Mr. Loh Zhi Hong

Mr Loh Zhi Hong took up a Public Service Commission Scholarship after his A levels. Venturing off the beaten path, he decided to pursue his tertiary education in Kyoto University, Japan. Besides picking up a third language from scratch, he immersed himself in the cultural richness of a foreign land and gained fresh insights on alternative economic models beyond those in conventional textbooks. Zhi Hong subsequently pursued a Masters of Arts at Yale University, where the liberal arts environment taught him the importance of inter-disciplinarian approach in education. Upon graduation, he was appointed a Management Associate and given his cultural exposure overseas. He was deployed as a Country Officer in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, dealing with issues in Northeast Asia. A diplomatic career is fast paced, and the work is meaningful and rewarding. However, Zhi Hong realised his real passion is in education and student development and decided to teach instead. At Victoria Junior College and Raffles Institution, he taught A level Economics, History of Economic Thought to students in Integrated Programme and Chinese Studies in English. He enjoyed himself thoroughly experimenting with different pedagogical approaches that catering to students of various learning abilities. As a Scholarship Advisor, he worked actively with students of an excellent calibre to help them fulfil their potential.

Zhi Hong spends his free time preparing for his Piano Diploma Exams, walking his dog Bun Bun, reading and swimming. He wants to pick up another foreign language soon.

Zhi Hong joined Learners Lodge full time in 2015. In the classroom, he always makes it a point to inject a right dose of humour to keep his lessons engaging and compelling. As an educator, he hopes to help students achieve stellar grades while developing their intellectual curiosity and their ability to think independently.



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Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Loh Zhi hong for making economics an interesting and enjoyable subject for me. By connecting the concepts to real world affairs, made econs more than just plain theory. Thank you for being strict yet encouraging at the same time. I have to say that i owe my A grade mostly to ur help and guidance:)  Closing Quotes

Anna Yap, Victoria Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes Dear Mr Loh Zhi Hong, thank you so much for helping us drill the content for econs into our minds :) Thank you for pushing us beyond our comfort zones to answer your questions and making sure we understand everything! I appreciate all the help and without you I wouldn’t have done as well in econs. Thank you  Closing Quotes

Kevin Lie Jia Wen, Victoria Junior College (2020)

Opening QuotesHi Mr Loh!!

Thank you for always asking us questions in class and prompting us to the correct answers. My heart always goes crazy when Mr Loh calls my name: oh no, what’s the answer? how to answer? How sia, I don’t know leh. But now I’m so so so grateful for his questions in class. Really helps to keep me awake and be fully attentive. He is the most dedicated teacher I’ve come across and I’m so so grateful for everything! For marking my work, for nagging at all of us.. I’m super grateful and really owe my A to him (and definitely my own hard work!). Thank you so much Mr Loh Zhi Hong!!! Closing Quotes

Li Yuanjun, Dunman High School (2020)

Opening QuotesThank you Mr Loh Zhi Hong for helping me improve my understanding of econs. The weekly sessions were really engaging and you were always really encouraging especially nearing A levels. Your weekly affirmations gave me a lot of confidence and calmed my nerves before taking my exams. Thank you for supporting us so much! You’re the best tutor I’ve ever had ❤️ Closing Quotes

Joie Ong, Dunman High School (2020)

Opening Quotes Dear Mr Loh Zhi Hong,
it is thanks to you that I am able to achieve such a grade in H2 Economics for A Levels. Despite joining his class in my second year of JC, Mr Loh’s concise and engaging teaching methods allowed me to grasp concepts easily. This extra time allowed me to strengthen my Economics foundation whilst learning new concepts. He also went the extra mile to ensure that all his students are up to speed by engaging us in lessons, which I truly appreciate. Mr Loh also has great confidence in his students, constantly reassuring us that we would do well. His kind words have been a great motivation for me and spurred me to work even harder! My friends and I agree that attending his lessons have truly helped us understand and appreciate Economics (we loved the subject because of him you)! Thank you very much for being a great teacher!  Closing Quotes

Sammi Grace Lee Sze Min, Dunman High School (2020)

Opening Quotes Thank you Mr loh zhi hong for your efforts and guidance in helping me to prepare for the A levels for H2 Economics. Thanks to the helpful notes and practices given in class, I was able to score an A at the A levels!:)  Closing Quotes

Sarah Danial Lee, Dunman High School (2020)

Opening Quotes Thank you for your guidance mr loh! I was on the brink of giving up on econs before joining mr loh’s classes as i have never once passed an internal exam! however, after joining me loh’s class, i was able to grasp the concepts. Although results did not show immediately, mr loh did not give up on us, but rather continually showed us unconditional support which helped me build up my confidence and eventually managed to obtain my desired results in the final examination. Once again, thank you mr loh zhi hong! Closing Quotes

Britny Ang, St Andrews Junior College (2020)

Opening QuotesHi Mr Loh Zhi Hong,

Admittedly, I wasn’t the best student and I have been lazy (which may be an understatement) your succinct notes & precise teachings helped me and many of my friends achieve a distinction for economics.  Closing Quotes

Benson Tao Yu Cheng, Dunman High School (2020)

Opening Quotes To Mr Loh Zhi Hong, with his unwavering dedication and guidance throughout my Economics J2 journey :-) Thank you for taking the time to review my many essays and provide feedback, the life lessons and making every class so dynamic and never boring. It’s been a ride, and I’m thankful to have been your student.  Closing Quotes

Jan Nicole Si Hui Ming, Dunman High School (2020)

Opening QuotesPersonally, I have always struggled with Economics and had troubles grasping the load of unfamiliar concepts. However, under Mr Loh Zhi Hong’s patient guidance, I was seeing a consistent and gradual improvement. Mr Loh makes succinct and summarised notes that made Economics contents so much more understandable and manageable. During the exam season, he also sacrificed his rest time to look through and amend our essays and reassured us that he will always be there to answer our queries. I was really glad to have such a passionate and fun tutor, and would highly recommend students who are struggling with Economics to come to Learners Lodge!  Closing Quotes

Ke Yan, Dunman High School (2020)

Opening QuotesDear Mr Loh Zhi Hong,

Truly thank you for your guidance for the past 2 years! Was never really confident in econs but you always told us about how we were always worth something even though we were very always very upset with our poor grades given to us by the school ☺️ Thank you for making econs easier to understand and stimulating our minds during your lessons. I really have no other words to say but thank you Mr Loh!

