Mr. Gilbert Lee

Mr Gilbert Lee graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Arts degree with Merit in Economics and a Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours in Economics. He also set the record for being the first undergraduate in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences to complete his Bachelor of Arts degree in two years. He was also awarded the Paul Sherwood Memorial Book Prize for being the best candidate in Economics in 1995/96. He then obtained his Master of Science degree at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) in the United Kingdom.

Upon graduation, he served at the National University of Singapore’s Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences as a Senior Tutor, teaching undergraduate courses from first year to third year, as well as serving as external marker for a Masters’ thesis from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU). However, he discovered that his passion lie in teaching high school students because it gave him an avenue to develop the students’ character that the limited contact time at university prevented. As such, he left the university, giving up a full scholarship to pursue a Doctoral degree at the University of California at Berkeley.

Since then Mr Lee joined the Ministry of Education. Having received his Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education (NIE), he served nine years at the National Junior College (NJC) where he taught H1, H2 and H3 Economics. During his service at NJC, Mr Lee was awarded numerous accolades including the Caring Teacher Award, the College Values Award for Scholarship with Creativity, as well as the Nanyang Technological University’s Certificate of Honour, presented by President S.R. Nathan, for inspirational mentorship of his student, Benny Quek, to academic excellence.

After almost a decade of service at NJC, Mr Lee was recruited by Dunman High School (DHS) to develop the instructional programme for Economics at the newly established Senior High section of DHS. In the capacity of Subject Head, Mr Lee led and trained the team of Economics teachers to deliver a very strong programme at DHS. In his brief year and a half, Mr Lee was awarded the Most Innovative Teaching Award, and was nominated as DHS’ entry for the President’s Award for Teachers in 2009. Many of his former students have graduated from or are studying at top universities internationally including the Harvard University, University of Chicago, Stanford University, LSE, Cambridge University, University of Warwick, and all the three local universities. Most of them are reading Economics.

Since 2010, Mr Lee has joined Learners’ Lodge Education Centre as a full time staff, serving as Senior Education Specialist, teaching Economics classes at both JC1 and JC2 levels. He also served part-time as a supervisor for NIE trainee Economics teachers during their practicum.

Mr Lee had also published a book in 2010, together with Associate Professor Anthony Chin, entitled “Getting it Right: A Case Study Guide for GCE ‘A’ Level Economics”. In 2011, Mr Lee published a new book entitled “A comprehensive guide to writing economics essay”. It is designed to provide economics students with an easy to use framework to develop essay writing skills needed to ace the essay paper.

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Mr Gilbert Lee and Ethan Tan  Opening Quotes Mr Gilbert Lee has made an indelible mark on my journey, not only in Economics which is the subject he taught but also in my two years in Junior College and most strikingly, my journey as a person. Mr Lee has not only been able to impart economics knowledge and skills in a fun, engaging and effective manner but also has been able to weave in other multifaceted knowledge into the subject that has been able to help me appreciate economics in the world around me much more vividly. Mr Lee’s lessons have been nothing short of a joy to attend and I am truly grateful for all the help he has given to me along the way. After my two years of studying under him, I can proudly say that I have matured into a more critical and effective learner, not only in the field of economics but in every facet of my life. Thank you once again, Mr Lee  Closing Quotes

Tan Yan Shan Ethan, Eunoia Junior College (2021)

 Opening Quotes Mr Gilbert Lee’s passion for economics has greatly helped me have the love for econs and want to excel even higher. His fun lessons and way of teaching has instilled the drive for econs in the past 2 years that I’m very grateful for.   Closing Quotes

Kayla Chan Hsing, Catholic Junior College (2021)

 Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Gilbert Lee for supporting me in my academic journey for H2 Econs and allowing me to eventually do well for the ‘A’ Levels! I still remember in J1 when I was unable to understand anything during the school lectures and that was why I decided to come to tuition. The notes and explanations by Mr Lee really helped me to understand what was required for the syllabus and how to improve my essays. Thank you also for the constant encouragement also that motivated me to continue to work hard in Economics even though I was not scoring too well in school. Most importantly, attending Mr Lee’s lessons was inspiring and eye-opening as he applied Economics to real-life stories and would often share his opinions with us which was what I enjoyed most about the lessons and made me look forward to attending them. Thank you Mr Lee for the past 2 years! Closing Quotes

