Mr Goh became a top student of his secondary school and continued to excel in his studies in JC. He took up Mass Communication Studies at NTU and graduated with 2nd Upper Honors from the Wee Kim Wee School of Communication Studies.

At Wee Kim Wee School, he studied journalism and specialised in communications research. He began as a freelance writer and was a radio journalist and broadcaster in Beijing, proficient in both English and Mandarin. With these experience on writing for news, it helped him become a better GP teacher. His interest in photography, videography and graphic design have also assisted him in creating presentations to engage his students better.

His passion for teaching started while he was volunteering. He taught Mandarin to the hearing impaired and gave pro bono tuition to both youth and adults. He began his teaching journey as a MOE Teaching Awardee. Having a short stint at Bedok Town Secondary School, he spent six years at Victoria Junior College, where he also taught Project Work. His love for travelling and exploring new cultures led him to Japan, where he taught Elementary and Junior High School students English. He also taught children living in poverty at Beijing and had been teaching tuition for ten years.

Currently, he is still involved in his passion – teaching, writing, travelling and media-making at a part-time basis. He is also trying to learn more languages and hone his culinary skills.