Yours sincerely,
Yi Xuan   Closing Quotes

Lim Yi Xuan, Dunman High School (2020)

Opening QuotesThank you mr loh zhi hong for being such a nurturing and genuine teacher! when i first joined LL i was the weakest in class and struggled to keep up. thankfully, mr loh never gave up on me and always made the effort to pinpoint my weaknesses and misconceptions every lesson, until my foundation gradually became more solid. i would not have been able to make such an improvement without the help of LL. many thanks to mr loh and also kristine, for always being so understanding and encouraging with me!!!   Closing Quotes

Genieve Wu ZhiYi, Dunman High School (2020)

Opening QuotesTo simply state that Mr Loh Zhi Hong was an amazing teacher is a gross understatement.

Initially, economics seemed very daunting and challenging but under his patient tutelage, I began to love the subject and even scored better at each test.

During each lesson, he made the effort to ensure that each student had the chance to speak up and voice their opinion. This was especially useful for me because it pushed me out of my comfort zone and made sure that I was familiar with the content.

Furthermore, he went the extra mile and marked the extra essays that I did in spite of his busy schedule. Closer to the A levels, Mr Loh would never fail to motivate and encourage us to press on. It was very reassuring to hear from a teacher that I looked up to that he believed in me and knew that my effort would pay off. His passion in education shines through and he truly cares for his students.

Thank you for sacrificing your time to help us through this arduous journey. Thank you for your guidance and dedication. Thank you for believing in me. :D  Closing Quotes

Caresse Chin Yi Xuan, Dunman High School (2020)

Opening Quotes Hi Mr Loh Zhi Hong!! End of a tough A level journey and I’m glad to have had your guidance. Thank you so much for all your hard work and encouragement throughout the 2 years. You never gave up on us despite the challenges and you’ve inspired me to do well for econs :) I really appreciate all the support and dedication.  Closing Quotes

Tan Xuan Rong, Dunman High School (2020)

Opening Quotes Mr Loh Zhi Hong was the best teacher for economics throughout my 2 years with him. He helped me greatly in understanding the concepts and applying it to case studies and essays by using interesting analogies during lesson time. I developed an interest in economics due to him and found it much easier to study the subject as I am interested in it. Thank you Mr Loh!!  Closing Quotes

Annie Hu Xin Yi, Dunman High School (2020)

Opening Quotes Dear Mr Loh Zhi Hong ,
I joined Mr Loh Zhi Hong’s class at the start of JC2 when I was failing almost every test. I felt like I understood the concepts but I just couldn’t seem to answer well. Passing economics then seemed like a far-fetched dream. However, with the help of Mr Loh and his constant drilling of points and explanations into our brains, I started seeing a gradual improvement in my grades. He would get us to recall concepts and economic jargons by calling on us one by one, making sure that everyone is following and bridging any lapses in understanding. His interesting way of teaching also made it easier to remember what we’ve learnt. He would offer to look through our essays and give us feedback which was really helpful for pinpointing areas for improvement. During stressful periods, he would always encourage us and give little pep talks to hype us up. I’m really grateful for all the help that he has given me. Thanks Mr Loh!  Closing Quotes

Chloe Tay, Dunman High School (2020)

Opening Quotes Thank you mr loh zhi hong for being the Absolute Most patient teacher who always puts in the extra effort to make sure everyone (mostly me) is following the lesson!! when i came in with basically zero foundation in j2 i really had no hope to understand anything at all, and i was really just there as a final attempt to just learn Something. but your teaching style broke every complex concept down to easy, digestible pieces, and it shocked me that i was actually absorbing what was being taught T^T i also felt very very safe in your lessons to ask any questions i had, no matter how trivial they felt (because you would really take the time to explain it in detail instead of expecting me to know it already) and this reaally helped build up both my understanding and confidence, slowly but surely. i owe not just my grade but the positive change in my attitude towards studying econs to you, and i am so grateful to have had you as a mentor during that difficult period :-( you really showed me that as long as i was willing to put in the effort, you would make sure it would go to the right places so that we could both see improvement!! thank you for believing in me when even i wouldn’t, and for showing me that actually I am not stupid :^)  Closing Quotes

Ashley Ang, Victoria Junior College (2020)

Mr Loh Zhi Hong and Oh XinyiOpening Quotes Mr Loh is one of the teachers that have made a huge difference in my education journey. He was always so willing and eager to help us, be it through providing us with more reference materials to aid us in our revision to sacrificing his own free time out of class to answer our endless questions and mark our essays just so that we can better understand our weakness and do better subsequently. Even when I was disappointed because I was not doing well, he continued to encourage me and even offered to look through my scripts to provide me with a more personalised feedback on how to improve. Thank you Mr Loh for all that you have done! It was definitely the right choice to have joined your class :-)  Closing Quotes– Oh Xinyi, Dunman High School (2019)

Opening Quotes Throughout my J1 life, I was very stressed about econs, getting straight Us despite studying hard which made me feel like giving up and I really hated the subject :’( Then when I joined Mr Loh Zhi Hong’s class in the middle of J2, I actually started to understand concepts and I even started to enjoy learning econs! I really wish to thank Mr Loh for being so dedicated to teaching us that he’d stay back to answer all our questions, mark all our essays, and extend lessons to maximise our learning. It’s incredible how he manages to teach us so much in just 2.5 hours every week and still make us laugh so much every lesson, and although he has so many classes to teach back-to-back, he always put in his best effort to make sure we knew everything we needed to and I really appreciated it a lot:)) I have to say that it’s really all thanks to Mr Loh’s guidance that I could achieve my eventual A grade in A levels :’) Thank you, Mr Loh, you are truly the best tuition teacher and your future students will be so lucky to be taught by you!!  Closing Quotes– Sun Pei Li, Victoria Junior College (2019)