Tan Wan Rong, Dunman High School (2021)

 Opening Quotes Mr Gilbert Lee is one of the most passionate teachers out there who is genuine in caring for his students beyond imparting knowledge. Through his lessons, not only was I able to pick up Economic concepts quickly, I left with invaluable life lessons that I will remember for life. Mr Lee’s passion for Economics will follow me for life as I pursue this in University!  Closing Quotes

Diane Teo Min Xuan, Dunman High School (2021)

 Opening Quotes Mr Gilbert Lee is an inspiring teacher who has a clear passion for economics and spreads it to his students through interesting stories and contextual knowledge about the subject. He teaches students meticulously and is kind in providing consult sessions and providing help when necessary. Thank you Mr Lee! Closing Quotes

Goh Song Rui Joel, Hwa Chong Institution (2021)

 Opening Quotes Immensely grateful for Mr Gilbert Lee! He gives really useful tips on tackling essay questions and highlights what is expected of an A essay. I’m very glad to have joined his class and bagged the A! He also gives life lessons intermittently during lessons which have been extremely helpful in my JC journey. Thank you so much Mr Lee!  Closing Quotes

Chia Wan Ting Jolene, Eunoia Junior College (2021)

 Opening Quotes Before attending lessons in Mr Gilbert Lee’s class, I found it very daunting and difficult to study for H2 Economics. I often found myself falling behind and being confused in school lessons and fared poorly in school tests. Thankfully, with Mr Lee, he was able to impart vital skills like question analysis as well as essay structure outlines which were a great help for me to learn how to approach both essays and case study questions. He also made lessons more engaging by applying Economic concepts to real-world situations, which made me look forward to lessons each week! I was also able to clarify any doubts that I may have on the spot, allowing me to have a fruitful learning experience. The lessons with Mr Lee really provided me with the confidence and skills that I needed to tackle the subject. Thank you Learner’s Lodge and Mr Lee for the help and guidance in the past 2 years! :) Closing Quotes

Kevan Chng, Dunman High School (2021)

 Opening Quotes Thanks Mr Gilbert Lee for all your help in Economics! Though it was the subject I struggled most with, I’m very grateful to have been able to pull through with your support and guidance. Closing Quotes

Angelina Ng, Hwa Chong Institution (2021)

 Opening Quotes Mr Gilbert Lee is truly an impactful teacher who goes above and beyond during his lessons, giving us context to fully understand key economic concepts, ensuring that we know what we are learning and not just mugging for the sake of As. This helped me strengthen my fundamentals and I am thankful for having been taught by him. Closing Quotes

Selvaraj Vijayaragavan, Raffles Institution (2021)

 Opening QuotesHi Mr Gilbert Lee,

I only joined ur class 1-2 months prior to A Level and was then desperate for a way to pull up my Econs grade that was plummeting since the start of j2. Your class and teaching method were not only interactive but also allowed me to stay engaged and kept my mind active. Although it was a short journey, I enjoyed every session of it and your guidance and encouragement have definitely allowed me to get the A grade in A’s. I can’t thank you enough Mr Lee!! You rock!! Keep up your amazing sense of humour!  Closing Quotes

Samantha Ha Thi Thu Huong, Tampines Meridian Junior College (2021)

 Opening QuotesDespite joining learners’ lodge one year later than most people, I was able to catch up with the class quickly as Mr Gilbert Lee and Mr Damian Chee were both very patient in guiding me during the lesson. I’m super grateful to Mr Lee for staying back with the class (sometimes even extending lessons by an hour), to explain concepts in detail, as well as offering free consultations! :)) I also really appreciate Mr Chee’s step-by-step explanations as well as his summary notes!!

