Mr. Loh Zhi Hong

Mr Loh Zhi Hong took up a Public Service Commission Scholarship after his A levels. Venturing off the beaten path, he decided to pursue his tertiary education in Kyoto University, Japan. Besides picking up a third language from scratch, he immersed himself in the cultural richness of a foreign land and gained fresh insights on alternative economic models beyond those in conventional textbooks. Zhi Hong subsequently pursued a Masters of Arts at Yale University, where the liberal arts environment taught him the importance of inter-disciplinarian approach in education. Upon graduation, he was appointed a Management Associate and given his cultural exposure overseas. He was deployed as a Country Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, dealing with issues in Northeast Asia. A diplomatic career is fast paced, and the work is meaningful and rewarding. However, Zhi Hong realised his real passion is in education and student development and decided to teach instead. At Victoria Junior College and Raffles Institution, he taught A level Economics, History of Economic Thought to students in Integrated Programme and Chinese Studies in English. He enjoyed himself thoroughly experimenting with different pedagogical approaches that catering to students of various learning abilities. As a Scholarship Advisor, he worked actively with students of an excellent calibre to help them fulfil their potential.

Zhi Hong spends his free time preparing for his Piano Diploma Exams, walking his dog Bun Bun, reading and swimming. He wants to pick up another foreign language soon.

Zhi Hong joined Learners Lodge full time in 2015. In the classroom, he always makes it a point to inject a right dose of humour to keep his lessons engaging and compelling. As an educator, he hopes to help students achieve stellar grades while developing their intellectual curiosity and their ability to think independently.




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Mr Loh Zhi Hong and Oh XinyiOpening Quotes Mr Loh is one of the teachers that have made a huge difference in my education journey. He was always so willing and eager to help us, be it through providing us with more reference materials to aid us in our revision to sacrificing his own free time out of class to answer our endless questions and mark our essays just so that we can better understand our weakness and do better subsequently. Even when I was disappointed because I was not doing well, he continued to encourage me and even offered to look through my scripts to provide me with a more personalised feedback on how to improve. Thank you Mr Loh for all that you have done! It was definitely the right choice to have joined your class :-)  Closing Quotes– Oh Xinyi, Dunman High School (2019)

Opening Quotes Throughout my J1 life, I was very stressed about econs, getting straight Us despite studying hard which made me feel like giving up and I really hated the subject :’( Then when I joined Mr Loh Zhi Hong’s class in the middle of J2, I actually started to understand concepts and I even started to enjoy learning econs! I really wish to thank Mr Loh for being so dedicated to teaching us that he’d stay back to answer all our questions, mark all our essays, and extend lessons to maximise our learning. It’s incredible how he manages to teach us so much in just 2.5 hours every week and still make us laugh so much every lesson, and although he has so many classes to teach back-to-back, he always put in his best effort to make sure we knew everything we needed to and I really appreciated it a lot:)) I have to say that it’s really all thanks to Mr Loh’s guidance that I could achieve my eventual A grade in A levels :’) Thank you, Mr Loh, you are truly the best tuition teacher and your future students will be so lucky to be taught by you!!  Closing Quotes– Sun Pei Li, Victoria Junior College (2019)

Opening Quotes Thank you so much, Mr Loh Zhi Hong, for somehow making one of the most boring subjects interesting and purposeful. It was Mr Loh who helped me realise that economics was more than just memorizing pages after pages of notes, and for that I’m really grateful. Mr Loh cannot promise you a miracle, but if you keep an open mind and work with him, seeing a jump in your grades would be no surprise. Solid la Mr Loh  Closing Quotes– Max Yeo, Victoria Junior College (2019)

Opening Quotes During my time at Learner’s Lodge, Mr Loh Zhi Hong has been very encouraging and helpful. His way of teaching was very effective, and his notes were clear and concise. As a result, my Economics grade has improved from D in prelims to A in A levels! I would like to thank Mr Loh for believing in me, and for always trying his best to bring out the potential in each and every student. Without Mr Loh, I would not be here today. Thank you so much!  Closing Quotes– Cheong Win Yee, Victoria Junior College (2019)

Opening Quotes Hi Mr Loh Zhi Hong! From the bottom of my heart, I want to say a huge thank you to you. For the two whole years in JC, I spent my Saturday mornings in your class and I am so glad that I was your student. I think I can safely say my good results for Economics is really a product of your teaching, efforts and dedication. I loved your lessons not only because they were so useful, but also because they always were filled with laughter (I love your sense of humour). I remember how all the fuzzy Economic concepts became crystal clear in your class, how we managed to easily remember key phrases through your hilarious acronyms and songs, and how you encouraged us to actively speak up in class. Besides all of the happenings in class, I know that you put in a lot more effort behind the scenes. I recall how you put together lesson materials in one night when our class forgot to tell you beforehand about our school tests or progress, how you structured different lesson plans concurrently during the holidays so that we would not miss any lesson, and how you always gave us up to date news articles related to our syllabus. You’ve been such an amazing educator. Thank you so much for the two amazing years-long Economics journey, it’s been an honour to have learnt so much from you, Mr Loh!  Closing Quotes– Kelley Seng Joy Win, Dunman High School (2019)

Opening Quotes Mr Loh Zhi Hong was a very encouraging teacher who always pushed us to do our best. His lessons were not only interesting but also extremely helpful ! Thank you Mr Loh for all your guidance and I’m very grateful for all the effort you have put in for us!  Closing Quotes