Opening Quotes Thank you so much, Mr Loh Zhi Hong, for somehow making one of the most boring subjects interesting and purposeful. It was Mr Loh who helped me realise that economics was more than just memorizing pages after pages of notes, and for that I’m really grateful. Mr Loh cannot promise you a miracle, but if you keep an open mind and work with him, seeing a jump in your grades would be no surprise. Solid la Mr Loh  Closing Quotes– Max Yeo, Victoria Junior College (2019)

Opening Quotes During my time at Learner’s Lodge, Mr Loh Zhi Hong has been very encouraging and helpful. His way of teaching was very effective, and his notes were clear and concise. As a result, my Economics grade has improved from D in prelims to A in A levels! I would like to thank Mr Loh for believing in me, and for always trying his best to bring out the potential in each and every student. Without Mr Loh, I would not be here today. Thank you so much!  Closing Quotes– Cheong Win Yee, Victoria Junior College (2019)

Opening Quotes Hi Mr Loh Zhi Hong! From the bottom of my heart, I want to say a huge thank you to you. For the two whole years in JC, I spent my Saturday mornings in your class and I am so glad that I was your student. I think I can safely say my good results for Economics is really a product of your teaching, efforts and dedication. I loved your lessons not only because they were so useful, but also because they always were filled with laughter (I love your sense of humour). I remember how all the fuzzy Economic concepts became crystal clear in your class, how we managed to easily remember key phrases through your hilarious acronyms and songs, and how you encouraged us to actively speak up in class. Besides all of the happenings in class, I know that you put in a lot more effort behind the scenes. I recall how you put together lesson materials in one night when our class forgot to tell you beforehand about our school tests or progress, how you structured different lesson plans concurrently during the holidays so that we would not miss any lesson, and how you always gave us up to date news articles related to our syllabus. You’ve been such an amazing educator. Thank you so much for the two amazing years-long Economics journey, it’s been an honour to have learnt so much from you, Mr Loh!  Closing Quotes– Kelley Seng Joy Win, Dunman High School (2019)

Opening Quotes Mr Loh Zhi Hong was a very encouraging teacher who always pushed us to do our best. His lessons were not only interesting but also extremely helpful ! Thank you Mr Loh for all your guidance and I’m very grateful for all the effort you have put in for us!  Closing Quotes

Elizabeth Lee, Victoria Junior College (2019)

Opening QuotesMr Loh Zhi Hong’s lessons were nothing short of brilliance. The captivating way he conducted his lessons always kept me curious and passionate about economics. His humour would make the time pass quickly and not painfully. Very thankful for being blessed with his guidance and I sincerely recommend him to any struggling economics student. Look no further for Mr Loh is one of the best teachers who can help you. Thank you, Mr Loh, for your tireless dedication and your unique humour! Your effective teaching has made a mark in my life and gave me the necessary help to score an A for economics.

I will always be immensely grateful for your help.

Daryl Ling  Closing Quotes

Daryl Ling Tien Rui, Victoria Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes Thank you for all the support and guidance, Mr Loh Zhi Hong! Coming for tuition always made me feel more confident each time about econs, and it really helped me get to an A from constant Us and S grades. The best thing is hearing your reminders replay in my head during the exam itself ensuring that I don’t miss out the key points and rigour!!!  Closing Quotes

Nyimas Andreana, Victoria Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes I would like to thank Mr Loh Zhi Hong for teaching me so patiently and dedicating his time and effort to help us even out of the classroom. He is one of the most passionate and caring teachers i have met and I am very grateful to have been able to attend his classes at Learners Lodge. Thank you Mr Loh!  Closing Quotes

Vanessa Lau, Dunman High School (2019)

Opening Quotes thank you Mr Loh Zhi Hong for always putting in so much effort into your lesson plans and ways going to extra mile to meet us for a consult and review our school exam papers with us. you make lessons more interesting with your humour, making me look forward to attending your lesson every week.  Closing Quotes

Celeste, Victoria Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes Mr Loh Zhi Hong has been a great teacher who constantly supported his students throughout the Alevel period. He is very hardworking and also offered to help his students even outside of tuition schedules. He makes every lesson engaging and fruitful and i always leave his class with new knowledge. Thank you, Mr Loh, for your unwavering support and guidance for our exams!  Closing Quotes

Lucas Tan, Victoria Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes I really am thankful for Mr Loh Zhi Hong’s help in getting my A for econs! Getting an A for me was far from reality back then and I even wanted to drop the subject to an H1. Mr Loh’s unwavering support and guidance really boosted my confidence and made me believe that I’m capable of getting that A! Thank you, Mr Loh!  Closing Quotes

Cheriya Chomrat, Victoria Junior College (2019)


Mr Loh Zhi Hong and Shaelyn LamOpening Quotes In the first year of junior college, Economics was a huge struggle for me. Learning a completely novel subject with no prior knowledge from secondary school was confusing and exhausting. I was barely scraping passes for all my Economics examinations and dreaded studying the subject. Under the tutelage of Mr Loh Zhi Hong, however, I gradually began to enjoy Economics. He helped me greatly in understanding the J1 topics I missed out on and aided me in catching up with the J2 syllabus. Not many teachers will readily extend lessons just to discuss more questions or drill basic concepts. Mr Loh’s hard work and dedication to teaching inspires me greatly; not merely from a student’s perspective but also in daily life. Although the class was sometimes rowdy, his patience and humor was testament to how much he cared for us. Mr Loh made studying Economics much more bearable, and at times even enjoyable. My first and last A for Economics was attained during the A Levels, and for this, thank you so much for everything that you’ve done Mr Loh!  Closing Quotes– Shaelyn Lam, Hwa Chong Institution (2018)


Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Loh Zhi Hong for supporting me through my toughest time in JC. Thank you for pushing me to reach my full potential and for never giving up on me. I’m very grateful for your guidance & all the hard work you’ve put in to mark our essays & for providing us consultations during your free time to help us clear our doubts.  Closing Quotes

Valerie Pang, Nanyang Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Loh Zhi Hong, for your guidance throughout the year. I would have never done well in econs without you and I am very grateful for your help. In my opinion, your expertise in econs is really unrivalled and it made the learning process very smooth.  Closing Quotes

Matthias Lee Dong En, Victoria Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Loh Zhi Hong for every single thing you have done for us. Not here for the sbux card, but I feel I have never properly thanked you enough. Thank you for being a funny, engaging teacher, that really isn’t afraid to share his raw personal opinions. I really feel a connection to you, and am genuinely impressed with your humility despite all the incredible feats you have achieved. Thank you for being a role model for us, someone who isn’t out of reach, yet deserving for us to learn from. Lastly thank you for dealing with me, and being patient with me till the end!! All the best for the future too Mr Loh :D  Closing Quotes

Bryan Shi, Dunman High School (2018)


Opening Quotes hi mr loh zhi hong!! thank you for all the effort you put into teaching my class. like the effort you put in is really really amazing. Thank you for always giving us additional time into telling us about exam tactics and skills. You have crazy expectations for us but it also really really drives us to studying really really hard after seeing the effort you put in to groom us. To be honest, over this entire JC journey, i’m really really fortunate to be your student, experiencing not only your teaching but seeing your hard work and also you telling life lessons and like coaching us holistically. Through this journey, its really amazing how you took time and effort to get to know us personally and stuff like u always called me the “badminton kid” hahaha. tbh i was extremely scared coming towards As as i was afraid to disappoint you and stuff but im glad to say that everything worked out well and thankyou for all the time and effort you took in lessons and out of lessons to teach us. Thank you for securing my A in econs for A levels and i definitely would not have done it without your rigourous lessons every saturday at 1115am. Thank you so much Mr Loh Zhi Hong.  Closing Quotes

Rachel Esther Chan Li, Dunman High School (2018)


Opening Quotes Dear Mr Loh Zhi Hong, today I received my A Level results for Econs, but I realised that regardless of how I would have performed, I have learned so much from you and have grown to appreciate Econs, which I never could have imagined before attending your classes. And that to me is worth far more than a grade on a paper. Thank you for giving your all to help us succeed. I’m grateful to have had you as my teacher and I will always be grateful :’)  Closing Quotes

Dayne Taniajura, Victoria Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Loh Zhi Hong for your guidance and support. Your lessons have truly helped me throughout my Economics journey in JC :) I am grateful to have you as a teacher!  Closing Quotes

Kwok Yan Qi, Victoria Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Hi Mr Loh Zhi Hong! Thank you for conducting extremely well planned and crafted lessons for which were also lively and entertaining to brighten up our sunday mornings :-) You managed to make econs, a subject i used to think was simply IMPOSSIBLE to score in and too difficult, into a subject i actually really enjoy and love now. I couldn’t have achieved the grades i did without your lessons which helped to transform my grades from E/D to A/B!! I would like to give the heartiest thank you to you for helping lost souls like me out in the economics journey, we couldn’t have found our path without you!! Closing Quotes

Kumaravelu Roshini, Victoria Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Hi Mr Loh Zhi Hong, I’m Sin Yu from Dunman High. I got an A for econs!! Really really thank you for all your teachings and guidance in 2018. I’m really really grateful for you. You’re a really passionate teacher and I really appreciate how you put in your most effort into teaching us. I’m really honoured to be your student. You managed to make me spark an interest in the subject and not dislike it as much. Thank you for helping me improve from a U to an A:) thank you for being such an awesome teacher😊😊  Closing Quotes

Ang Sin Yu, Dunman High School (2018)


Opening Quotes i started tuition pretty late, about in July after much contemplation as i felt like it was too late to join tuition then because it’ll take time for me to adjust to the teacher’s teaching style. However after attending the trial econs lesson under Mr Loh Zhi Hong on market structure. i was very sure i am going to continue lessons under Mr Loh. As he was an experienced teacher and had taught under VJ for a period of time, he was very familiar with our school’s teaching methods and his lessons are very tailored toward our school, which made easing into tuition a lot easier for me. Whenever i am unsure of certain concepts, i am able to message or ask him after class, and he sends me emails with addition notes to aid in my learning. i experienced a great improvement for my prelims from the usual E/D grades to a C. i felt motivated as Mr Loh continued to give me encouragement throughout the A level journey. For A Levels i managed to attain an A for econs, and i am very thankful to Mr Loh and the centre. Highly recommend students to attend econs tuition even though you may feel like it is too late. Thank you Mr Loh :-)  Closing Quotes

jessie ng, Victoria Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Dear Mr Loh Zhi Hong, thank you for your guidance throughout this tough A Level journey. You have been an extremely dedicated econs tutor — always taking time out of your own schedule to mark your students’ extra essays and willingly answering our questions even when it runs past the stipulated time. Not only are you dedicated, you are also passionate about the subject you teach. You have helped me to overcome my fear of essay questions with your method of breaking them down into parts for easier understanding. I’ve made a huge improvement, from consistent Us to a B with your help. Thank you for being such a patient tutor who goes out of his way to guide his students!  Closing Quotes

Zylia Heng, Serangoon Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Mr Loh Zhi Hong was a dedicated teacher, who always went the extra mile to make sure his students understood the content taught. His lessons made studying Economics much easier and I was finally able to make sense of the subject. Also, his lessons have certainly made me more confident in writing Economics essays. I would like to thank him for all the effort he has put in, from staying back after class to answer our queries to marking extra essays for us in his own time.  Closing Quotes

Wee Jing Ying, Dunman High School (2018)


