Mr Fung Jia Pei

Mr Fung Jia Pei’s passion for teaching and guiding students ignited during his student days in National Junior College (NJC). He was not only the captain for the Men’s Air Pistol team but also acted as coach for the team. Upon the completion of his A levels, his Junior College economics teacher reached out to him to spearhead and conduct an introductory economics course for students from the Integrated Programme (IP). The coaching experience and short teaching stint at NJC confirmed his passion for educating teenagers and convinced him to take up the Ministry of Education (MOE) Overseas Teaching Scholarship.

Mr Fung pursued a Bachelor of Science degree in Economics and Geography at University College London (UCL) where he graduated with Second Class Honours (Upper Division). Upon graduation, he returned to Singapore to commence his formal teacher training at the National Institute of Education. Armed with a wide range of pedagogical tools, Mr Fung then joined Anderson Junior College where he received positive feedback from students and teachers alike on his lectures and tutorials. With a deep belief in engendering student participation and enhancing student motivation, coupled with his ability to present complicated concepts in a clear and easy-to-understand manner, Mr Fung excelled in maintaining a positive classroom environment to maximise student learning. In recognition of his teaching abilities, he was appointed to lead the professional learning team to develop new strategies to motivate students in 2017. In 2018, he was also appointed as a critical friend to provide feedback and guide the development of other teachers in the Economics department.

Mr Fung’s teaching philosophy is founded on the belief that all students deserve the opportunity to develop at their own pace and he adopts a “whole-child” approach to education. This is reflected in how he advocates strongly for students to have a holistic education in college, emphasising their commitment to co-curricular activities in tandem with their pursuit of academic excellence. Certified in Choice Theory and Reality Therapy (CTRT), he worked tirelessly towards helping students fulfil their full potential. Under his steadfast guidance, his students have pursued higher education at top global universities, including the University of Oxford and the London School of Economics, and also succeeded in their applications for prestigious scholarships.
In 2019, Mr Fung joined Learners’ Lodge Education Centre as full-time staff, serving as Education Specialist, teaching Economics classes at both JC1 and JC2 levels. Leveraging on his experience in MOE, he continues to provide educational and career guidance to his students and supports them in their educational pursuits beyond the classroom.

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Mr Fung Jia Pei and Ng Yu TingOpening Quotes I would like to thank Mr Fung Jia Pei, my H2 economics tutor, for never giving up on me and always pushing me to my maximum potential. I am very glad to have seen a very big improvement in my Economics grades in my A level certificate. Thank your Mr Fung for finding all the most interesting and reliable ways to get me to be more interested in the subject and bringing my grades up tremendously. I am ever so grateful to have Mr Fung, such a caring and patient teacher to help me with Economics. Bringing Economics, one of my worst subjects to begin with, to one of the best subjects in my A level results. Thank you for being such a passionate teacher and my A level Economics grades is really all thanks to you. Thank you Mr Fung!  Closing Quotes

Ng Yu Ting, Victoria Junior College (2021)

Opening QuotesDear Mr Fung Jia Pei, thank you so much for helping me love Economics over the past two years! Every lesson I’ve been in has been really enjoyable – the routine of grabbing a coffee at the Taekwondo cafe and sitting down to pick my brains over essays was something I looked forward to every week. You really helped to dissect how to answer essay questions directly to score every single point and helped me to secure all of my evaluation marks soundly, turning Econs from something I initially feared to a subject I could master with ease. Thank you once again for your invaluable guidance!  Closing Quotes

Zsofia Magbujos, Eunoia Junior College (2021)

