Mr. Alex Xu

Mr Alex Xu was previously a JC teacher, specialising in H2 Biology for five years. Under the sponsorship of MOE, he completed the Bachelor of Science (Biological Science with 1st class honours) at NTU. After which, he went on to NIE to obtain his PGDE, specialising in JC Biology.
While he was offered to study Medicine at Duke-NUS Medical School, he decided that his passion still lies in teaching. He is always encouraging and committed to his students and looks forward to meeting and teaching new students.
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Alex Xu and Waddy Thaung HtaikOpening Quotes Dear Mr Alex Xu,
His lessons were always very engaging and useful towards my learning and comprehension of the biology concepts. The notes he provided also made it a lot easier for my revision before exams as it really compiled all the important bits in each topic :) His lessons really contributed a lot to me getting an A for H2 Biology!
   Closing Quotes

Waddy Thaung Htaik, National Junior College (2020)



Opening Quotes Mr Alex, I got A for bio!!!! thank you for everything cuz before tuition I legit was U grader and couldn’t even understand anything. In less than a year you made bio so much more interesting and the links between topics became crystal clear. Joining your class was the best decision I made for my academics. if I see u anywhere i will scream HELLO MR ALEX XU:)   Closing Quotes

Tsai Pei Chen, National Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes Hi Mr Alex Xu, really thank u for the guidance and support throughout my jc journey and the eventual A i received at A levels as compared to my U in j1 myes. im really grateful for your patience and im glad to say that i owe this grade to you. thank u !!   Closing Quotes

Nicol Low, Eunoia Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes Mr Alex Xu really helped me in revising content for the A’levels and his notes were very helpful and concise. Mr Alex is an excellent and experienced teacher who can rectify conceptual mistakes and provide constructive feedback, which has led me to improve greatly in the subject. At the start, Biology was a really tough and boring subject for me, but after going for lessons conducted by Mr Alex, I have started to love the subject and became much more willing to study and put in effort for the subject. Thank you so much Mr Alex!   Closing Quotes

Ivan Gan Jun Kiat, National Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Alex Xu for all the help you have given to students like myself over the past 2 years. From comprehensive notes to after class consultations, your every effort, however small, went a long way in helping us achieve our goals!   Closing Quotes

Siddarth Venkateswaran, Raffles Instituition (2020)

Opening Quotes I am really thankful to Mr Alex Xu for improving my biology grade drastically. His lessons are really interactive and helpful. Mr Alex is also a patient teacher who would try his best to ensure that every student in his class understands the content.   Closing Quotes

Lee Jun Wei, National Junior College (2020)

Mr Alex Xu and Nidhish KrishnanOpening Quotes My Biology in j1 was a consistent U and then I joined the Learners Lodge which provided me with notes and practices which helped me to improve from a U to a C and eventually an A in my A levels. Mr Alex Xu helped me greatly as well as he gave me his own handwritten notes which I could read up on before the exams and he was always prompt to reply my texts.   Closing Quotes

Nidhish Krishnan, Catholic Junior College (2019)




Opening Quotes Mr Alex Xu is a great motivation for me to do well. He showed a deep understanding in the topics he taught. He presents key points in a clear and explicit way, making complex ideas easier to understand, clearing any question I had unanswered. Mr Alex is a teacher that devotes much time for his class, continuously giving us extra lesson even though he had a tight schedule. Thanks Mr Alex for always being there to encourage us through tough times.   Closing Quotes

Japheth Goh, Yishun Innova Junior College (2019)

Opening Quotes Hi Mr Alex Xu, thank you for being my bio tutor for the past 2 years! I’m really grateful that you have always believed in my abilities even though my results were not stellar in school😅 I had a lot of fun in your lessons even when the topics were dry or when all of us were dying from sleep deprivation in the morning :D I’m also thankful that you would entertain my questions and re-explain concepts when I didn’t understand them! Your summary notes and beautifully hand-drawn mindmaps were really helpful too 😆 thank you for the A grade!  Closing Quotes

Ingrid Yeung, Raffles Instituition (2019)

Opening Quotes The funny antics and iconic trademarks of Mr Alex Xu’s lessons were a highlight every lesson I attended, the hilarious ways utilised to help us memorise keywords such as ‘Entry Passwords’ definitely made his lessons deeply imprinted in my mind. The concise notes provided and the clear explanations and answering tips provided by him were very helpful in my Bio learning as well, and eventually allowed me to get an A for bio. I’m very thankful :) Closing Quotes

Cheok Teng Ang, Dunman High School (2019)

Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Alex Xu for the wonderful lessons that I was able to understand and apply in questions. Even though I did not do well for my p4, you told me not to think about it anymore and I tried my very best to ace my other papers. In the end, I jumped to A from B thanks to you:) Closing Quotes

