Mr. Daniel Yeo

Mr Yeo Kok Peng Daniel graduated from the National University of Singapore in 1987 with a Bachelor of Engineering degree with Honours (2nd class, Upper Division) in Mechanical Engineering. He received his post-graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) from the National Institute of Education and was a former student of Hwa Chong Junior College.

Before joining Learners’ Lodge as a full-time Senior Education Specialist, Mr Yeo had 15 years with the Ministry of Education (MOE) including Dunman High (Senior High), National Junior College (Senior High), and Head of Department and Head of Physics at Serangoon Junior College.

During his service with the MOE, he was nominated twice for the Most Caring Teacher Award and once for the Outstanding Contribution Award. He has also contributed in many other areas such as serving as a Teacher Mentor and a SPA assessor/moderator, putting him in an excellent position to guide his students.

He has a wealth of experience teaching JC students from a diverse background, from top 5 JCs as well as other JCs, in the last 20 years. His lessons are upbeat and cheerful, making the whole learning experience an enjoyable one for his students. His passion and commitment to imparting his knowledge to his students as well as equipping them with the necessary skills to ace the examinations have won him the respect and loyalty of many former students.

Combining a rigorous skills-based program with an exciting and enjoyable approach to learning Physics, Mr Yeo can continually help his students excel at the ‘A’ level examinations.

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Opening Quotes Firstly, I came in the end of J1 with a ‘U’ in Physics and jumped to an A through Mr Daniel Yeo. I cannot thank him enough. Partially because I didn’t like the subject due to its rigour. However, Mr Yeo’s style of teaching was moderately paced such that challenges faced made me improve rather than give up. He is very approachable and patient, I would add on, hardworking as well in regards to helping his students in grasping concepts and applying them. Knowing that visual aids helped his students, he would show us videos, draw graphs, use analogies (quite funny for me) do whatever he can to make sure we understand. Work with Mr Yeo definitely will see a change. Closing Quotes Tan Yi Zhen, Meridian Junior College (2018)


Mr Daniel Yeo and Joey ShiOpening Quotes Before joining Mr Yeo’s lessons, I struggled to grasp the concepts of physics. However, after I had attended Mr Yeo’s lesson, I could better understand the concepts as he would simplify them and go through them repeatedly. He would also provide us with resources such as concept summaries and extra practices which allowed me to improve greatly. This is because I could expose myself to more questions and train my answering techniques for exam questions. Besides that, Mr Yeo’s dedicated and friendly personality allowed me to approach him for consultations to clarify any doubts I had. I am thankful and grateful for Mr Yeo for being such a caring teacher and allowing me to achieve my desired grades for my A levels. :D Closing Quotes

Joey Shi, Raffles Institution (2018)

Opening Quotes BIG THANKS to Mr. Daniel Yeo for being patient, passionate and thorough as a Physics tutor. His notes are concise and bring out the essence in each topic so revising is a breeze, and he is very approachable if you ever have any doubts. Sitting for A Levels, I was the least anxious for my physics paper and I can only be grateful to have had such a supportive tutor to back me up :D Closing Quotes

Advait Bharat Deshpande, Victoria Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Yeo for being such a patient and thorough teacher during my short span of time in Learner’s Lodge! Not only did you fill up my knowledge gaps, you also went out of your way to specify the different concepts needed for each topic, making it easier for us to revise nearing A Levels. Thank you for helping me reach my fullest potential, Mr Yeo! Closing Quotes

Mandy Tng, Nanyang Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Thank you, Mr. Daniel Yeo, for your unwavering support and dedication towards teaching. You go above and beyond helping us by ensuring that we do not just understand our content but appreciate it as well. You keep us well informed about Physics as well as keep us up-to-date with the latest inventions, and your passion for the subject rubs on us. While we come in hoping to better understand physics, you ensure that we better understand the process of learning and appreciate its importance. Through your help and your extremely helpful resources which provide us with many different question types, we are exposed to a broad range of concepts and possible applications, all of which definitely help us answer questions better. That alongside your clear and articulate explanations during lessons, through your notes and your website, has tremendously helped us. Thank you! Closing Quotes

Shubhangam Rajesh Prasad, Victoria Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Thank you, I did well in my A Levels, and I think it’s very fitting to thank you for everything, seeing as how my Physics did make drastic improvements after attending your lessons :)

I owe much to the notes that you wrote and the tutorial exercises that you provided. It was almost all I referred to for revision and practice in the lead up to the A Levels and I’m not over exaggerating when I say that it really saved my grades.

