Mr. Harry Tiew

Mr Harry Tiew graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Arts degree with Merit, majoring in both Economics and Information & Communications Management. In the following year, he was awarded a Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours (2nd Upper) degree in Economics from NUS. He was also a student of the Chinese High School and Raffles Junior College.

After his undergraduate studies, Mr Tiew served one year of contract teaching in National Junior College where he confirmed his passion and talent for teaching and he went on to teacher training in the National Institute of Education (NIE). His flair for teaching was further affirmed by his NIE supervisor and School Cooperating Tutor when they awarded him a distinction grade for his practicum in Jurong Junior College.

Upon graduating from the NIE with a postgraduate diploma in Education, Mr Tiew returned to National Junior College where he was awarded the Most Innovative Teacher Award in 2005 after being nominated by his students for using creative and innovative teaching method, and for encouraging critical thought during lessons. In 2006, he also shared his teaching practices with parents and teachers from other schools in Singapore during the Ministry of Education ExCEL Fest.

Mr Tiew taught Economics in National Junior College for four years before joining Dunman High, where he was appointed the Year 6 level coordinator for the Senior High Economics Team. In 2011, Mr Tiew joined Learners’ Lodge Education Centre as a full-time staff, serving as Education Specialist, teaching Economics classes at both JC1 and JC2 levels.

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Mr Harry Tiew and Steffi Lum Opening Quotes  I’m truly thankful to have Mr Harry Tiew help me with my econs in A levels! I have never scored exceptionally well for econs in my school exams and felt rather frustrated and worried for my A levels. However, Mr Tiew never once gave up on me and always went to great lengths to ensure my needs were met such as practising essay paragraphs in class, timed practices and marking our homework paragraphs! His patience in teaching created a safe space for me to ask questions and clarify any doubts I had. With his engaging lessons, I truly enjoyed learning econs and scored an A!  Closing Quotes


Steffi Lum Jie Qi, Raffles Institution (2021)

 Mr Harry Tiew and Aaron Wee

 Opening Quotes Dear Mr Harry Tiew, it’s been a fun and interesting year learning about economics with you. I really appreciate the real-world context you have provided which has given me a deeper appreciation of economics and the way the economy works. The rigour of the content will be forgotten over time but I know the understanding of the concepts to the real world will remain with me. Hope to keep in touch.Best regards, Closing Quotes

Aaron Wee Zhi Rong, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2021)



Opening Quotes  Thank you Mr Harry Tiew for the constant encouragement and support you really made the class fun and engaging with the support of videos. I have learnt many skills both economics and other financial skills  Closing Quotes

Benjamin SIM, Yishun Innova Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes  Having taken econs purely because it seemed to be the most common contrasting subject that everyone took, I started off with not having a great interest in this subject. However, In my first lesson, I cannot forget when Mr Harry Tiew told me about this fascinating decision making science subject. Throughout the two years, Mr Tiew has made me believe and realised that economics exists because human decisions are needed in this world. Economics is all about making the best decision where each perspective you take there is judgement criteria and different aspects to consider. With Mr Tiew’s teachings, I recognise the necessity of this subject and thoroughly enjoyed the logic behind economics.

With economics, I believe that understanding what questions were asking for was my biggest weakness. However, Mr Tiew taught me to analyse the intentions of questions, hence giving me a better understanding of all question types and how to answer them. Mr Tiew also made learning the content of economics a breeze with his worksheets being straightforward and logical. He multiplied the understanding that I gained from school and filled in all the gaps I had. I am extremely grateful to Mr Tiew’s teachings as well as encouragements. Thank you  Closing Quotes

Clement Chim Yao, Eunoia Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes  Thank you to Mr Harry Tiew for being such a humorous teacher who makes each Economics lesson interesting for me. I used to think of Economics as just another subject to pass in the A levels but your lessons have made me gain a deep interest in the subject such that I am now even considering studying it at university. Thank you for being a resourceful teacher who teaches beyond the syllabus so that we can understand why we are learning certain concepts. Lastly, thank you for always going out of your way to help us, whenever we text you our questions, you reply to us and solve our problems even after tuition hours. I could never have gotten my A without your help. Thank you! Closing Quotes

Ng Liang Pin, National Junior College (2021)

Mr Harry Tiew and Natasha Leong Xinyi Opening Quotes  Thank you Mr Harry Tiew for your kind guidance for the months leading up to the A Level examinations! Thank you for breaking down economic concepts really concisely and clearly for us to understand easily. I would not have been able to achieve my desired results without your help!   Closing Quotes

Natasha Leong Xinyi, Eunoia Junior College (2020)



Mr Harry Tiew and Christine Pui Opening Quotes  I’m really grateful for the guidance of Mr Harry Tiew in econs! I have improved a lot from when I first joined and I finally got the results I wanted! Thank you for your time and patience Mr Tiew!!!   Closing Quotes


Christine Pui, Raffles Institution (2019)



Opening Quotes   My Econs improved from S to A because of his great and effective teaching methods! Thanks so much, Mr Harry Tiew :)   Closing Quotes

Sophia Chow, Eunoia Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes  Thanks to Mr Harry Tiew’s patient coaching and fun lessons, i was able to achieve my goals!   Closing Quotes

Esther Lam, Raffles Institution (2019)