Thank you, teachers 🥰  Closing Quotes

Claire Teo, Dunman High School (2021)

 Opening Quotes I joined Mr Gilbert Lee’s class in July 2021, with just a few months left till A Levels, with a U average in all my exams till that point. His no frills, simple lessons enabled me to finally grasp the answering techniques that eluded me for my whole JC life. As long as you follow his instructions to the letter and grasp the main idea of what he’s saying, answering econs questions becomes so much easier. So from the bottom of my heart, thank you Mr Lee for being the reason my grades jumped from U to A.  Closing Quotes

Zan Wa Ti, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2021)

 Opening QuotesHello Mr Gilbert Lee! Thank you so much for the past 1+ years of guidance and support. H2 Economics used to be a dreaded subject for me but it soon became my favourite subject after joining tuition. Thank you for making such a daunting subject so enjoyable to learn, and for breaking down complex concepts into digestible terms! Thank you for also entertaining (and encouraging) questions in class that make lessons lively and never boring :-) I am thankful for a teacher who genuinely believes in helping each student improve by inspiring us to appreciate the subject beyond the textbook :)  Closing Quotes

Jemma Cheah Li Wen, Dunman High School (2021)

 Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Gilbert Lee for helping to go through all the concepts for macro and micro econs so clearly and for teaching us how to properly structure our essays and paragraphs. The method thought to identifying the question type before using a specific structure was useful and the going through of essay questions was really helpful throughout my journey. The materials provided were also really sufficient and succinct and even though there were online lessons it was still engaging and easy to follow.  Closing Quotes

Lim Lishan, Dunman High School (2021)

 Opening Quotes Confident, efficient and knowledgeable – these describe Mr Gilbert Lee especially well when he delivers his lessons. His clear explanations of Economic concepts more than compensate for the occasional lacklustre lecturing in school. In fact, it is quite amusing to see him point out conceptual errors present even in our own school’s teaching. On a separate note, his imparting of essay skills such as essay structures and writing techniques have allowed me an edge over my peers (discounting the large number of DHS students who attend his lessons), and have allowed for a noticeable improvement in my grades (though unfair marking has certainly pulled its stature down). Seeing that my teaching of these skills to a friend of mine has pulled his grades from a fail to an A, these essay skills have certainly been proven to work – provided one is willing to learn.  Closing Quotes

Isaiah Seck Jia Le, Dunman High School (2021)

 Opening Quotes Hi Mr Gilbert Lee!
Thank you for spreading your love for economics to us, and for helping us to also view economics as an integral subject that greatly impacts our lives, instead of just an examinable subject. I appreciate the clear and structured manner in which you teach H2 Econs (e.g. your summaries of key concepts and ways of approaching questions), and your pep talks and encouragement before examinations. You certainly played an important role in helping me achieve an A in economics.
All the best for your future endeavours!
  Closing Quotes

Ng Yuen Ning, Dunman High School (2021)

Mr Gilbert Lee and Cao Yixuan  Opening Quotes Hi Mr Gilbert Lee! Thank you so much for being such a wonderful teacher! I really love your lessons because I can always gain valuable takeaways, be it about economics or life lessons in general. Thanks to your teachings, I was able to receive excellent results for my A-Level economics, and I discovered my passion in the subject. Wish you all the best in the future! Thank you so much!   Closing Quotes

Cao Yixuan, Dunman High School (2020)



 Opening Quotes Dear Mr Gilbert Lee,
Hello Mr Lee! this is literally 2 hours after receiving my a-level results, but i just wanted to say a very big thank you for the past 2 years of econs lessons.. i really, truly believe that without you, i wouldn’t have gotten my desired econs grade :’) initially, before receiving my results i was really scared that it wouldn’t be up to my expectations, especially because this year is so unexpected with CLT etc., but it turned out the way I had hoped for it to.. thank you x1000 for everything, will see you soon!   Closing Quotes

Wang Heqing, Dunman High School (2020)