Especially helpful was the final compilation of notes of every chapter that we were given in the final months before As. The MCQ questions really helped me identify my misconceptions and pointed out trick questions and pitfalls in every chapter. That boosted my confidence and understanding significantly.

Also, thank you for answering my barrage of questions at odd hours. I asked a lot of pretty stupid questions and thank you for taking the time to explain each and every one of them till I understood all my mistakes.

Thanks for everything Mr Daniel Yeo!

(Yes lah, went from E to A 👌🏼💯) Closing Quotes

Denise Lam, National Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Yeo for always giving me a pat on the back and checking my progress. His teaching techniques are straight to the point and very concise making it digestable for me which often struggled with concepts of modern physics. Even after I messed up my A lvl practical he still believed in my potential to get A and that gave me plenty of confidence to take the written papers. With his support and his advice on what to study, I got a pretty secured distinction for physics. Thank you so much! Closing Quotes

Alson Ang, Meridian Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Yeo for always giving me a pat on the back and checking my progress. His teaching techniques are straight to the point and very concise making it digestable for me which often struggled with concepts of modern physics. Even after I messed up my A lvl practical he still believed in my potential to get A and that gave me plenty of confidence to take the written papers. With his support and his advice on what to study, I got a pretty secured distinction for physics. Thank you so much! Closing Quotes

Alson Ang, St. Meridian Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Thank you for being friendly, encouraging & patient with the class throughout the whole of 2 years! Your lessons have always helped make me ever more confident in my understanding of Physics concepts. Your rich understanding of the topic made it easier for students like us to comprehend the subject as you are able to make concise notes and explain concepts in highly understandable manner. Thank you for always responding to my questions promptly despite your busy schedule and for always being there to give me emotional support! As the saying goes, “The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.”Thank you, Mr Daniel Yeo, not only for the ‘A’, but also for being an inspiring teacher! Closing Quotes

Pnh Yan Lin, Victoria Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Mr Daniel Yeo is an inspiring teacher who tries his best to make lessons interesting and makes sure students understand the concepts and skills needed. His lessons are engaging and he gives extra practices which are very helpful. Thanks to him, im able to gain the confidence to tackle tough questions and understand the topics easier. Closing Quotes

Jynn Leong Wei Ting, St. Andrew’s Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Thank you, Mr Daniel Yeo, for your patience, guidance and dedication for the whole of last year! Your strong emphasis on important misconceptions, important concepts, must-know A level content and the need for practice in class, accompanied with your highly valuable concise notes towards A levels and chosen questions in each revision chapter have definitely aided my understanding and cleared misconceptions in each chapter! The lessons that you provide makes physics come alive through real-life application/videos and day to day activities bring me one step closer and nearer to better understanding physics as a whole! Thank you for igniting my passion to like physics more after coming for your lesson! Thank you so much for all that you have done, from giving me advice and moral support to the additional guidance and support after class to the additional help you provide on whatsapp to answer my additional questions from school and workbooks! This journey wouldn’t have been as smooth sailing without your support!:) Closing Quotes

Crystal Teo, Anderson Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Thank you, Mr Daniel Yeo, for all your help in physics, always answering my queries be it in person or through text. You are a teacher that is very dedicated to helping students improve and excel in physics and you always motivate students to work harder and not give up. I still remember that time where you told me not to be saddened although I misread the physics practical question and that really help me better focus on my theory papers. I definitely could not have made it without your help. Thank you Mr yeo! Closing Quotes

Tang Ying Jie, Raffles Institution (2018)

Opening Quotes Mr Daniel Yeo is a very patient and meticulous teacher. His notes are clear and equipped with various examples which has allowed me to understand the various concepts. He also answers all the questions and doubts that i have had clearly, be it in class or through whatsapp which was very helpful in my revision in the months leading up to A levels. My physics also improved tremendously(: Definitely grateful for having met such a dedicated tutor! Closing Quotes

Teo Xi Min, Victoria Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Dear Mr Daniel Yeo, it has been an eventful journey with you for this 2-year course in Physics. Reflecting on the time spent with you, it was definitely well spent. You taught me how to write an answer that is easily understood and containing the theoretical concepts. Your advice on exam techniques proved invaluable in the exam room and I was able to save precious time for checking my work.