Opening Quotes I think Mr Loh Zhi Hong is an extremely dedicated teacher who goes an extra mile to know us not only as his students but also as the people we are. He also wholeheartedly believes in our capabilities as students and helps us to discover our true potential. He also does not hesitate in staying back after class, or even meeting us out of lesson time to give us consultations :’)Mr Loh has no doubt made my JC Economics journey a whole lot lighter, easier, and definitely more enjoyable as I look forward to coming for his lessons every week. He is definitely one of the most inspiring and passionate teachers I’ve ever come across. Thank you, Mr loh! Closing Quotes

Kelly Chua, Dunman High School (2018)


Opening Quotes Thank you, Mr Loh, for making Econs so much easier to learn. I used to hate Econs and wanted to drop this subject, but you made it interesting and gave me the confidence to continue learning. In the end, Econs became my best subject in A-levels. Hope you can help and encourage more students in the future;)  Closing Quotes

Hou Linxin, Dunman High School (2018)


Opening Quotes Mr Loh Zhi Hong is a very very encouraging teacher who never gave up on his students. throughout my econs journey, mr loh always took time to analyse what went wrong in school tests and explain what i didnt understood, even outside of lesson hours. he always went the extra mile to make targetted notes for us, and ensured his lessons were engaging and enriching even when he was evidently tired. mr loh is amazing and awesome and he was legitimately the sole reason why i managed to obtain an A for econs for A Levels :) thanks mr loh love you HAHAHAHA Closing Quotes

Natalie Sim Jiale, Dunman High School (2018)


Opening Quotes I was really late to the tuition game; I joined Mr Loh Zhi Hong’s class only in May, with only about half a year till A Levels. After all that futile self-studying but never shifting from my undesirable and unrelenting U grade, I was desperate and at wit’s end for something — anything — to work for Econs.

Besides simply filling our content bank, Mr Loh also built our confidence. Mr Loh’s endless belief in all of us was/is so heartening, and his passion for not just teaching the subject but also educating and nurturing his students is really admirable.

Thank you for all your regular classes, even though they always overrun.
Thank you for choosing to do your June intensive, even though it meant a totally jam-packed schedule for you, shuttling between LL centres.
Thank you for the consults after class, even though by then I’m brain dead and you’re not.
Thank you for taking the time to mark my extra essays, even though you had to scan them back to me.

Thank you for truly being a great teacher and educator, Mr Loh :’) It’s such a blessing to have met you :> Closing Quotes

Nadya Low, Dunman High School (2018)


Opening Quotes Mr Loh Zhi Hong was a great teacher and I’d dare to say that without him, I would’ve never have gotten the grades that I’ve achieved in my A levels. Mr Loh never spoon-fed us answers but rather got us to participate actively in lessons to make sure we always had our content knowledge at our fingertips. He regularly asks his students for feedback on his classes and caters his lessons to the needs of the class. He’s dedicated in his teaching and he makes sure his students understood whatever he taught in class before ending the lesson, even if it comes at the expense of his breaks between his classes. Mr Loh helped me to realise my interest in economics and inspired me to work on improving my grades even when I thought that doing so would be impossible.Closing Quotes

Sean Loh, Dunman High School (2018)


Opening Quotes Thank you, Mr Loh Zhi Hong, for your patience and encouragement throughout this journey towards A levels. Thank you for giving us your all and being so passionate about teaching us and making sure we understand the concepts right. The way you made us read out the points during class is a really good way of teaching that I enjoyed. Thank you for everything!:)Closing Quotes

Andrea Tan, Victoria Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Hi Mr Loh! I only joined your classes for a few months but I felt that you were a very enthusiastic teacher and your classes made me gain more interest in econs as a subject! Thank you very much for your help/consults and hard work preparing classes for us, and for helping me get an A for my A levels!! Closing Quotes

Phoebe Tay, Victoria Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes From a subject that my teacher told me to drop, to a subject I honestly found interest and purpose in, thank you for your guidance and care. Despite our feeble attempts to answer questions in class, you encouraged us and drilled in concepts that even now are unforgettable after As HAHAH. Not just as a teacher to me, but a person who constantly jokes and lessens the pain of JC life within the 2 hours we spend in class with you. Thank you, Mr Loh Zhi Hong, you are the person I owe my A, as well as an enjoyable tuition journey too. I wish you all the best 🙂 Closing Quotes

Jonathan Koh, Dunman High School (2018)


Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Loh for always making Econs lessons fun and interesting! I am really grateful to have been under your patient guidance. I really appreciate all your hard work and effort in teaching me, helping me to achieve a more than desirable grade for A’levels! Closing Quotes

Brenda Lee, St. Andrew’s Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Mr Loh is a not only a dedicated teacher, he is very lively in class and tries to help us understand each concept by breaking it down, then finally using the concepts on questions to make sure we internalise the concepts that have been thought. I believe that his way of teaching has allowed me to better grasp the subject content such that I was able to perform well in school. I was definitely very lucky to have Mr Loh who helped me every step along the way! Closing Quotes

Darren Chee, Dunman High School (2018)


Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Loh Zhi Hong for helping us get through the tough two years! I don’t think any of us could have done well without your extra lessons and dedication. You always went the extra mile to help us mark our essays and tell us how to improve. Econs was such a painful subject at the start, but you’ve made it so much more enjoyable and manageable. Couldn’t have done it without you!!! Closing Quotes

Lishire Yeong Mei Qi, Dunman High School (2018)


Opening Quotes I would like to thank Mr Loh for teaching me for the few months before A levels. He was a very dedicated teacher willing to go the extra mile and vet through all the essays that students were willing to do outside class. He would even stay back after class to answer students’ queries until quite late. His style of teaching was clear and concise and he would also always lighten the mood in class with some humour. With his help, I managed to improve a lot in economics and jump from a S to an A in a few months. Thank you Mr Loh! Closing Quotes

Koh Kai Xun, Hwa Chong Institution (2018)


