Mr. Au Chee Ping

Mr Au Chee Ping graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Engineering (Chemical) with Second Class Honours (Upper Division). When he was pursuing his undergraduate degree, Mr Au was also in the Talent Development Programme (now known as the University Scholars Programme), which was created to provide intellectual, leadership, and personal development for highly motivated and talented students at NUS.

Upon graduation, Mr Au worked as a Process Engineer in the chemical industry in an internationally well-known company. However, he discovered that his calling and gift is in leading and guiding young people, to develop their character and maximise their potential. Because of this, he gave up a promising career in the private sector and joined the Ministry of Education.

After receiving his Diploma in Education (with Merit) from the National Institute of Education (NIE), Mr Au served five years at Tampines Junior College (TPJC) where he taught H2 Chemistry. Before the new syllabus was introduced in 2006, Mr Au also taught Chemistry (Special Paper). Because he was able to integrate textbook knowledge with his industrial experience, it enabled him to understand and teach the subject at a much more interesting and deeper level, giving his students an edge over others in grasping important concepts.

During his service at TPJC, Mr Au was charged with leading a group of students to participate in the 29th Singapore Youth Science Fair, and through his effective guidance, the project entered the finals. On top of this, Mr Au also served as the Chief Internal Moderator for the Chemistry School-based Practical Assessment (SPA) in TPJC.

Since 2009, Mr Au has joined Learners’ Lodge Education Centre as a full-time staff, serving as an Education Specialist, teaching Chemistry classes at both JC1 and JC2 levels.

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Opening Quotes Thanks Mr Au Chee Ping for teaching me Chem for the last 2 years. Will miss your lessons:’)  Closing Quotes

Nicholas Neo Yee Siang, Temasek Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes Mr Au Chee Ping is a very kind and patient teacher. He’s passionate in teaching. And he also loves to give life advice to his students.  Closing Quotes

Liyana Afrina, Junior Pioneer Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes Thank you so much for all your help Mr Au Chee Ping!! I was able to go from a U student in J1 to getting an A in chemistry for A levels!! Your creative and fun lessons always helped me learn chemistry better!  Closing Quotes

Amyirthan Guru, Raffles Instituition (2021)

Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Au Chee Ping for helping with my chemistry. Your lessons were a very much needed supplement to my school lessons. It has greatly helped me with improving my grades for chemistry. It is a shame that I only joined your class quite late. But even then in the short few months, you have helped me jump from struggling with chemistry to getting a B (might be better if i didn’t make some careless mistakes…) Once again thank you so much for teaching me chemistry.  Closing Quotes

Justin Yeoh Qi Xuan, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes I would like to thank Mr Au Chee Ping for helping me in my h2 chemistry. His ability to apply chemistry in daily life using examples has made it a very interesting subject for me to learn, and has aided me in my understanding greatly. Wouldnt have done it without him.  Closing Quotes

Harold Swee, Nanyang Junior College (2020)

Mr Au Chee Ping and Christabel LowOpening Quotes I used to struggle with chemistry a lot before coming to learners lodge but Mr Au really helped me understand difficult concepts. He was able to breakdown complicated topics so it was easier for the class to understand. His way of explaining things was also very clear and concise. Mr Au would recap the current topic at the start of every lesson which was very helpful. In addition, the practice questions that Mr Au picked out for us were unique and challenging. I am extremely thankful for Mr Au’s guidance and I owe my A in chemistry to him!  Closing Quotes

Christabel Low, St. Andrew’s Junior College (2019)


Opening QuotesThank you, Mr Au Chee Ping, your chemistry lessons have been engaging and really useful. No way I would have thought I would be getting a B for Alvls but I did. Thank you for improving me from an E to B in a few months. I am grateful.  Closing Quotes

Zhang Zhuo Feng, Eunoia Junior College (2019)


Opening QuotesThank you, Mr Au Chee Ping, for patiently guiding and teaching me for the past 2 years, effectively accompanying me in my Chemistry journey towards the A-Levels. You have ignited a passion for learning more than what is required in the syllabus and a desire to indulge in chemistry-related research to improve my grades. Especially thankful for the life stories that you shared during lesson time that not only lifts our spirits during our gruelling academic pursuit but also shapes our character going forward.  Closing Quotes

Ng Yi Fei, Dunman High School (2019)