Because of the lessons, he has imparted to me, I have obtained A grade for A level Physics.

Thank you Mr Yeo! Closing Quotes

Joel Tan Chun Leong, St. Andrew’s Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Mr Daniel Yeo, in my mind is a charismatic teacher who is able to engage students well during lessons which makes physics much more interesting. At first, I had worries with regards to physics due to the fact that I took combined science in secondary school and I was taking h2 physics in jc. However, mr Yeo was there in every step of the way to guide me when I was unsure about certain concepts. In addition, he was also there to help me through online platforms when I had doubts after class. For this, I would like to thanks mr Yeo for everything he has done for me. Closing Quotes

Darren Wong, Tampines Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Mr Daniel Yeo is a caring and patient teacher, he always goes out of his way to teach us and really made me love physics even more. Because of him, I managed to improve from a E to an A. Thank You Mr Yeo. Closing Quotes

Lee Ee Cheer, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Thank you, Mr Daniel Yeo, for being such an amazing teacher. You are truly an inspiration, providing support and encouragement throughout the A level period, being so patient and understanding, always improving and finding the best way to teach us. I came to learners lodge to improve my physics grades, but I feel that I have come out with a lot more than just physics knowledge. You are truly a role model for me. Thank you for the past year!  Closing Quotes

Lam Chun Yu, Temasek Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes My physics grade jumped from an E to an A (A-Level) in 5 months time. I could not even believe it myself. I tried so many methods and worked so hard to improve my grades. I finished the 1000 MCQs in a month but that didn’t help as I could not figure out the confusions I had. I then turned to Mr. Daniel Yeo for help when I was halfway through JC2. I would practice Mr. Yeo’s materials and he is also very kind to answer all the questions I had. I didn’t even need my school’s notes anymore. I could just refer to Mr. Yeo’s materials and score an A. Mr. Yeo, thank you so much. You are the best Physics teacher I have ever had.   Closing Quotes

Michelle Kam, Victoria Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Mr Daniel Yeo makes each and every lesson engaging and teaches us various ways to approach Physics questions. I’m grateful for his patience when teaching and that it caters to the pace of every student, not leaving anyone behind. Thank you Mr Yeo for constantly encouraging me during lessons and the entire A Levels period. It definitely motivated me to do my best :) I really appreciate your efforts in guiding me throughout the year, even up till the days leading to A Levels. Your lessons and teaching have encouraged me to improve myself and I’m really glad to have joined your lessons!! Thank you so much :)   Closing Quotes

Wang Siyin, Dunman High School (2018)

Daniel Yeo Lee Jun Ming

Opening Quotes   I always look forward to Mr Yeo’s lessons. His lessons are interactive and interesting. He breaks down a complex topic into parts for us to understand and gives us adequate worksheets to polish our answering skills. Most importantly, Mr Yeo gave us important tips in securing marks in ‘A’ Level Physics paper.   Closing Quotes


Lee Jun Ming, Pioneer Junior College (2016)



Daniel Yeo Kendrew Chan

Opening Quotes   Mr. Yeo has been crucial in helping me to attain ‘A’ for Physics. Initially, I got a ‘U’ grade. After I joined his class, I had been steadily improving my Physics. He was encouraging, talked to me regularly and spent a lot of time to explain the complicated topics. When I did not understand an explanation, he would keep trying to explain to me in different ways until I understood the question. He is a patient and kind teacher. Thanks for helping me throughout my J2.   Closing Quotes


Kendrew Chan, Pioneer Junior College



Opening Quotes  Mr Daniel helped me a lot in knowing all the physics concepts. I see visible improvement in my school grades.Thanks for everything you’ve done so far!  Closing Quotes


Cheong Hao Shaun, National Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes  Thank you for being an encouraging and caring tutor! I admire your passion. Thank you for continuously motivating us to push for an A even though I joined with a goal of just wanting to pass. Thank you for your dedication, replying and answering our questions despite your busy schedule. I enjoy your lessons!  Closing Quotes


Chelsea, Temasek Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes  Thank you for your constant guidance as well as your encouraging words. Your words gave me the confidence to believe in myself and give myself another shot at physics. Your lessons never failed to push me on to strive for excellence. Once again, thank you very much. Closing Quotes


