Mr. Mike Wang

Mr Wang Yiming Mike graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) with Second Class Honours (Upper Division). Since young, he has always shown an interest and innate curiosity in understanding about things around him. His interest in Chemistry was ignited by his secondary and junior college science teacher who taught him the incredible science of Chemistry filled with colourful reagents, pungent gases and interesting experimental setups.

This experience spurred Mr Wang in furthering his studies in Chemistry and he also started giving private 1-1 tuition while serving his full-time national service. Since then, he has more than 12 years of private tuition teaching experience. Having a keen interest in research, Mr Wang took up a research project as an undergraduate even when he was only in Year One. Upon graduation, he took up a seven months contract job in researching a joint-collaboration between Economic Development Board (EDB) – National Institute of Education (NIE) – Singapore General Hospital (SGH) – National Cancer Centre (NCC) – Eu Yan Sang on herbal plants. It gave him a great opportunity to put into practice what he has learnt and he earned high accolades from his supervisor and was offered a chance to further his studies as a full-time researcher.

Mr Wang declined the gracious invitation as he found that he enjoyed interacting with students to instil in them the joy of learning and interest in science. He went on to do an eight months stint as a contract teacher at Temasek Secondary School where he had the opportunity to be exposed to different groups of students from the Express, Normal (Academic) and Normal (Techincal) stream. This experience allowed him to grow in customising his teaching to different needs of the students regardless of their academic background and learning abilities. He firmly believes in using different modes of learning (auditory, visual, kinesthetic) to enhance the students’ understanding and not rely on rote learning and memorization.

After finishing his contract teaching, Mr Wang went on to NIE for his teacher’s training and received his post-graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE). He was then posted to teach at St. Andrew’s Junior College where he received nominations for his effectiveness in teaching and his classes are usually performing well above average compared to the rest of the cohort. For his interest in incorporating technology into his teaching, Mr Wang was made the IT Champion of his department. He taught the rest of his colleagues in using Screencast technology to record all lectures and tutorials which enabled the students who missed their lessons to go through it again as well as for the rest of the students to review their work.

Since 2013, Mr Wang joined Learner’s Lodge Education Centre as a full-time staff, serving as an Educational Specialist, teaching Chemistry classes at both J1 and J2 level.

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Mr Mike Wang with Matthias Tan Kai HongOpening Quotes Could not have asked for a better teacher for chemistry. Mr Mike Wang is a teacher who is really dedicated to his students one example is him meeting us outside of his working hours to answer our questions which really shows his genuine care for his students. He is also a teacher who is very engaging, he would often use jokes and think of creative ways to teach us which lifts the atmosphere in the room and also helps us to stay awake. Am really happy to have signed up for his class and have recommended him to my juniors!   Closing Quotes

Matthias Tan Kai Hong, Tampines Meridian Junior College (2019)



Opening Quotes I have been consistently getting Ds and Es for my H2 Chemistry but have managed to secure a B for A levels. Grades Aside, Mr Mike Wang has helped me develop a passion for organic chemistry and this has encouraged me to pursue a life science-related degree in the future. I took away from him in terms of experience more than grades. Thanks, Mr Mike Wang!    Closing Quotes

Ooi Yu Yang, Tampines Meridian Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes Thank you, Mr Mike Wang, for being so patient, constantly making sure I understood all the concepts taught in class, and for making it that much easier to understand chemistry! Under you, I finally saw chemistry in a simpler light thanks to your jokes and linking ideas to modern everyday situations and was able to better grasp the topics that were being taught and tested. Lessons with you were never were a bore and I looked forward to everyone. Thanks to you, I improved greatly from an S in prelims to a B in A levels! Thank you :-)    Closing Quotes

Christel Teo, Temasek Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes Thank you, Mr Mike Wang, for teaching me the ins and outs of Chemistry as a study and as an examinable subject, and for constantly pushing me to achieve my goals.   Closing Quotes

Priyansh Shah, Raffles Institution (2019)


Opening Quotes Mr Wang has always been a very caring and a tutor with a lot of patience to teach his students. He always puts in his best effort to help students understand and grasp concepts more easily than the method schools typically used. I started to understand and appreciate chemistry more under Mr Wang and hence managed to improved my chemistry quickly and achieved a B for Chemistry during the A level exams. Once again thank you, Mr Wang!   Closing Quotes

Shawn Teo, Temasek Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes To Mr Wang:
Thank you for guiding me throughout every topic of Chemistry and for allowing us to text you urgent questions any time we need to, and for always answering our questions with depth. Your determination to dedicate your own time out of class to have consultation sessions with us, going through every mistake in our exam paper has certainly helped me in not repeating the same careless mistakes. You definitely have a part to play in helping me attain an A for my A-Level Chemistry grade. I appreciate and thank you a lot, Mr Wang!  Closing Quotes

Wong Shi An, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2019)


Mr Mike Wang and Ng Qifang PearlynOpening Quotes Mr Mike Wang has really helped me a lot in my chemistry journey during JC. I came in with a U and graduated A-levels with a B! A level chemistry is really not easy at all but Mr wang really made it much easier with all the organic mindmaps and the practice booklets, really super thankful for Mr Wang :)   Closing Quotes

Ng Qifang Pearlyn, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2018)




Opening Quotes Thank you for being so patient in teaching me Mr Mike Wang!! Even though I was a slightly slow student, you still offered help patiently, thank you!! :)    Closing Quotes