Fung Jia Pei & Kelley HooyOpening Quotes Thank you SO much to Mr Fung Jia Pei for being the best economics teacher I could ever ask for! I initially joined in JC1 because I had gotten a ‘C’ for my Mid-year examinations and needed some guidance to improve myself. Mr Fung was there for me every step of the way, not only as an academic tutor but also a provider of emotional support and life advice. Mr Fung teaches economics with extreme clarity and passion, inspiring me to invest more time and effort into learning this subject. Through his lessons, I cultivated a genuine interest in economics and consequently achieved better grades. More importantly, Mr Fung proved to be a sincere teacher as he often took extra time to share valuable tips for our further education and life in general, which never failed to move me. I still remember how I was once distraught about not getting a distinction for Project Work, but Mr Fung was the one who talked me out of my despair by sharing his own experiences and hence reassuring me of my capabilities. Mr Fung also often offered consultations to us beyond the tuition hours we pay for. Thank you once again Mr Fung, your actions along the way, big or small, have left a really big impact on my academic life and I hope that more students will come under the same valuable guidance that I got to receive by being your student  Closing Quotes

Kelly Hooy, Eunoia Junior College (2020)

Fung Jia Pei & Seah Wee Jiun JoshuaOpening Quotes I would like to thank and appreciate Mr Fung Jia Pei for his hard work, constant effort, professionalism and being able to connect so well to us students. He was more than just a tuition teacher, he gave us advice on studying, pacing, relaxing and life ahead. To me, this is especially more crucial than just teaching us the syllabus, as he brought us beyond what a classroom could provide. Nevertheless, his guidance and patience were definitely the irreplaceable factors that enable myself and many of my peers to achieve the results we have today, but as he sometimes says, the process and the memories are what counts too. I am so glad to have had him as my tutor, as he made me enjoy both the process and result, leaving nothing behind. Thanks to him, I studied better, learnt better, and took on the A levels better. To be able to do so much in just 2 hours a week, I truly respect Mr Fung for his abilities and patience, understanding and showing us kids that while exams continue to be important, life doesn’t stop there.  Closing Quotes

Seah Wee Jiun Joshua, Eunoia Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes I would like to thank Mr Fung Jia Pei for guiding me through this A level journey. He has been tireless in strengthening my concepts in economics as well as helping to sharpen my exam skills. Outside of studies, he is willing to advise students on their future plans and courses. 10/10 would recommend to other students, wouldn’t have gotten an A without him.  Closing Quotes

Harold Swee, Nanyang Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes Thanks to Mr Fung Jia Pei, I managed to get A for Econs! When I entered in J1, I thought that tuition would be extremely boring and dreadful, but I was wrong about it because Mr Fung makes his lessons engaging and he is very knowledgeable in the subject. He is also very dedicated and often help me out of class, through text and consultations! I am able to grasp concepts easily and do well for tests and exams just by attending tuition classes. Thank you Mr Fung!!  Closing Quotes

Iris Lee Lee See Jie, Nanyang Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes Dear Mr Fung Jia Pei, Thank you for always making Economics lesson so interesting with your real-life examples, clear and concise examination approaches & life advice. Through your lessons, my “grade ceiling” was lifted from a B to an A!  Closing Quotes

Ong Zhi Sheng, Catholic Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes Thank you so much Mr Fung Jia Pei for helping me get my A for H2 Economics! I honestly learnt so much from your classes with numerous extra practices and useful out-of-syllabus knowledge. The lessons you gave were very insightful and engaging, and the effort you put into marking all our extra assignments, offering free consultations and even extending our classes so that you can answer all our questions is very much appreciated!  Closing Quotes

Izzah Binte Mohd Jailani, Temasek Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes Only joined lesson with Mr Fung Jia Pei in the last four or five months leading up to A’s, but regardless, Mr Fung still helped me achieve an A for my A level H2 Economics! Mr Fung has a very good grasp of the syllabus and is able to help provide clear, in-depth answers to all the questions I had! Mr Fung is also one of the most helpful and approachable tutors I met, he is always very active and willing to provide consultations and help outside of tuition lessons, giving his ultimate best to help me clear my doubts and gain a better sight of the links between different concepts!! Thank you Mr Fung, wouldn’t be able to do all this without your help :) 100/10 would recommend to anyone who need some help with H2 Economics in JC! Closing Quotes