Opening Quotes  hi, Mr Harry Tiew :)
thank you for being a really patient and kind teacher. we always forget the stuff you taught us the previous lesson, can’t answer your questions promptly and sometimes don’t offer you a response at all. as frustrated as you were, you went through the concepts again and never lost your composure. thank you for making me see my potential, and making me believe that A was something I could achieve when my grades proved otherwise.
I’m just glad to be able to tell you that I’ve attained a grade that made all your hard work and efforts worth it.
thanks, Mr Tiew :))   Closing Quotes

Leang Yuen Yee, St Andrew’s Junior College (2019)

Opening Quotes  Thank you Mr Harry Tiew for helping me with Econs as well as making me see how interesting and relevant Econs is beyond what we learn in school. It was mostly because of your efforts that inspired me to see the application of econs in today’s world and making me want to pursue it in university. Thank you for also being supportive and super chill in class. It was very nice to have a teacher we could talk to comfortably and have fun with!   Closing Quotes

Wang Sijie, St Andrew’s Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes Hi Mr Harry Tiew! Thank you for always putting in the effort to make economics lessons really interesting and linking theoretical concepts to real-life events. Your lessons are never mundane and are always interesting and well-planned. Thank you for the past 2 years!   Closing Quotes

Casper Cheng, Anderson Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes I would like to thank Mr Harry Tiew for improving my H2 econs. I have never scored anything above a D for my economics during my 2 years of JC. During the A level period, he patiently answered my questions and the essay structures he provided were very insightful. Thanks to his guidance, I have finally gotten an A for A level H2 econs   Closing Quotes

Teo Hui Wen, Raffles Institution (2018)


Harry Tiew and Loo Wee Sing

Opening Quotes   I never understood Economics all that well. I was in the bottom 20 percentile of my cohort in the promotional exams. However, with Harry’s guidance, I managed to increase my understanding as well as my grade in economics. He breaks down abstract concepts and explaining in detail Economics in laymen terms. He never ceases to blow my mind every lesson. Harry deserves the merit for my keen understanding of Economics.   Closing Quotes


Loo Wee Sing, Anglo Chinese Junior College (2017)



Harry and Siqi



Opening Quotes  Mr Harry Tiew is super kind and patient, so I never felt silly asking questions in Economics class. His lessons are well-paced and he gives clear explanations, helping me climb from an E in promos to an A in the ‘A’ Levels. Something I find useful is how he provides detailed feedback on exam scripts and accepts corrections on them so we won’t make the same mistake in the next test. Thank you.  Closing Quotes


Yang Siqi, Raffles Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes   Thank you, Mr Harry Tiew, for his guidance and teachings in Economics towards A-levels examinations. Mr Tiew helped me tremendously in managing my time when attempting questions and sharpened my economic analysis to be succinct and accurate. Moreover, Mr Tiew broadened our economic scope by introducing to us real-world issues and economies of important countries. These allowed me to quickly relate to economic issues and policies when answering questions during A levels. My lessons with Mr Tiew never failed to help me identify topics that I’m weaker at and hence focus more on in my preparation for A Levels.    Closing Quotes


Xin Yi, Catholic Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes   Thank you, Mr Tiew for your guidance in econs! I definitely couldn’t have gotten my grade without your excellent help.   Closing Quotes


Joey Yeo, Raffles Institution


Opening Quotes  Thank you, Mr Tiew for your guidance in my J2 year. I hated econs in J1, but it became my favourite subject in J2 after attending your lessons. Real life application taught frequently, I never once dreaded to attend econs tuition. Thank you once again.   Closing Quotes


Tay Tze Hee, Nanyang Junior College


Opening Quotes  Thank you very much for dedication and commitment to teaching econs! You never fail to break the monotony of the subject and to make it more interesting. Thank you once again for your unwavering support and for making this journey an enjoyable one!   Closing Quotes


Zhang Wei, Raffles Institution


Opening Quotes  I had little to no confidence in economics as I was always getting sub-par results; even going as far as deeming it as my “throwaway” subject. However, Mr Harry Tiew’s passion in the subject and his engaging way of teaching inspired confidence and motivated me to do better. Despite only attending his lessons for a mere 3 months, I was able to get my distinction on the subject. Thank you, Mr Harry Tiew!    Closing Quotes


Lin Yuxuan, Nanyang Junior College


Opening Quotes  Thank you so much! With your help, I managed to get an A for H2 Econs at the A Levels, which would’ve been difficult before I started going for your lessons. During my first few lessons, you patiently went through all the basics that I had a weak foundation in and it helped me immensely. Thank you for always bringing in real-world concepts and I especially enjoyed the times where you’d mention historical events like the Asian Financial Crisis because it crossed disciplines and made what we were learning a lot more real and relevant. Continue inspiring the students that will cross paths with you, Mr Tiew.”   Closing Quotes


Yap Li Yin, Raffles Institution


Opening Quotes  The JC economics lessons conducted by Mr Harry Tiew were always something worth looking forward to because the way he taught economics was very dynamic and real. He always made the seemingly dead economics concepts applicable to real-life scenarios, and that has definitely in some way stirred up my interest and passion towards economics. I am grateful for his strong persistence in relating what we study in JC economics to the “real world”, hence allowing us to see the fuller and clearer picture of economics.

On top of that, Mr Harry Tiew is also an extremely patient and understanding tutor who is always willing to go the extra mile for the students by allowing students to clarify any misconceptions they had after formal lessons. He even gladly answered queries from camp via email during the A-level period when he was also called back to reservist.

He never fails to provide clear and rigorous comments on essays that were submitted to him, even if the essays were additional self-practice. The comments not only rectified any common misconceptions but also improve the essays in such a way that its overall flow is fluent and consistent.    Closing Quotes


Christopher, Raffles Institution