Goh Guan Hao, Serangoon Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Thanks for being friendly, encouraging & patient with the class throughout these few months that I’ve joined LL!! I think I have made small visible improvements and have become more confident in understanding Physics concepts!! Hope you will continue guiding many students after our batch so that they can reach their desired goals. Thank you!!  Closing Quotes


Shanel Han, Meridian Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes   Thank you for your guidance for the past two years! You made the harder topics of Physics seem simpler, and taught us all the essential concepts we needed! The weekly practices leading up to the A-levels were extremely helpful, especially the planning exercises! Thank you so much for helping me get straight As for school exams, and also A-levels!  Closing Quotes


Chua Huixian, Victoria Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Mr Daniel Yeo is a cheerful and very caring teacher who is able to make personalised teaching even in a group lesson. Having taught for many years his experience and encounters with many different kinds of students have helped hone his teaching abilities. Mr Yeo constantly updates himself with new A-levels content making him a truly A-level specialist. Mr Yeo is a very kind teacher who never resorts to scolding to maintain class order or get one to study. Instead, the quality of teaching and promise of better results motivates the student to listen attentively. Mr Yeo’s concise notes and ample practice has allowed me to survive school exams with ease even without listening in school lectures. He is an understanding teacher who can push a weak student to his greatest potential and a strong student to continue scoring. It was definitely a fun and essential learning experience which I will miss.    Closing Quotes


Andy Andikko, Hwa Chong Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes   Mr Yeo is a very proficient and superb physics teacher. He can explain and help me comprehend complex physics concepts. On top of that, he gives clear and concise notes and plenty of practices. The practice he gives covers a wide range of possible permutations of questions that may come out in the exam.

He is a very friendly, patient and understanding teacher, and is eager to clarify any doubts we have. I will recommend any friend who needs help in Physics to him.

Thank you for all the help you have rendered to me in the past 4 months.    Closing Quotes


Dylan Chuah, Temasek Junior College


Opening Quotes  Mr Yeo is a dedicated and sincere teacher who puts a keen effort in his explanation. His concise physics notes and effective drilling practices are just some of the areas I have benefited.   Closing Quotes


Natasha Tay, Anglo-Chinese Junior College


Opening Quotes  Mr Yeo has been very crucial in helping me to secure my A for Physics in the A levels. Joining his class with confused concepts that seemed daunting, he managed to make those concepts simple and clear! He’s also an easy going person and is always willing to help with questions over WhatsApp too!  Closing Quotes


Ernest, Anglo-Chinese Junior College


Opening Quotes  Thank you, Mr Yeo, for being a very dedicated and caring physics tutor! The worksheets and notes prepared were helpful, concise and useful in preparing us for the A-level examination!  Closing Quotes


Natalie, Raffles Institution


Opening Quotes  Mr Yeo is a very patient teacher with lots of humour involved in his teachings. His lessons are fascinating and concise to the point. My experience with him as a teacher was fantastic as he guided me along to understand complex concepts and even taking time off to answer my questions outside class. Thank you, Mr Yeo!!!  Closing Quotes


Tham Jay Shen, Meridian Junior College


Opening Quotes  Mr Yeo’s method of teaching and notes changed the way I approached physics ever since I joined his class. The use of simplified explanations and external resources to complement his existing notes proved to be extremely useful. He has helped me to improve my physics grades from a D to an A for the A Levels and I am very thankful for that. Thank you for your hard work and dedication, Mr Yeo!  Closing Quotes


Joshua Chow, Temasek Junior College


Opening Quotes Mr Daniel Yeo made Physics very interesting as his lessons are very interactive and he always links Physics to real-world applications and scenarios. A dedicated teacher, Mr Yeo often offers his help to clear our doubts even after lessons and motivates us to continue to work hard. His chapter summaries and SPA worksheets have particularly been useful in helping us to consolidate what we have learnt and better prepare us for exams and the A levels. Thank you, Mr Yeo! Thank you for always being so patient and understanding, you have made me passionate about Physics!  Closing Quotes


Bao Yi, Hwa Chong Institution


Opening Quotes  Thanks for teaching me physics all these while and I got an A!!!

