Mr. David Wong

Mr David Wong graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Science degree with Honours in Materials Science. He was awarded the MOE teaching award and his specialized teaching subjects are Chemistry and English. He served as a subject teacher of Chemistry in Saint Andrew’s Junior College from Jun 2003 to Dec 2008. He is a creative teacher who can capture the attention of his students by using different pedagogies to explain difficult concepts. He cares deeply about the academic performance of his students and will stay back till late in the evening to provide consultations on H1, H2 and H3 Chemistry for them. In co-curricular activities, he had shown outstanding leadership in the Student Council and Scholarships Committee. He was involved in organising major events such as the college’s Open House and Teacher’s Day celebrations. He was in charge of the 120 scholars in the college. They come from the ASEAN nations, China and India. The work done by David and his committee was well-recognized by the college. They won the Outstanding Contribution (Team) College award in 2006. The scholarships section in MOE has provided the Permanent Secretary with anecdotal evidence of this committee’s work and this has been mentioned in her speech at Tea for Teacher-Mentors (March 2006).

Subsequently, David was offered an international school teaching position in the British Section of Taipei European School in Jan 2010. He was the leading Chemistry teacher who taught Higher and Standard Level Chemistry at International Baccalaureate (IB) level. He has attended several IB chemistry conferences in the region. He is trained in marking chemistry examinations, practicals and coursework and has supervised numerous chemistry Olympiad projects. As a form tutor to senior high school students of many years, David has organised various chemistry remedial and workshops to help prepare his potential pre-medical students for example on how to create their portfolios, how to search for universities and courses and interview techniques. His concern for these students is evident in that he coaches them for Ox-bridge interviews and even give them pointers on grooming before they appear before the interview board. Many of his students have successfully entered universities such as Imperial, UCL, LSE in the UK and Ivy League colleges in the US.

After spending five years abroad, David has decided to return to Singapore to spend quality time with his family in 2015. He has joined Learners’ Lodge and is looking forward to sharing his knowledge of A-level and IB Chemistry with the students under his pastoral care.



Opening Quotes I would like to thank Mr David Wong for always assisting me. He plans his lessons well and is always willing to stay back and help us out with any questions we have way beyond lesson time. I have learned a lot from him from my 6 months under his guidance. Thank you Mr Wong!  Closing Quotes

William Lee, Eunoia Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Mr David Wong is a seriously legend teacher who not only teaches well but also constantly makes the effort to interact with his students and care about how they are doing. He even sends us handwritten cards! Chemistry used to be my hardest subject but after enrolling in his class in J2, I improved tremendously in the subject. By A levels, Chemistry turned out to become one of the easiest subjects I was dealing with. From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much Mr Wong!  Closing Quotes

Shen Zehua, Hwa Chong Institution (2018)

Opening Quotes Started out chemistry tuition just to improve my grades through more drilling but Mr David Wong actually made me enjoy learning chemistry. At first I thought that chemistry was my weakest subject as I really just don’t understand anything, from physical chem to organic chem, I was just blindly memorising information from my school notes as I dreaded chemistry. But after starting my weekly lessons with Mr David, he really encouraged me to do my best, he stayed back after 9.30 on some days to clear my doubts which he didn’t have to but I am super grateful. From a U grade back in early J2 where he would laugh it off and say that I can achieve better than that which at that point I wouldn’t believe it, to a B grade in A Levels, I really have to thank Mr David for his guidance and teaching, making learning chemistry a much less painful but more enjoyable process. #fistbump :)  Closing Quotes

Leroy Ong, Eunoia Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Was really depressed after receiving D for my Chemistry on my 1st try for A’levels. Decided to try out tuition just so i feel more equipped, turns out i had more takeaways than i expected. Mr David Wong brought a whole new experience for me in learning Chemistry. I look forward to every lesson because he was dedicated, hardworking and makes sure we get the most out of the tuition feed we paid. He was very encouraging and always tries to keep up with our mental well-being too. I was truly inspired by him and that made me work even harder. Thank you so much Mr Wong if you see this! I can never feel more thankful to have came across a teacher like you!! 😭🤗  Closing Quotes

Zheng Jingjing, Private Candidate (2018)

Opening Quotes Thank you Mr David Wong for your clear and easy to understand explanations, notes and worksheets. Youve made learning and doing chemistry easier and more enjoyable which helped me improve greatly from an S to an A in A levels. So I am very grateful to have you as my teacher, thank you again!  Closing Quotes

Adelina Ho, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2018)