 Opening Quotes Thanks to Mr Gilbert Lee, my econs got pulled up from a U to an A! Mr Lee’s class really made me enjoy learning and understand econs very well. Lessons are engaging and fun, his notes are extremely useful too. Not only that, Mr Lee also always try to answer students questions and explain every content to his best ability, which makes me learn how to be accurate and precise in my own essays as well. Wouldnt have gotten an A fr econs if I didn’t sign up for his class ><   Closing Quotes

Wileen Chua Wee Leng, Dunman High School (2020)

Opening Quotes Mr Gilbert Lee is a very passionate, knowledgeable and amazing teacher. He understands the content really well and always highlights the important points for us to take note of. Under his teaching, econs starts to make more sense and I was able to grasp the key points and learn how to tackle different questions.
Thank you Mr Lee!!   Closing Quotes

Fiona Li Bing Qing, Raffles Institution (2020)

Mr Gilbert Lee and Lu Dong Yue  Opening Quotes Mr Gilbert Lee’s lessons are ever so interesting and informative, making it such enjoyment to learn Economics from him. I will go for his lessons feeling excited and come out accomplished. Concepts taught are seamlessly applied to a real-world context, and Economics as a subject appear so much less daunting and manageable. Thanks to the correct learning method and exam techniques taught by Mr Lee, my Economics improved from an S in JC1 to A in A levels. Thank you Learner’s Lodge and Mr Lee!   Closing Quotes

Lu Dong Yue, Dunman High School (2019)


 Opening Quotes Mr Gilbert Lee is a really passionate teacher and to me he is more like a form teacher than a tuition teacher. He cared for his students’ well-being and characters, not just the results. Despite his busy schedule, he is still willing to make time for 1-1 consultation whenever we need it and more than often he makes sure that we are learning and not simply memorising the contents, which makes learning economics a lot more enjoyable. Thank you, Mr Lee!   Closing Quotes

Chien Hung Yeh, Dunman High School (2019)


Mr Gilbert Lee and Clarice Liu  Opening Quotes Mr Gilbert Lee truly showed me what a passionate teacher is like, and he allowed me to study economics as something that is relatable and easily understandable, rather than just a theory. I really appreciate all the extra time and effort he put in for us, and also always going to extra mile to help us understand every possible aspect. Thank you for not only allowing my economics to attain an A at Alevels, but also to appreciate economics as something far beyond a theoretical subject!   Closing Quotes


Clarice Liu, Nanyang Junior College (2018)


Mr Gilbert Lee and Natalie KohOpening Quotes Exactly a year ago, I was struggling to stay afloat with my poor with Econs grades. From J1, I had never gone beyond a U grade in any of my major exams in school. Similar to every other student in the same situation, I began to have extremely low confidence in my ability to grasp the subject and dreaded studying for it. At that point, my decision to join Learner’s Lodge was honestly one of the best decisions I made in JC. Thankfully, Mr Lee made me see the relevance of Econs beyond the A-Levels. His lessons were always engaging and the anecdotes he gave allowed me to realise the importance of Econs in our daily lives and how we have been using it unconsciously. Mr Lee is truthfully the most passionate and dedicated tuition teacher I’ve been in my life. His willingness to share his knowledge, experience and wisdom beyond the subject to make us better people really inspired me. I am so grateful for his willingness to sacrifice his personal time to accommodate my numerous consultations and queries through whatsapp. Thank you, Mr Gilbert Lee, I couldn’t have done it without your constant guidance, support and belief in me.  Closing Quotes

Natalie Koh, Eunoia Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Thank you, Mr Gilbert Lee, for always being very passionate and taking your time to clear my doubts. Your detailed lessons and one-to-one consults have really helped me to understand economics much better and learn more than what our school has taught. Also, thanks for showing how interesting economics as a subject can be! Closing Quotes

Tan Dewei, Raffles Institution (2018)


Opening Quotes Mr Gilbert Lee is not your usual Econs tutor. He really puts in the extra effort to ensure that his students not only do well for their exams, but also to fully understand the concepts and develop a strong interest for the subject. He dedicates even his personal time to helping his students whenever they require assistance, be it through text or consultations. With his mentoring, I was able to perform better than expected for my A levels, and learnt a great deal more than just “Econs” from Mr Lee. Closing Quotes

