Mr. Koh Chee Wee

Mr Koh Chee Wee graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Social Sciences (Economics) with Second Class Honours (Upper Division). His passion for teaching was ignited by his Junior College teacher who always went the extra mile to make classes interesting and engaging. It left a significant impact on Mr Koh who firmly believes that a classroom is not only where teaching takes place but more importantly students’ learning is the top priority.

This experience had a strong influence in shaping Mr Koh’s career choice. He decided to become a teacher during his junior college days to make a difference in the lives of students. Mr Koh firmly believes the important role a teacher plays in his students’ lives. This role goes beyond delivery of content; it is about educating the whole individual. Mr Koh’s own experience during his student days as well as his teaching stint in local schools has allowed him to understand the challenges that students face in Singapore’s junior college system and relate to their emotional needs. It has given him a competitive edge in motivating his students to strive for the best in their studies as well as personal life.

Upon graduation from NUS, Mr Koh joined Anglo-Chinese Junior College (ACJC) as a contract teacher for a year before going to National Institute of Education (NIE) for his teacher’s training. Even as a new untrained teacher, he received positive feedback about his patient teaching style that not only enhance understanding but also creates a secure environment where his students are open and forthcoming with questions.

After graduating from NIE with a Diploma in Education (Merit), Mr Koh joined Dunman High School (DHS) where he was instrumental in developing the instructional programme for the Economics unit at the newly established Senior High section. He was appointed as the coordinator for the Year 5 Economics team to oversee the teaching and learning of Economics after being in the service for just one and a half years. In 2011, he was also appointed as the Cooperating Teacher to provide guidance and supervision for 2 NIE trainee teachers doing their practicum in DHS.

Mr Koh is an avid user of ICT in his teaching to enhance students’ learning. In his first year of teaching at DHS, Mr Koh was awarded the Most Innovative Teaching Award which recognised his effort in coming up with innovative teaching methods to enrich his students’ learning experience.

Since 2011, Mr Koh has joined Learners’ Lodge Education Centre as a full-time staff, serving as Education Specialist, teaching Economics classes at both JC 1 and JC 2 levels.



Mr Koh Chee Wee and Jeremy Ng Opening Quotes I’d always struggled with Economics and flunked my tests and exams constantly. But Mr Koh Chee Wee made this dreaded subject interesting and made me genuinely want to work harder, not just for the grades but to deepen my understanding and knowledge. He’s always kept patient with me even though my results showed little to no improvement and encouraged me not to give up. I’ve finally managed to attain an A for my H2 Economics and I’m truly grateful for his help.    Closing Quotes

Jeremy Ng, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Thanks Mr Koh Chee Wee for your patient guidance the past 1.5 years. I first saw econs as a pain to study but under you, i grew to enjoy learning and conquering the most challenging topics   Closing Quotes

Ethan Cheung, Hwa Chong Institution (2018)


Opening Quotes Mr Koh Chee Wee is an extremely dedicated and motivational teacher. I’m extremely grateful for Mr Koh’s patient guidance throughout my JC2 year and he has played a huge role in helping me achieve a B in my A levels H2 Economics. During my first year in JC, Economics was an extremely dry and boring subject which I thought I could breeze through just by memorising the concepts and keywords in all my lecture books. I did really badly in all my school internal exams in JC1 with mostly S and U grades and occasionally scrapping a low E.

It was only after I joined Mr Koh’s class in JC2 when I realized the subject was really interesting and pure memory work would not be helpful in helping me ace my exams. Mr Koh would never fail to make every lesson into an interactive and entertaining lesson, making me look forward to every Econs lesson in Learners’ Lodge. He guided us through different types of essay questions and the approaches which helped me a lot in my exams and I finally knew how to apply the Economics concepts appropriately in my CSQs and essays. Closing Quotes

Crystal Tay Xinru, Hwa Chong Institution (2018)


Opening Quotes Hi Mr Koh Chee Wee, I would never have improved so much from the prelims to the As without your help :) your lessons made econs so much more enjoyable for me and allowed me to understand the subject more ^^ Really grateful for your dedication in paying attention to each student and helping us out individually :) Thank you :D Closing Quotes

Shanya Leong, Jurong Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes I would like to thank Mr Koh Chee Wee for helping me improve so much in econs! I got an E for econs in J2 BT2 and did below average for prelims but I managed to get an A for a levels! Mr Koh’s notes really helped me to understand the techniques of writing a good econs essay!! Thank you so much Mr Koh ☺️ Closing Quotes

Tan Si Jie, Hwa Chong Institution (2018)