Opening Quotes Mr Loh Zhi Hong is a very passionate and dedicated teacher who always makes classes something to look forward to. He drills us on the fundamental concepts and teaches us how to apply these concepts to daunting questions seamlessly. He ensures that every student is well taken care of by asking each of us questions. He also goes the extra mile to help us mark additional essays and gives constructive feedback. Mr Loh restored my love for economics and I am immensely thankful for having him as my tutor. Closing Quotes

Charlene Seow, Dunman High School (2018)


Opening Quotes Mr Loh Zhi Hong taught me Econs since the start of J2 and I have no regrets of enrolling in his classes. He had worked tirelessly for us even extending class by half an hour every lesson despite it being late at night. His way of teaching has helped me grasp the writing skills necessary to do well for the A levels. I recommend students who are not confident in their econs to enrol in his class or attend a trial lesson.Closing Quotes

Nicholas Soon, Nanyang Junior College (2018)

Loh Zhi Hong - Jasper Ong


Opening Quotes  I am grateful to have met Mr Loh at the end of JC1. His entertaining lessons and his passion for teaching helped me to understand the Economic concepts and become interested in economics. Before joining his lesson, I dreaded economics as I found it difficult to ace. Thankfully, after joining him, my economics grade improved from an S in MYE to an A for ‘A’level.   Closing Quotes


Jasper Ong, Victoria Junior College (2017)


Loh Zhi Hong - Michelle Ong


Opening Quotes  Thank you so much for your engaging and interesting economics lessons! With your help, my economic concepts became stronger and I could tackle economic essay questions much better. I also appreciate your injection of humour in class such that the class would not be that monotonous. I would not have achieved my A for economics without you!! Thank you, Mr Loh.   Closing Quotes


Ong Jing Yi Michelle, Victoria Junior College (2017)


Loh Zhi Hong with Sonali


Opening Quotes   Following the first lesson with Mr Loh, I was left with no doubt that I was learning from the best for the remaining five months of my ‘A’ Level journey. He is an extraordinarily knowledgeable and devoted teacher, who conducts every lesson with vigor & enthusiasm, offering every student the attention he/she needs. Thank you, Mr Loh! I am glad to have been your student.   Closing Quotes


Sonali (2015)


Opening Quotes  I just want to say a big thank you to Mr Loh for his patient guidance. I enrolled in Learners’ Lodge with not much knowledge on econs but I came out enlightened. Despite us not remembering the things he taught the last lesson, Mr Loh is always patient with us in recapping contents. I am sincerely grateful to Mr Loh. My econs have improved greatly after attending his lessons. His encouraging words never fail to make me feel better about myself too. Thank you, Mr Loh, once again!!    Closing Quotes


Lim Jie Rui, Meridian Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Dear Mr Loh,
Thank you so much for helping me through my A-level Economics journey. You are both serious and funny, and you are good at knowing when to do so. I still remember I was always lazy in class at the start, but you are able to push me to study hard. I will not forget the amazing moments during lessons, all the fun and joy, and also your passion for teaching. Thank you.    Closing Quotes


Tsao Wei Yu, Dunman High (2017)


Opening Quotes  Thank you, Mr Loh, for all the hard work you have put into teaching our class, and for being very patient ☺️ very thankful to be in your class!!    Closing Quotes


Chloe Ng, Nanyang Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Mr Loh never fails to make lessons engaging and interesting which makes learning less daunting! He is very patient as well and I really appreciate all the time and effort he put in to push us for the last lap towards As!! Thank you, Mr Loh!!!!   Closing Quotes


Natalie Liew, Victoria Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Mr Loh really made all the difference in my econs grade!!!! I struggled with an E and a lack of interest in econs all the way until I joined tuition 2 months before prelims and my grades improved all the way up till As! I’m so thankful because more than a grade, I had interesting tuition lessons & a new found passion for econs hehehe jiayou mr loh!!!   Closing Quotes


Desiree Ng , Victoria Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Mr Loh simplified all the tough topics clearly and concisely so that we truly understood them, which improved my content knowledge and essay coherence tremendously. Also, his fun and efficient method of teaching ensured that we could recite the economic theories verbatim off the top of our heads, thus helping with time management in exams. Overall, Mr Loh’s guidance is what helped me jump several grades in less than 3 months, and I am so grateful to have discovered his econs tuition before it was too late.    Closing Quotes


Pearlyn Chang, Victoria Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Thank you, Mr Loh, for bringing me from a U in j1 to an A eventually in A levels. I can always see you put in your effort in every lesson and believe that we will do well even though we may not always live up to your expectations. I truly think that your lessons are one of my favourite tuition lessons because you always manage to make important information memorable and applicable and I believe that I am a testimonial to your hard work. Thank you, Mr Loh, once again!!    Closing Quotes


Isaac Tan, Victoria Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Thank you, Mr Loh Zhi Hong, for not making us learn the way you wanted to teach, but teaching us the way we wanted to learn. I really appreciate the effort you put in to make lessons entertaining, easy-to-understand and interactive. After attending your lessons, H2 Economics became less of a foreign subject and more of like a native language. Furthermore, Mr Loh often used real-world issues as examples in his explanations. These allowed me to quickly relate to economic theory and policies when answering questions during A levels. Thank you for all the encouragement and reminding us to stay positive even when we were struggling with prelims and approaching the impending A-Level. Sincere thanks once again to Mr Loh! I could not have done it without him undoubtedly.    Closing Quotes


Ong Jun Bao, Catholic Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Thank you very much for all of the efforts that you have put into teaching our class as well as your other classes. I have never seen any other teacher give so much time and resources to his/her students. I am grateful to receive your tutorage; Without you, I would probably still be failing Economics. Although we are not very strong students, you continue to push us no matter how tough it gets.  Closing Quotes


Cleon Tan, Victoria Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Mr Loh was a really engaging teacher who never fails to simplify complicated ideas for us. Thank you for being so committed and marking endless essays, even meeting us outside of tuition to give us consultations while nearing As!

