderator, putting him in an excellent position to guide his students.

He has a wealth of experience teaching JC students from a diverse background, from top 5 JCs as well as other JCs, in the last 20 years. His lessons are upbeat and cheerful, making the whole learning experience an enjoyable one for his students. His passion and commitment to imparting his knowledge to his students as well as equipping them with the necessary skills to ace the examinations have won him the respect and loyalty of many former students.

Combining a rigorous skills-based program with an exciting and enjoyable approach to learning Physics, Mr Yeo can continually help his students excel at the ‘A’ level examinations.

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Daniel Yeo - Irvina Chen JiayiOpening Quotes When I first started physics tuition, I vividly recalled that it was very daunting for me for everyone just seemed so prepared and capable. However, Mr Yeo was really caring, especially to the new students, always ensuring that we are in phase with the lesson, constantly checking in with everyone. That itself was already a start in pushing myself to improve. It was really very easy to follow and understand his lessons, especially so for the harder topics, and i find myself struggling less and less in school overtime as new topics were being taught. The questions given for practice had a really wide range and i absolutely loved it as I could learn so much more and add them to my lecture notes. During lessons, I could slowly feel my improvement and it always pushes me to do better and be the best I can. Those small-time practices here and there also pushes me to study harder and not fall behind. Gradually, physics even became my strongest subject in school! Mr yeo is also always so approachable, offering additional support via text messages and zoom calls. Additionally, he always sends little encouragement here and there for our exams, which is really heartwarming.

Genuinely, because of Mr Yeo’s lesson, my perception towards physics changed and it became my favourite subject. Truthfully, if i were to become a teacher one day I would really want and love to teach jc physics, i am really inspired by Mr Daniel Yeo’s teaching!  Closing Quotes

Irvina Chen Jiayi, Anderson Serangoon College (2020)

Daniel Yeo - Lam Li YanOpening Quotes

Hi Mr Daniel Yeo!

Thanks for all the hard work and effort you have put into teaching us throughout the J2 year! It has been extremely enjoyable being in your lessons, and I’m glad that I have been able to gain so much knowledge in every lesson. Your passion and enthusiasm in teaching is admirable, and I am thankful for the patience you have shown when answering our questions and clearing our doubts.

Thanks for everything that you have done to prepare us for the A Levels, and I’m glad we made you proud!!

Li Yan Closing Quotes

Lam Li Yan, Nanyang Junior College (2020)


Opening QuotesHi Mr Daniel Yeo,
I just wanted to tell you that I tremendously enjoyed your physics lesson despite me initially joining your class as I was failing all my physics exams. Your patience and passion for teaching and physics really helped me understand and grow to love the subject :”) Thank you for taking time even outside of class to help clarify my doubts. I really really enjoyed being in your class. Closing Quotes

Cally-Anne R Chee, Nanyang Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes Mr Daniel Yeo is a very caring teacher who inspires each and every student to better understand and appreciate the subject. Mr. Yeo is more than willing to cater to the students, especially If they are not as strong as the others about the subject. Mr. Yeo is able to answer any question as soon as possible when asked a question outside of class. Closing Quotes

James Tan Kiat Joon, National Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes Mr Daniel Yeo never fails to take care of his students and guide them to achieve the best they can in Physics. Mr Yeo’s lessons are engaging and effective, explaining the core ideas of each topic clearly to help his students understand better. Mr Yeo’s teachings have helped me to improve tremendously and become much more proficient with the skills and concepts needed for me to score in examinations. Thank you Mr Yeo for helping me to attain an A for the A levels! Closing Quotes

Gavin Teo Zhi Qi, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes Mr Daniel Yeo is a really friendly and caring teacher who is really committed to his job. I really like how he always explains things step by step and provides us with various ways to solve the same problem. He is patient with his students and always ensures that we understand the concepts before moving on to questions. I am really grateful that he has been encouraging me and helping me improve since I started going for Physics tuition. Thank you! :) Closing Quotes

Jolene Wee Hui Ting , Nanyang Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes Mr Daniel Yeo is a patient teacher guiding me physics. I remembered entering his class scoring a D for physics in JC1 promos. However, Mr Yeo encouraged me and pushed me to achieve my fullest potential for my A levels. He is also not stingy with his resources, where he would give ample of questions for students to practice. Eventually, I got a B for my A level physics. Closing Quotes

Stella Loh, Anderson Serangoon Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes Mr Daniel Yeo is a thoughtful and caring teacher who has helped me tremendously for physics. His experience allows him to pinpoint the root cause of the student’s conceptual errors and quickly resolve them. Mr Yeo is always there to answer any queries and provides exceptional support for his students. It was a pleasure to be tutored by him! Closing Quotes