Mr Au Chee Ping and Cheryl HauOpening Quotes Mr Au Chee Ping has made chemistry lessons more interesting. He will ensure that his students fully understand concepts. He also tries to link chemistry topics to real-life applications which makes me appreciate chemistry more. I appreciate his commitment towards teaching as he will always clarify our doubts whenever he can.  Closing Quotes

Cheryl Hau, Serangoon Junior College (2018)




Mr Au Chee Ping and Nicole Tan Opening Quotes Hey Mr Au, thank you so much for your guidance in chemistry! Honestly a huge jump from E in exams to A in A’s! I really appreciate the fact that you would stay back for us and patiently explain the concepts even after our lessons ended. Loved your small interesting facts and real-life application stories. Honestly, it made me like chemistry more. Thank you once again!   Closing Quotes

Nicole Tan, Nanyang Junior College (2018)



Opening Quotes Chemistry used to be one of the subjects that I really struggled with, & was constantly failing class tests & getting Us for school-based examinations. Under Mr Au Chee Ping’s guidance, however, I was able to not only improve tremendously in my understanding of the subject, but also find passion & enjoy the process of learning Chemistry. Thank you, Mr Au, for the extremely useful tips & also for allowing me to grasp this subject a whole lot better. I would’ve never been able to jump from constant S’s & U’s in internal examinations to a B for A’s. Thank you for being a great teacher throughout my A-Level journey!.   Closing Quotes

Natasha Lau, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes I want to thank Mr Au Chee Ping for always reassuring us students and boosting our confidence. His lessons are interesting and easy to follow, and he also jokes around, making the atmosphere less stressful, especially since studying for A’s is already very taxing. I am extremely thankful to have been his student, as without his guidance, I would not have been able to improve from a U in J1 examinations to an A in the A Levels.   Closing Quotes

Lam Wei Lin, Meridian Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Hi Mr Au Chee Ping! Thank you so much for helping me with chemistry since my JC1 days till A levels. Chemistry was my worst subject in JC, but throughout the two years my grade gradually picked up and I got an A in the end! I really appreciate that you are willing to entertain my questions even outside of class hours, and the occasional pizza treats for the class as well. I definitely learnt more than just chemistry from your teachings, and I hope that you’ll have a blessed 2019 ahead :)   Closing Quotes

Boh Duang Sey, Dunman High School (2018)

Opening Quotes I am thankful for having Mr Au Chee Ping as my teacher, one that never fails to make lessons interesting and ever so helpful in making concepts clear. Even when the journey during A levels/exams were stressful, Mr Au was always there if we ever needed help/advice. Thank you Mr Au for your guidance, ever so grateful for having you as my teacher, you’ve made a mark in our lives :-) !   Closing Quotes

Nicole Lau Xer Min, Eunoia Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Dear Mr Au Chee Ping,

It’s amazing how time really flies. I still remember on the first day of lessons I was really clueless, thinking you were the technician since you were repairing the air-conditioner and being really surprised when you walked in and started teaching chemistry. I am always thankful for your patient guidance when I got confused about concepts and it was because of you that I managed to get a grasp of the various topics quickly. Not only were you a chemistry teacher, but you showed us how devoted a father you were to your daughters while inculcating with us life lessons along the way. I am also grateful for your humour and the joy you brought to Chemistry lessons and this made me more motivated to press on and do my best. Today, I can safely say that the results which I got was due to my own effort but also because of you as well, so thank you!

Well wishes,   Closing Quotes

Phua Yu Wen, Dunman High School (2018)

Au Chee Ping 

Opening Quotes   Mr Au is my chemistry teacher in Learners Lodge. He is always full of energy and delivers his lessons with enthusiasm. He never fails to add insight to his lesson materials to aid me in my understanding of chemistry. My love for chemistry has grown because of his efforts. Thank you for continued guidance and support.   Closing Quotes 

Nicole Sng, Hwa Chong Institution (2018)




 Au Chee Ping Goh Hailing

Opening Quotes   Mr Au is very dedicated and passionate when it comes to teaching us chemistry. He would take effort in addressing common conceptual errors which help to reduce my doubt for chemistry. He has always been generous in his teaching and kind to answer our queries outside class time. Thank you, Mr Au!   Closing Quotes

Goh Hailing, Yishun Junior College (2018)



Au Chee Ping and Regina Lee


Opening Quotes  Thank you, Mr Au, for helping me with my Chem! Although I joined your class late in June, you still managed to inspire me and make me love doing Chem again through your fun teaching and life stories! I could never have brought my Chem back to A grade without your help. Thank you so much; I learnt so much more than just Chem from you.   Closing Quotes

Regina Lee, Temasek Junior College (2017)




Opening Quotes  Thanks for always being an enthusiastic and passionate teacher.