Clarisse Koh, Pioneer Junior College (2018)


Mike Wang Neo Xin Xuan


Opening Quotes   Chemistry was always one of my weakest subjects due to my weak foundation, but Mr Wang has still made it an effort to ensure that his students understood his lessons. It allows us to understand the concepts thoroughly. The experiences are also made fun while we get to learn which I appreciate. Thank you, Mr Wang.    Closing Quotes


Neo Xin Xuan, River Valley High (2018)


Mike and Chng Jing Yuan


Opening Quotes   Mr Mike Wang never fails to ensure that his students’ Chemistry foundations are well-grounded. He is a patient and passionate teacher who goes an extra mile to prepare challenging questions to stretch the limits of his students. Not only does he keeps lessons light-hearted and engaging, but he is also more than willing to stay behind and conduct extra consultations. Thank you, Mr Wang!   Closing Quotes


Chng Jing Yuan, River Valley High School (2017)



Opening Quotes  Thank you, Mr Mike Wang, for all the really fun lessons and support that you gave to us for this two years- you always went out of your way, answering our questions over text, meeting us before and after lessons etc etc. Your way of teaching really helped simplify Chemistry into something I could take on with confidence, so thank you very much!! wishing you all the best for 2018.   Closing Quotes


Karen, Raffles Institution (2017)


Opening Quotes  Dear Mr Mike Wang,

Thank you for your guidance since J1. Through your lessons, I learnt to enjoy chemistry even more than I already did and became motivated to do better on the subject. Thank you for making your classes an interactive and fun learning place that challenges our thinking and processing, helping make all of us better at chemistry.    Closing Quotes

Javier Chong, Meridian Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Mr Mike Wang is an extremely amicable and resourceful teacher capable of providing detailed yet easy to remember explanations with regards to chemistry concepts while highlighting the key methods to remember. He is also willing to go out of his way to offer consultation slots and even answer questions via message despite his busy schedule. Thank you, Mr Wang, for constantly supporting me all the way throughout my JC journey and despite my incessant questioning, never losing patience, and also for bolstering my Chemistry grade to an A!    Closing Quotes


Nay Lin Han, Raffles Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes Mr Mike Wang is a very caring teacher, who takes times off to help his students wholeheartedly. He is a teacher whom is refined in his concepts and can deliver the best to his students. Its been a joy ride learning from him.   Closing Quotes


Lye Jin Chang, Temasek Junior College


Opening Quotes   You are genuinely a very knowledgeable teacher. A teacher who is always able to transform complex concepts into simple and understandable ones. Indeed, you are an exceptionally patient teacher who never fails to spend time going through my questions with me and clear my doubts whenever and wherever. I will always appreciate your time and guidance. Happy Teacher’s Day. I promise to do you proud.   Closing Quotes


SC, Tampines Junior College


Opening Quotes Mr Mike Wang’s class is always fun and enjoyable with his interesting teaching style. After attending his in-depth Year 4 IP chemistry lesson, I began to understand better in class due to the prior knowledge that he had provided me. Getting an ‘A’ for chemistry tests are achievable after doing revision papers specially made by Mr Wang that targets specifically on the topics that we are tested on.   Closing Quotes


Dickson, River Valley High School


Opening Quotes Mr Mike Wang has been a very enthusiastic chemistry tutor during lessons. He teaches students to understand the topics and derive answers rather than memorising them. He relates to examples in real-life and clears any doubts. Mr Mike Wang volunteers to stay back after chemistry tuition lessons or meet up for group consultations to help students when the exam is near. He ensures that students are paying attention to lessons and not wasting their time. The homework given is appropriate and not too excessive. After attending his lessons, there have been significant improvements in my grades and a greater understanding of chemistry.    Closing Quotes


Jia Hwee, Temasek Junior College


Opening Quotes I have enrolled in Learners’ Lodge chemistry tuition program as I was suffering in my chemistry from JC1 all the way to JC2. Given that I had repeatedly failed in my H2 chemistry staying positive was difficult. On top of that, studying for Chemistry was getting more unpleasant. After I enrolled in Mr Mike Wang’s chemistry tuition classes, he gave me many different tips to tackle the question and also made me understand the different concept a lot easier than before. I surpass many of my friends during my preliminary examinations.   Closing Quotes


Joey Low, Serangoon Junior College


Opening Quotes Mr Wang’s passion and enthusiasm for chemistry have ignited the class’ interest in this subject. He has transformed the mundane and dull chemistry to an enjoyable and fun subject by giving us real-life analogy to help us remember our chemistry’s facts and definitions better. He has also gone the extra mile to prepare summaries as well as useful study guide and pointers for us, which are handy for revisions. He is also a caring and approachable teacher as he encourages us to clarify our doubts and ask questions in class. Besides, he does not neglect his academically less able students but rather, coaches them individually and give them extra lessons after classes, so that they can grasp fundamental concepts better. Furthermore, he will also provide us with additional practices to give us more exposure to other college’s papers and question types.

He is one of the very few teachers whom I look up upon as his dedication to chemistry is highly applaudable and admirable. I thus credit Mr Wang for playing a big part in fostering my love for chemistry as well as for my ‘A’ level Chemistry result. Thank you for your guidance and patience.    Closing Quotes


Tan Jing Xuan, Temasek Junior College