Zhang Zhuo Feng, Eunoia Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes Dear Mr Alex Xu, thank you for all the support you always gave the class and for never giving up on us regardless of our results or no matter how tired we are. I really appreciate the private messages to clear queries or to ask how we are doing for bio :)) Closing Quotes

Evan Tan, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2019)

Mr Alex Xu and Joel PangOpening Quotes Thank you, Mr Alex Xu, for giving me so much support in my H2 biology for A levels, I’m generally weak in bio and you helped me improve by simplifying complicated biology concepts leading to my results exceeded my expectations. Not only that, you constantly reassured me that A level grades are not everything but my plans after that no matter the results are always what matters. Not only you helped alleviate my exam stress but also reassured me that everything is going to be alright. Thank you, Mr Alex, for making a difference In my A level journey as a teacher, mentor and friend 😉   Closing Quotes

Joel Pang, Catholic Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Thank you, Mr Alex Xu! I am very happy to be able to achieve an A for Biology as I was doing badly in prelims and school. I lacked confidence in Biology in school and feared I would do badly for A levels. But under your guidance and teaching, I was able to achieve an A for Bio! Thank You, Mr Xu!   Closing Quotes


Lim Yao Yi, Nanyang Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Mr Alex Xu made learning Biology fun and was very patient in explaining concepts. I looked forward to every Biology lesson and felt very comfortable clarifying any of my doubts with Mr Xu. He was a very supportive teacher who cares about his students.   Closing Quotes


Rei-Anne Lim Xinche, National Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes Mr Alex Xu has been a great Biology teacher and I’m very thankful for him. He is very encouraging and makes time to answer all our questions and doubts until we understand. He is very supportive and gives feedback on how we can do better. I’m very grateful to Mr Xu for helping me with Biology!   Closing Quotes


M Farhana, Raffles Institution (2018)


Opening Quotes Hi Mr Alex Xu, It has been a crazy journey for me for bio in JC with me struggling to even pass. But Mr Xu gave me the opportunity to believe in myself and to always never give up. He has one of the amazing teachers I have ever had, always trying his best to ensure we grasp the concepts well and we are able to do questions. I still remember how I use to mull over my results but he always brought me up and made me stronger always taking time after lesson to teach me and explain to me until I could get it. Though I did not get my intended result, the way how my grades shot up from a fail even until my last j2 exam I can’t thank Mr Xu enough. Thank you, sir, and hope to meet u soon.   Closing Quotes


Prithviraj Mukhopadhyay, Raffles Institution (2018)


Opening Quotes  Thank you, Mr Alex, for encouraging us and making us prepared with all the important knowledge for the examination. Love the lessons which are loaded with contents yet intriguing at the same time.   Closing Quotes


Yang Zhou Yi Fan, Temasek Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  I hated Biology to the core before joining Mr Alex’s class. Even reading content was frustrating for me because I did not believe I could do well in the subject. Mr Alex gave us more than just notes and worksheets, he gave us moral support and encouragement all along the way. Even though it was a short few months that he took over our class for, he took the effort to always check that we were understanding what he taught and consistently asked for feedback to tailor to our needs. Those months that he taught us were the most stressful months as Prelims and As were round the corner but with his help, we were learning at a good pace and for me, I was catching up with everything I had missed out on for the past 1.5 years in a steady manner. Lessons were never a bore despite them being conducted on a weekday night which can get pretty stressful from all the mugging. Thanks to Mr Alex’s dedicated teaching, encouragement and plentiful resources, I managed to get an A for Biology despite never once achieving anything higher than an E for the subject in JC. People who say that Bio is just about memorising are not always correct! Nobody believed in my Bio grades but Mr Alex did and that made all the difference.   Closing Quotes


Jiaxin, National Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes   Mr Alex is a very dedicated Biology teacher, always willing to go the extra mile, marking the endless stream of papers I had submitted to him. He is very approachable in and out of the classroom, always full of energy, delivering his lessons with enthusiasm. Under his guidance, I could understand question requirements more clearly and scored better grades.  Closing Quotes


Kay Ray, Anglo Chinese Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Mr Alex Xu is a very engaging teacher, allowing students to learn via numerous student-teacher interactions. Together with his extensive resources, he can elucidate difficult concepts quickly and help students to register critical information with ease. His bubbly and outgoing personality makes him easy to approach and friendly.   Closing Quotes


Jovan Lim, River Valley High School (2017)


Opening Quotes  Mr Alex is my Biology tutor at Learners Lodge. He conducts lessons with enthusiasm. His skillfulness in illustrating concepts allow us to see the big pictures as well as understand smaller details. He is someone who willingly shares his knowledge, cares and guides his students.  Closing Quotes


Jia Hui, River Valley High School (2017)