Couldn’t have done it without you. Thank you, Mr Loh!    Closing Quotes


Ang Zi Kai, Dunman High School (2017)


Opening Quotes   Thank you, Mr Loh, for being such a dedicated teacher who always makes every lesson very interesting and engaging. Even the most difficult of Economics concepts can become easy to digest with your humorous style of teaching and constant links back to the real-world applications. It was a joy to be in your class.   Closing Quotes


Sim Rou Chen, Dunman High School (2017)


Opening Quotes   Dear Mr Loh,
thank you mr loh for your guidance in econs!! you have made econs so much more fun, interesting and easy to learn. thanks for pushing our limits and your countless encouragements in classes, your efforts have sure paid off in nurturing us as students, regardless of our grades.    Closing Quotes


Shermin, Dunman High (2017)


Opening Quotes   Thank you, Mr Loh!

When my Economics grades were LOW, you brought them up and made them HIGH.
When our spirits were LOW, you cheered us up and made us HIGH.
When our confidence and morale was LOW, you encouraged us and lifted them HIGH.

You’re truly an educator of the HIGHEST quality, and I am so grateful to you for teaching me how to learn and love Economics.    Closing Quotes


Soh Kai Xin, Dunman High School (2017)


Opening Quotes  Dear Mr Loh,

Thank you for your guidance and help this past year. I feel that your lesson plans and style of teaching is really just GENIUS. It is meticulous and designed to help any student with economics successfully. I hope that you will continue to help many other students in their economics journey in the future as you have helped me! Thank you!    Closing Quotes


Chan Jing, Dunman High School (2017)


Opening Quotes  Dear Mr Loh,
Thank you for your guidance through this tough A-level year! Your lessons really helped me a lot in clearing up the misunderstandings I had in learning economics. It progressively helped to build up my confidence in the subject which I really thought I couldn’t do and helped me to achieve my goal. Thank you for being patient and helping me even though I was not a good student. Your hard work is much appreciated!    Closing Quotes


Ryan Ng, DHS (2017)


Opening Quotes   Hi Mr Loh!! thank you for helping me so much with my econs. I really couldn’t have done it without you!! Your enthusiasm really made learning the subject much more enjoyable for me. :-) Your dedication towards your students is really admirable and I’m really thankful to have you as my teacher! Wishing you all the best in the future!!    Closing Quotes


Claris Saw, Hwa Chong Institution (2017)


Opening Quotes   I joined the economics tuition back in j1 because my concepts were very weak and I was failing my internal exams. I would like to thank Mr Loh because, over the course of 1+ years, Mr Loh constantly drilled us and gave us tips on how to remember important concepts and link them with one another. He took a lot of time out of his own personal time to mark assignments that we did to practice the flow of essays and also to test out our memory of the content. He remained patient and repeated himself several times when we didn’t understand in class and would adjust the pace of the lesson to suit each class. Under his guidance, I managed to improve from an S grade to a distinction for the A levels. Very thankful.   Closing Quotes


Houston Wong, Victoria Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes   Dear Mr Loh, thank you for making econs a much simpler and enjoyable subject to learn. Before your lessons I felt like econs was a very difficult subject with many things to memorise and various concepts that I did not understand. Even though our tuition class often required you to repeat things you had gone through before, you were patient and personal in conducting your lessons, catering to our needs. I appreciate the many times you engaged us in class and asked us for the answers instead of feeding them straight to us while guiding us at the same time which honestly made absorbing the concepts a lot easier. Thanks for everything!    Closing Quotes


Muk Chen Han Nathanael, Raffles Institution (2017)


Opening Quotes  Mr Loh has been my saviour for Economics. I remember joining his class when I was struggling with Economics, attaining either Ds or Es in every test. Nothing seemed to be working, and I came after seeing my friend’s Economics grade improving drastically after attending his classes. Mr Loh is a systematic and clear teacher when it comes to teaching. His teaching style suits most students, as he goes through important concepts and stops to explain in detail whenever any of his students are unable to catch up. He goes through all the possible Economics essay question types and teaches us tips and tactics on how to tackle them and get a good score. Furthermore, Mr Loh is extremely funny. I found myself looking forward to attending his lessons because they become the highlight of my day. His close relationship with each and every one of his student never fails to amaze me, because I can truly see that he cares about his students. Once, he even called me to explain an economics concept that I was unable to grasp. As a result of placing his students first, Mr Loh often skips his meals and lengthens his tuition duration just so we could learn more. Mr Loh is really one of the best teachers I’ve ever come across and I can proudly say that econs became something I actually enjoy studying, which is how I finally got an A for the A-Levels. Thank you, Mr Loh! You’re the best.    Closing Quotes


Chou Xuan, Raffles Institution (2017)


Opening Quotes  Thanks for helping me improve my grades so much. I would never have been able to do better without your help. I learnt more than just econs through your valuable lessons. I also gained better study methods to learn efficiently. Besides academics, you have inspired me as a person to try my best, never give up, and to cherish what I have. Thank you for making this enormous impact on my life!!   Closing Quotes


Melody Lin, Raffles Institution


Opening Quotes  Mr Loh is a proficient teacher and knows his stuff. He knows which topics to focus on and understands what the examiners are looking for. He can communicate his ideas to his students effectively and clearly.