Experience is the best teacher and Mr Yeo has the experience! Mr Yeo is a teacher proficient in his teaching pedagogies. He can cater to the needs of different students as well as engage the class. The notes he prepares are concise, clear, and consists of relevant diagrams to aid our understanding. His meticulous and patient personality ensures that even the smallest details are not short-changed. He takes the effort to make sure the concept is understood well by everyone. Mr Yeo includes relevant examples and information outside of the syllabus to provide us with an in-depth knowledge of the subject.    Closing Quotes


Jonathon Yee, River Valley High School


Opening Quotes  I have disliked Physics since the beginning of JC1 because of how much I couldn’t understand and grasp the subject. However, I started joining Mr Yeo’s Physics tuition in June when I signed up for the holiday crash course. I later joined Mr Yeo’s weekly tuition. I found the lessons very useful because of Mr Yeo’s clear explanation and engaging lessons. His concise summary also helped me a lot in understanding and remembering the main points. Mr Yeo was a very patient teacher who wouldn’t mind explaining the concepts again and again so that we would understand. He would even stay back after class when we needed further clarification.

I was able to put in my best effort for Physics with the help of Mr Yeo. He indeed is a very passionate and wonderful Physics teacher.    Closing Quotes


Wan Pei, Pioneer Junior College


Opening Quotes  I have never understood physics and its basic concepts during the first few months of JC1 until I went to Mr Yeo’s physics tuition. Mr Yeo is a very dedicated physics teacher who is willing to teach his students and made sure we understood the true essence of physics. The way he explains is fascinating and fun, he will crack jokes and tell stories once in a while and the time spent on reviewing the chapter’s overview was short but enough to capture the concepts which I found it very useful. He gives us valuable tips on Cambridge mark scheme and what they are looking for by his years of experience. After attending almost 1 and a half years of his class, I felt I have gained a lot and finally understood the basic concepts of physics. Mr Yeo is a very approachable teacher, and I have benefited from him. He is one of the best and most passionate teachers I have come across.
Thank You, Mr Yeo!   
Closing Quotes


Raeann Tan, Catholic Junior College


Opening Quotes  Mr Yeo is one of the most passionate teachers I have ever come across. With his many years of experience as a Physics teacher, his passion for teaching always seems to be growing. He is patient and very detailed when conducting his lessons. In class, he would input exciting application of physics concept making it more relatable for us to understand. It has certainly sparked my interest in physics in the real world.

Mr Yeo prepares his notes and revises them to make sure they are up to date on the syllabus and apt for examinations. Summary notes are provided to allow fast recap before exams and ensure all key points are addressed.

Besides imparting knowledge, Mr Yeo has also played the role as a pillar of support to all his students. He would inject confidence in you; encourage you to break your limit slowly but surely guiding us to our goal. He gives valuable assessment base on your class and school performance and ways to improve after that.

A good teacher can inspire hope, ignite the imagination, and instil a love of learning. Mr Yeo is more than a good teacher.    Closing Quotes


Rachael Chua, Meridian Junior College


Opening Quotes  I joined Mr Yeo’s JC Physics tuition class about six months before the A-level examinations; his lessons revolve mainly around practice questions, which are very helpful. Also, he encourages us to share our misconceptions and weaknesses with the class before clarifying them; this allowed me to learn what mistakes people tend to make and learn from them as well.

Mr Yeo made H2 Physics very interesting as he always linked concepts to real-world applications which are not seen in school notes. More importantly, like all good teachers, Mr Yeo has a great passion for physics, which influenced me to like it as well. The lesson pace is also very suited for all students as he would help the weaker students and push the stronger ones to improve further. His commitment to teaching also shows when he stays back after each lesson to listen to our questions.

He helped me in this subject by imparting both his knowledge and passion for physics to me. Thank you, Mr Yeo!    Closing Quotes


Eric Fok, River Valley High School


Opening Quotes  Mr Daniel Yeo is an incredibly committed teacher whose has a great passion for Physics. He is a teacher who can relate well to his students, therefore allowing me to feel at ease to ask questions, no matter how simple they were. His lessons are well planned and engaging and he can help students who learn at a slower pace too.

Before attending Mr Yeo’s lessons, I studied physics by memorising formulas and by doing many practices. However, he taught me the importance of understanding the concepts and learning to apply them to different questions. His teaching has helped me improve tremendously from struggling to pass in school to an ‘A’ at A Levels.