Joash Ng, Raffles Institution (2018)


Opening Quotes Thank you so much for your never-ending patience in helping me to understand the concepts (from the foundation to all the way through) and always motivating us, right up until the end. I’ve learnt so much from your classroom – not just an extensive amount of economics knowledge, but you’ve taught us so much about life as well, and have really shaped how I view things now. Thank you so much! ☻ Closing Quotes

Nurdina Aliyah, Temasek Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Thanks Mr Gilbert Lee for making my A in Econs possible! The skills you taught us in class were really invaluable, and I feel that these skills are useful in so many situations. But above all that, I feel that you were more than just an Econs teacher. You taught us numerous life lessons as well, encouraging us to look past our failures and teaching us life skills that will stay with us forever. So thanks Mr Lee, for not just being an amazing Econs teacher, but for being such a caring, knowledgable and wonderful person! Closing Quotes

Samuel Lim, Raffles Institution (2018)


Opening Quotes To be constantly pondering over concepts and not taking them at face value, Mr Gilbert Lee engages students in lessons and forces us to be active learners. His breadth of knowledge and understanding sparked my interest in the subject and left me wanting to know more. Beyond content mastery, the exam skills he teaches guides his students down an easy path for exams.

Mr Lee treats his students as unique individuals and is dedicated to getting the best out of each of us. His many life lessons in class have stayed as guiding principles for me. More than anything, he taught me to believe in myself and I am grateful to him for building me academically and socially. Closing Quotes

Corliss Lim Zi Hwee, Dunman High School (2018)


Opening Quotes I’d say something about Mr Gilbert Lee’s ability to teach econs, but his reputation speaks for itself. In my opinion, however, my greatest takeaway from his class isn’t the A for econs on my cert. It’s the life lessons and insights Mr Lee shared, which enabled me to find joy in learning for the sake of learning, rather than just to take an exam. While I’ll probably forget most of what i learned in his classes, I believe I’ll never forget the lessons he taught me; and that’s what teaching is really about, isn’t it? Closing Quotes

Pierre Russell Ho Jun, Meridian Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Mr Gilbert Lee is honestly one of the most intellectual teachers I have come across so far. Having majored in economics and history, he is a well-learned man that is able to fluently and articulately convey himself to his students, as well as possessing a sense of humor that makes classes more lively. He teaches out of a genuine passion to educate his students and encourages the asking of questions, which aids in clarifying doubts. Additionally, he goes beyond his job scope by offering himself on whatsapp to answer questions and clarify concepts, which is honestly very admirable. Teaching is a calling and not everyone can teach, but Mr Lee is definitely one such individual who is very well suited to take up this calling. Closing Quotes

Lee Keeron, Raffles Institution (2018)


Opening Quotes An experienced, confident teacher is the best support a student can receive in the journey of taking the A Levels. Mr Gilbert Lee has managed to make Economics fun to learn through challenging traditional ideas, maintaining the academic rigour while not making the subject dry nor foreboding. Being under his guidance was definitely a key to achieving academic excellence in Econs, but more importantly, learning how to question status quo and understand an issue from all facets was a key takeaway that extended beyond even the subject itself and have helped many of us excel. Closing Quotes

Lee Yi Shan, Dunman High School (2018)


Opening Quotes Thank you, Mr Gilbert Lee, for always encouraging us to have an open and curious mind towards the world around us. His lessons and stories were often eye-opening and really helped to spark an interest in Econs above and beyond the syllabus. His wealth of experience and knowledge, as well as his ability to convey lessons in a clear and interesting manner, made learning the subject enjoyable. Under his guidance, we were prepared to confidently face the A level exams with the needed rigour in knowledge and skills, helping us to excel.Closing Quotes

Shermaine Yeo Jie Rui, Dunman High School (2018)