He is also friendly and cares about the wellbeing of his students. If you attend his class, fret not! You are in safe hands!   Closing Quotes


Dylan, Temasek Junior College


Opening Quotes  Mr Loh is one of the most engaging and passionate tutors I’ve ever had and has helped me incredibly with Econs, always finding a way to make lessons memorable but also making sure at every step of the way we understand everything properly. I can safely say thanks to him, I managed to get an A in Econs for A levels, and any student of his would be lucky to have him teach this subject.
Thank you, Mr Loh!!  Closing Quotes


Rashmita Kearle, Temasek Junior College


Opening Quotes  Mr Loh Zhi Hong taught me H2 A level Economics from June to December 2015. Within a month, I improved significantly from an E to a high C, which boosted me from the 38th percentile to 75th percentile of my junior college. It was a miraculous feat that never could have been achieved without Mr Loh’s clear and concise method of teaching. He focused heavily on answering techniques and clarified all my weak concepts, especially those of Microeconomics. Being highly resourceful, he also provided many practice papers from other junior colleges that helped to familiarise me with exam conditions and developed my confidence in Economics. I wholeheartedly recommend him for any student in need of an Economics tutor.   Closing Quotes


Grace, Raffles Institution


Opening Quotes  I first joined Mr Loh’s Economics Tuition Class in Leaner’s Lodge in February 2015, till the A-level examinations later that year. Mr Loh is one of the most dedicated and inspiring teachers I have ever met! Mr Loh goes beyond his role of being an economics tutor and cares for all his student. His unique teaching pedagogy brings smiles to every student in class and gets one to think and evaluate concepts, rather than the traditional listen and copy style. Most important of all, Mr Loh believes in each of his students and tirelessly works to bring out the best in them. His passion towards teaching, coupled with clear detailed explanations, will help one’s Economics journey. It has been a great pleasure being his student, and I have benefitted much from him, learning not only from Economics but life values as well.    Closing Quotes


Manfred Ku, Victoria Junior College


Opening Quotes  Mr Loh is one of the best tutors I know. His depth of knowledge of the subject, Economics, and the syllabus has enabled him to quickly identify his students’ weaknesses and how we can score effectively. His methods and tips are easy to grasp. Like like any other subjects, practice is critical for these to become instinctive – he never fails to consistently remind us of such basics which are key to scoring well for Economics.

Mr Loh is also an extremely dedicated and thoughtful tutor. Despite his strict demeanour, he is undoubtedly caring towards his students – he remembers the different important commitments we have (in my case, A-Level Art) and he would show his concern and support for us during such times. He is always driven and it influenced me greatly. It pushed me to want to achieve higher and improve in the areas that I lack.

I am grateful for his guidance and support.    Closing Quotes


Quinn, Victoria Junior College


Opening Quotes  Mr Loh Zhi Hong is a highly skilful teacher who can tactfully cater to the learning abilities of all his students by pacing his lesson very well. His vibrant, expressive and humorous nature makes all of his teachings dynamic, engaging and easy to follow. After each lesson, he would also spend time answering any of our queries. Outside classroom, he encourages us to submit essays and always promptly provides detailed, constructive and useful tips in framing our answers to flesh out specific concepts to the examiners.

Before every topic, Mr Loh would spend time teaching us the big ideas to provide highly rigorous answers because each student may have different levels of understanding. From there, he would slowly build up his lessons by showing us how Cambridge repeatedly tests the same foundational concepts. Subsequently, he would inter-link topics and teach us how to answer any questions no matter how they have been worded, a skill that is important for students taking the ‘A’ Level examinations.

Mr Loh’s dedication makes him an exceptional teacher whose lessons I often look forward. He managed to make Economics a subject that is highly interesting and relevant to our daily lives. He has also inspired me to read beyond the lecture notes and be more aware of the economic issues around the world.    Closing Quotes


Joel, Victoria Junior College


Opening Quotes   When I first started attending Mr Loh’s class, I knew absolutely nothing about economics. I had just taken my JC1 Common Test and I had gotten a U. Mr Loh is a patient, clear and engaging teacher. I always looked forward to his lessons. He answered all my queries and took the time to clear up all the misconceptions I had. He consistently emphasised on content and showed us the ways to respond and the key phrases that examiners look out.

Mr Loh’s teaching style involves a lot of interaction, which keeps the lesson exciting, helped me to build up my confidence in my content knowledge and to speak up in class. After going for tuition, I was able to keep up with what was going on in class and had a clearer understanding of what my teacher was saying. Also, the numerous sample essays that Mr Loh provided helped me a lot in my preparations towards the Promotional Exam. After attending about 5 months of lessons, I got a B for my Promotional Exam. I owe it to Mr Loh for his constant care and guidance on this subject. Thank you, Mr Loh!    Closing Quotes


Jessica, Nanyang Junior College


Opening Quotes  Economics used to be my weakest subject. I was unable to grasp the many concepts fully and my understanding of that subject was weak. My grades suffered as a result and it made me lose confidence and dread studying for it. After going to Mr Loh’s tuition class, my attitude towards economics changed drastically.

He has a great passion for teaching economics and one will feel his enthusiasm in carrying out his lessons. With the uses of relevant but straightforward real-life examples, he showed us how economics is very applicable to our everyday lives. Every lesson, Mr Loh goes through numerous questions painstakingly with full detail so that we can learn as much as we can for related topics. He goes through the step-by-step thought process with us so that we will be able to organise our thoughts better.

Being a very dedicated and efficient teacher, Mr Loh never fails to return any written assignments within 2 weeks together with detailed comments and areas for improvement on every piece of work, not forgetting encouraging remarks if an assignment is well done.

Mr Loh is sure not to neglect any student in his class. He goes around asking everyone economics-related questions to engage them and to check on their understanding. His use of unique acronyms helped us remember the content easily. He sieves out and focuses on the more important content bits so that we can better digest them without compromising on crucial points.

A large range of practice questions is provided so that we will be exposed to more types of questions to gain confidence. Not only that, he offers suggested answer schemes so that we can have a better idea of how essay answers should be written.

There is never a dull moment in his tuition classes, a massive dose of humour is injected into his lessons to engage the students and help them relax after a long and tiring day at school. At times, Mr Loh shares his own stories with us to retain our attention and to take a short break from economics.

Apart from teaching economics, Mr Loh also cares about our studying habits and he recommends methods of revision to us. He equips us with the skill of writing with quality and giving smart answers. When he senses that we are feeling very stressed out, he encourages us to perseverance and motivates us to press on. He is a very understanding teacher who continually reminds us that doing our best is more important than the results. With his help, my grades improved from an E to a B in just 3 months.

My confidence and understanding of economics have also significantly improved and I am now able to appreciate the works of Economics, all thanks to Mr Loh!   Closing Quotes


Eunice, Victoria Junior College