You never fail to make lessons exciting and spiced with your jokes and stories.    Closing Quotes


Clement Tan, St Andrew Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes  Mr Au is a fantastic JC Chemistry teacher who not only can teach the content but also helps us to analyse questions and ensures that we understand the chapters well.   Closing Quotes


Rodney, Anderson Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes  Mr Au is an amiable JC Chemistry teacher who teaches us about how fascinating JC Chemistry is by providing real-life applications of science to fuel our interest. My understanding of the subject has also improved!    Closing Quotes


Kang Tai, St Andrew Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes  In JC, I was extremely uncertain about taking Chemistry as one of my subjects. It was not a good start. After taking tuition classes with Mr Au, lessons became easier and more interesting. He was always willing to provide help to me when I needed it. I may not be the best student, but you are still the best! Thanks, Mr Au!!   Closing Quotes


Bryan Soh, Catholic Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes  Dear Mr Au, thank you for being a dedicated and enthusiastic teacher! You made Chemistry concepts seem easier, and the tactics you taught us for structural elucidation were extremely helpful! Your anecdotes during class were also very enjoyable! Thank you so much for enabling me to score straight As for school exams, and ultimately for A-levels!   Closing Quotes


Chua Huixian, Victoria Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Thank you, Mr Au, for being such a helpful and passionate teacher. From responding to enquiries swiftly and going above and beyond your job scope, you have truly been instrumental in my A-levels experience, as well as to that of others. I’m sure you will continue inspiring your students to give their best to the subject and I wish everyone all the best.    Closing Quotes


Valerie, Raffles Institution (2017)


Opening Quotes  I’d like to thank Mr Au for helping me achieve an A grade for H2 Chem for A Level exams. Chemistry was always my worst subject, and I always scored U or S for chem in J1. By J2, I realised that the key to chem was the understanding of fundamental concepts beneath all the application questions, which I lacked. However, under Mr Au’s thorough and clarified teaching of concepts, I had my basics solidified in time for exams. I was able to do harder application questions because I knew the basics of how they worked without ambiguity. Yet, the best part was how he encouraged us to ask questions in class, which I found hard to do in school. This really helped clear some of the more challenging questions from VJC papers. I really owe Mr Au a lot for preparing me for this exam, thank you!     Closing Quotes


Kathy Jeon, Victoria Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Mr Au’s lessons aren’t Mr Au’s lessons unless they are interjected with quirky conversation topics only sometimes related to chemistry – from enthusiastic outbursts about ping pong, to watching videos about the production of expensive charcoal. So thank you for making it harder to fall asleep while listening to facts about chemistry.    Closing Quotes


Sylvia, Temasek Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes  Dear Mr Au, thank you so much for your guidance. Your structured teaching really helped me answer questions better and not miss out on the key points. Thank you for being so willing and ready to answer any and all questions we have, whether it be after class or on WhatsApp. I really appreciate how you encourage our interest in chemistry and also share with us valuable life lessons. Your lessons are never boring and I always feel engaged with them. :)  My chemistry definitely would not have improved so much without all your efforts. Thank you so much, Mr Au!   Closing Quotes


Janessa Thong, Dunman High School (2017)


Opening Quotes  Mr Au was very patient with us, despite the fact that we kept on making him repeat himself for fundamental concepts. His teaching methods are clear and concise, simplifying the syllabus and making studying chemistry much more manageable.   Closing Quotes


David Lee, Victoria Junior College


Opening Quotes  I struggled with Chemistry throughout my Junior College days. I dreaded the subject and was weak even with the fundamentals. Luckily, I joined Mr Au’s tuition class and had a much better understanding of the subject. His explanations are clear and succinct. Under his teaching and guidance, I managed to pull from grades of U and S during my JC days to a B in ‘A’ levels. Thank you, Mr Au, please continue guiding and inspiring others!   Closing Quotes


Kong Wai Yee, Victoria Junior College