Opening Quotes Mr Gilbert Lee is an inspiring individual who always makes class fun and interesting. His lessons are never dull and besides teaching economics well, he imparts many important life values which benefit his students. Closing Quotes

Tien Yu, Raffles Institution (2018)


Gilbert Lee Yei TengOpening Quotes   I entered JC highly unconfident about econs as humanities have always been my worst subjects. Not only have Mr Gilbert Lee’s lessons made econs content and skills easy to understand, he has also sparked my interest in the subject, leaving me looking forward to every lesson.   Closing Quotes


Yei Teng, Raffles Junior College (2018)



Gilbert and Kelvina


Opening Quotes   Thank you for being an amazing teacher, for guiding me through H2 econs with the history of econs and making me fall in love with this subject. My passion for economics has grown through your teaching and I’m so thankful for your help and guidance. Thank you, Mr Gilbert Lee.   Closing Quotes


Kelvina Nga, Serangoon Junior College (2017)


Gilbert and Geryl

Opening Quotes   Thank you, Mr Gilbert Lee, for making such a big difference in my JC Journey. You not only taught me Economics, but you have also taught me how to love Economics. The life lessons you taught have gone way beyond what a tuition teacher would teach and I’m glad to say I’ve found Learners Lodge.  Closing Quotes


Geryl Tan, St Andrew’s Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes   Mr Lee never fails to make his lessons engaging and his exam skills lessons are particularly helpful. The most valuable lesson is perhaps how he teaches us to see Economics as more than just an academic subject but as a part of our daily life.   Closing Quotes


Neo Wei Jie, Raffles Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes  Mr Gilbert Lee conducts his lessons in a way that cultivates interest in the subject and allows students to not only know but understand the content. He makes sure that his students know beyond the A-level syllabus so that we have a more holistic understanding of a concept. Besides content, he also focuses on exam skills and techniques. Most importantly, he teaches his students important life lessons & guides them to open their minds to thinking beyond examinations. Thank you, Mr Lee, for having such a huge impact on my JC journey.   Closing Quotes


Ashton Tan, Raffles Institution (2017)


Opening Quotes  Before I went to learners lodge, I had never scored more than a D for Econs in my whole JC life. Mr Gilbert Lee helped me with his excellent teaching. He is patient, precise, straight to the point and never failed to mark my Econs essays every week. Thank you so much, Mr Lee. I got my ‘A’ for Econs because of your teaching!    Closing Quotes


Tay Rui Lin, National Junior College


Opening Quotes  Thank you for making econs so much more enjoyable and exciting than I ever thought it could be. Your genuine passion for teaching shines through and makes coming for lessons a real joy. Thank you so much again and I hope I can do you proud at As!   Closing Quotes


Ganesh Gunasekeran, Raffles Junior College


Opening Quotes  Mr Lee is very well-known in the entire econs tuition industry, and he deserves every single hype he receives. Every lesson of his is not only educational and encouraging but also inspiring. He doesn’t give up on any student and continues to encourage even the weakest student, like me. I am thankful for his all his encouragement and glad to have found a fantastic teacher like him!   Closing Quotes


Carissa Marie, Catholic Junior College


Opening Quotes  Under Mr Lee’s two years of teaching, I have gained a tremendous amount – not just in knowledge of economics but also as a person. You have guided my growth into an inquisitive and mature thinker and directed my path towards academic excellence and discipline. Your opinions and guidance of me have helped make me a better person and for that, I thank you.   Closing Quotes


Charles Kee, Anderson Junior College


Opening Quotes  Mr Lee is a compassionate JC Economics teacher who not only focuses on imparting knowledge to students but also attends to their emotional problems. Mr Lee was always receptive to advise and he worked very hard and never faltered in his efforts to improve his knowledge and teaching methods in JC Economics. Apart from that, Mr Lee always provides alternative viewpoints in discussions to educate his students to be more flexible in their thinking process. Moreover, the constant discussions in his classroom help ensure a lively platform for learning.      Closing Quotes


Chow Jiehui, Hwa Chong Institution