I am fortunate to have had Mr Yeo as my tutor and he is very encouraging and inspires us to do something we truly enjoy in future. Thank you, Mr Yeo!    Closing Quotes


Lee Ying Ting, Hwa Chong Institution


Opening Quotes  Mr Daniel Yeo is one of the best teachers I have known. He is a very dedicated and experienced teacher, who often stays behind after class to explain the tough physics concepts to me. Before joining Mr Yeo’s class, I was confused with the complex concepts and ideas behind those topics taught in H2 Physics. Mr Yeo can break down these complicated concepts and explain them in a simplified manner which makes learning Physics much easier and less arduous.

Mr Daniel Yeo is a dedicated teacher who does not hesitate to stay behind after every lesson to explain the Physics concepts behind every equation and Physics law. As a slow learner, I appreciate his help and dedication. He takes great care to answer our every doubt in detail and does not mind explaining specific concepts over and over again until we understood everything.

I found his summarised notes extremely helpful, with all the essential concepts, equations and definitions neatly presented in bite-sized pieces which is much easier to digest. They come in handy before major tests and examinations where time is of the essence, making my learning journey much more enjoyable.

My Physics journey is akin to a marathon, and Mr Daniel Yeo served as a great coach, helping me up when I fall, cheering me on when I needed them most, and assisting me to overcome any hurdles that I faced. I am thankful to have him as my Physics tutor, who is an exceptional teacher and an excellent mentor.    Closing Quotes


Jonathon Phua, Hwa Chong Institution


Opening Quotes  Physics has always been an elusive subject for me. Contrary to popular opinion where “you just got to understand how it works and everything will just flow from there”, my two year H2 physics journey has honestly proven otherwise. Up till my promotional exams in J1, I still did not know precisely what was going on in class. Every single time I tried to apply the concepts taught after an intensive self-study session or sitting through a lecture with my ears pricked up, I would ALWAYS end up at this point where the answer to the question defies my train of thought. Disappointment ensues, and the interest in physics dwindles with my self-confidence. They say reward correlates with the amount of effort put in, but to me, it has never been that way.

Physics has completed defeated me. I loathed every single bit of it. I even considered retaining so that I could change my subject combination. Because to me, hard work never pays off on this subject. If you were to tell me that I would eventually come to score an A in the A-Levels, in no way would I have believed you. I have never gotten anywhere above a ‘D’, let alone a distinction. Desperate, I consulted this “super physics tutor” who swears by his “condensed yet concise notes”, “step-by-step teaching methods” and more importantly a “93% distinction”. Surprisingly, it did not work for me AT ALL. To each his own, I suppose. His methods aren’t as useful for people like me who require explaining-all-over-again whenever there is a lapse in my application, nor do his one-page summaries which were supposed to prompt a jolt in memory and bring the student back to the concepts taught in the tuition class. I hit rock-bottom when after six months of tuition I still could not sit through a test without doubting every single answer I wrote after preparing so hard. Of course, I failed them all. I left the centre after promos.

Miraculously, I managed to promote. In J2, a while after school re-opened, a close friend of mine introduced me to Mr Yeo, citing him for his tremendous patience and exuberance. I joined, NEVER to expect the change this teacher was about to bring to my life. You see, at that time, my self-confidence was in shambles; so is my attitude towards learning physics. I still remember the fateful Wednesday evening when I first met him. He walked into the classroom, greeted me and asked about my results. I told him that I honestly did not think it will get any better and I will just resign to fate. He laughed, said to me that everything will be fine and that he is always there whenever I need help.

He is so much more than someone whose duty is to explain theories to a bunch of eager-eyed students and making sure they internalise them. What sets him apart from the rest is that he genuinely cares about the well-being of every student. He was always there when I needed help. He believed in me when I all I could do was to doubt myself. He took the time to care, and not only that; he made sure that I KNEW he cared. Not only was he good at teaching and explaining physics (not to mention his all-rounded comprehensive notes), he was good at the personality he reflected – inspiring, motivated, passionate. That, honestly, made all the difference.

I hate to sound all cheesy and corny, but I would not be where I am now if not for Mr Daniel Yeo. They say whenever God shuts a door, somewhere he opens another window. For me, god closed ALL the doors and left a window open which I am so tremendously lucky to have chanced upon during the darkest hours of my JC life. Thank you, Mr Yeo, not only for the ‘A’, but more importantly for what you have inspired me as a person. You will always remain my role model.    Closing Quotes


Sandy, Anglo-Chinese Junior College