Mr Gnan

Mr Gnan holds a Bachelor of Science Degree and a Post Graduate Diploma in Education. He has over 25 years of teaching experience in Mathematics.

He was a senior marker for the GCE ‘A’ level examinations. Since 2011, Mr Gnan has been a full-time tutor teaching ‘O’ level Mathematics,
IB HL and SL Mathematics and ‘A’ level H1 and H2 Mathematics. His lessons, which are known for the use of real-life applications of mathematics concepts, helped his students quickly and easily grasp concepts and foster a greater appreciation for the subject.




Opening Quotes After going through my first year of Junior College, I realised the difficulty and rigour of the A level syllabus. During my first year, i struggled with my academics, especially with Mathematics as I only managed to get mere passes for both my Mid-Year and Promotional examination. Hence, I knew I needed help in Mathematics through the clarifying of key concepts and practising questions.

Mr Gnan is truly a unique teacher and really does have a high level of expertise in the field of Mathematics. I truly appreciate his style of teaching as he makes concepts easy to grasp and learn. Mr Gnan also goes the extra mile in ensuring we fully understand the topic before moving on to subsequent tutorial questions. For example, under the statistics topics such as probability and sampling, Mr Gnan uses real-life examples or even objects such as pens to give a visual representation of the concept, allowing us to understand it rather easily. Furthermore, Mr Gnan not only teaches us how to tackle questions but also the thinking process behind it. For instance, for most Vectors questions, Mr Gnan always emphasises the point to draw a diagram out to visualise the lines and planes and the information provided. These methods of thinking processes before attempt the question, allows us to better understand what the question is asking for what information is provided. Nevertheless, Mr Gnan’s teaching really makes you curious and interested to learn more.
In addition, on top of his unique and effective teaching style, Mr Gnan is an extremely dedicated and passionate teacher. Mr Gnan enjoys teaching as much as his students enjoy his teaching. On one occasion, Mr Gnan arranged a separate time to re-lecture the topic which i missed the previous lesson. Mr Gnan really does go out of his way and sacrificed his personal time to ensure that I am kept up with the rest of the class in terms of the topics covered. Furthermore, Mr Gnan makes the effort to ensure we all have sufficient practice by having additional classes or remedial. Moreover, he is always known for his kind and generous personality. Mr Gnan is always willing to help with some questions I have difficulty doing in school. If my concepts are weak, he will also make time for a one to one consultation to revisit and recap that specific topic.
All in all, Mr Gnan is a one-of-a-kind teacher that is truly special. On top of his teaching capabilities, Mr Gnan is truly a hard-working and dedicated teacher.   Closing Quotes

Ethan Tan, Anderson Serangoon Junior College (2019)