Wen Jun with Mr Koh Chee WeeOpening Quotes   Economics was always a difficult subject to tackle as concepts are often complicated and multi-layered. However, Mr Koh’s interactive and engaging manner of teaching was useful in helping me grasp concepts better. His lessons taught me how to approach questions in different perspectives, making the learning more enjoyable. He is dedicated to helping his students and consistently goes the extra mile for his students. Ultimately, it was his unwavering support that helped me achieve a distinction at the A levels.    Closing Quotes


Lau Wen Jun, Jurong Junior College (2016)



Hin On with Mr Koh Chee WeeOpening Quotes   Mr Koh is a very dedicated, knowledgeable and capable teacher. He can deliver the lesson very efficiently and also tries his best to make his teachings enjoyable by sharing a myriad of real-world examples which apply to our essays. All in all, he’s a very experienced teacher and I have enjoyed his lessons very much.   Closing Quotes


Chang Hin On, Jurong Junior College (2016)




Opening Quotes  Mr Koh teaches Econs in a unique way, as he combines his wealth of experience in how to tackle the ‘standard’ questions of ‘A’ Level economics together with real-world situations. As Econs is a rather ‘dry’ subject, he tries to bring in real-world examples as much as possible, and this truly helps us students in appreciating the relevance of Economics concepts. Not only does he teach us how to score for Econs, he also cultivates an interest in the subject among his students; a feat only achievable by an extraordinary teacher. Thanks, Mr Koh for being such an extraordinary teacher and always going out of your way in helping us, ensuring that all of us can follow the lesson.

Closing Quotes


Jordan Chan Jie En, Catholic Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes   Thank you, Mr Koh, for all your effort and concern during my A-Level preparations. Your concise and structured method of teaching made econs easier to understand. Even though my final result was not that great, it was an improvement from my previous result, and I also gained a greater appreciation of the subject and may even consider to pursue it uni.   Closing Quotes


Jonathan Choong, Hwa Chong Institution (2017)


Opening Quotes   Thank you, Mr Koh, for making a difference in my Econs’ result. I improved from E to B. I appreciate all the work he put in for us. He also makes me have more interest in study Econs in the future!   Closing Quotes


Zhang Xin Yi, Jurong Junior College


Opening Quotes   Thank you for your constant guidance in the past year! Your ever-so-present attention to detail and cheerful disposition have been beneficial during our consultation sessions. All the best in your future endeavours.   Closing Quotes


Ng Shou Fong, River Valley High School


Opening Quotes   Thanks a lot for the efforts you put in every lesson!! You helped me gain confidence in econs and attain the A I have never dreamt of achieving!! You make every lesson enjoyable, easy to understand and to nag at us now and then to hand in essays etc. Stay healthy and happy!!   Closing Quotes


Lee Si Xian, Hwa Chong Institution


Opening Quotes   So blessed to have you as my economics teacher. You are always so willing to help me when I have difficulties in Economics. You take your precious time after class to guide me along with my questions and making sure I learn to the best of my ability. Thank you for helping me and being understanding as I am currently a private candidate. His dedication touches me. Thanks for everything, Mr Koh.    Closing Quotes


Tong Ming Hao


Opening Quotes   Thank you, Mr Koh, for being the best Econs teacher ever, always making us write more essays and pushing us beyond our capabilities. Your clear and precise teaching methods and notes have been the reason why I managed to do well in Econs despite having failed all the way since J1. I can never thank you enough for your guidance, patience and comments in each of my essays you marked. Thank you, Mr Koh! Couldn’t have done it without you!  Closing Quotes


Nurul Shazirah Othuman, Jurong Junior College


Opening Quotes   Before going for JC economics tuition at Learner’s Lodge, my understanding of economics was foggy at best and my essay skills were lacking. Thankfully, through lessons that maximised teacher-student interaction by capitalising on innovative technology such as the SMART board, Mr. Koh, a warm and engaging teacher, clarified many of my misconceptions about the subject. Learner’s Lodge also provided their own informative and well-organised notes that were not only beneficial for economics concepts, but also essay skills as it included essay-style explanations for graphs and common economic concepts. Always concerned for his students, He went out of his way to help us. He was always contactable via phone and email, through which we could ask him any economics question and he would answer them promptly. One could also arrange for extra consultation sessions with him. He encouraged us to do essays and case studies, which he would mark and return to us in a week’s time even though all of his students were bombarding him with multiple essays, especially close to the A-level period. His impressive dedication towards his students lasted all the way until the last day of the A-level economics paper. I am confident that I would not have done as well if it were not for all his help, and am hence extremely grateful towards him.    Closing Quotes


Lim Ying Jun, Raffles Junior College