Chen Yuan, Nanyang Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes Upon joining Mr Fung Jia Pei at the tail end of J1, he had reinforced my foundation in Economics, allowing me to be amply prepared for the A levels. His classes have never fallen short of being informative and insightful, where he delivers Economic concepts in bitesize pieces. Beyond that, Mr Fung is a mentor for all his students, gearing them well not just for a one off examination but also life’s countless tests. I have taken away alot during my time as his student, not just an A for Econs in the A levels but also many valuable teachings that will prepare me for university and beyond. Closing Quotes

Clare Ng Min Li, Eunoia Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes Having joined only in March in my J2 year, one of my concerns was that my weak areas may differ greatly from the rest of the class and I would be lost in tuition. However, it never felt like that! Mr Fung always prioritised his students’ welfare and ensure that they can keep up. His dedication to teaching not only makes his classes engaging but also makes learning Econs fun and less tedious! He can easily break down concepts for you to understand and if you do not understand them still, he will patiently explain them to you till you are crystal clear. (which happened to me many times, I had a lot to catch up on but he was always willing to help!)

Mr Fung also offered to help me outside of the scheduled lessons by marking the essays that I wrote, and even going through them with me through 1-1 consults. I have not seen any other tuition teacher that is willing to do this much for their students.

Studying Econs with Mr Fung at Learners’ Lodge was a worthy investment!! He is caring, dedicated and has an excellent content mastery! And also extremely relatable! So it won’t be intimidating. Econs tuition was the only class I never used my phone in!

Thanks for all the help Mr Fung Jia Pei  :D  Closing Quotes

Gabrielle Lee, Eunoia Junior College (2021)

Mr Fung Jia Pei and Aaren NgOpening Quotes Through this message, I would like to extend my warmest appreciation to you Mr Fung Jia Pei for unrelentingly pushing me to my limits when I do not have enough points to write for my essays and giving me the extra strength whenever I could not complete my essays for time practices. Most of all thank you for giving me the results that I deserved!! Hope to see you soon.😁😁  Closing Quotes

Aaren Ng An-ren, Catholic Junior College (2018)



Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Fung Jia Pei for believing in me and pushing me to work hard for economics. If it weren’t for you I wouldn’t have been able to go from a D for Econ’s to an A. Thank you!!  Closing Quotes

Ashna Khatri, Victoria Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Having gotten an E in Economics for my internal school exams, I decided to attend economics tuition. For the longest of time, economics was a fluffy and nearly ungraspable subject for me. However, it was a eureka moment when Mr Fung Jia Pei taught us concrete and robust frameworks that could allow us to quickly understand what the question is asking for and proceed to answer it well. I’m thankful for having a teacher that has also sparked my interest for Economics as I know aspire to read Economics in university.  Closing Quotes

Darius Lee, St. Andrew’s Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Thanks to Mr Fung Jia Pei’s guidance I was able to understand the economics concept way more clearly. This allowed me to effectively tackle and analyze the question which secured my A! Thanks Mr fung!  Closing Quotes

Goh Jun Kai, Eunoia Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Mr Fung Jia Pei is clear and concise in his explanations and is able to insert real world examples to inject life and meaning into his teaching, making Econs lessons less mundane and more digestible. The methodical approach used in the answering techniques also makes learning more structured and organised. The repetitive practices and wide coverage of past year questions were really useful in drilling the concepts into us students. Questions posed also engaged us in active learning which was definitely helpful in allowing us to better remember certain concepts. Thank you Mr Fung for being a part of my A level journey, as well as being a reason for my A for Econs!!:-)  Closing Quotes

Verdiana Tan, Eunoia Junior College (2018)

Opening Quotes Mr Fung Jia Pei is one of the most dedicated and interesting teachers I’ve had. He teaches with a lot of enthusiasm. Besides being well versed in the economics syllabus, he provides many out of syllabus references and real world examples which makes learning very enjoyable. He is willing to sacrifice his own time even on busy days to provide consultation to students who request for his help. Mr Fung is a very good teacher that can get students interested in economics and teach you how to score.  Closing Quotes

Eugene Tay, Victoria Junior College (2018)