Mr Gnan

Mr Gnan graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree (Majoring in Mathematics) in 1994. He started his teaching career at a reputable institution as an A/L Mathematics teacher for about 15 years from 1996 to 2011.

Besides teaching experience at his school, he also participated in many administrative and coordinating activities, such as the Master-in-Charge and a key member of the Association of Science & Technology, Executive member of the Parents Teachers Association (PTA), Manager for the school Hockey team, Coordinator in-charge for the Students’ Photography Club. He also participated in many workshops conducted by the MOE and NIE.

He also completed his  Post Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) in 2006. He was also an Examiner for 10 years and he has ample experience in setting A/L Maths exam questions with marking schemes and marking papers.

He published two books for A/L Mathematics and one book for O/L Mathematics.

He has been with different Singapore tuition centres since 2011. He was involved in Maths Curricula development for A/L and O/L, H1 and H2 Maths, IGCSE, and IB. Also became a Maths Consultant and taught maths for JC and upper Secondary students which he was able to produce good results, a fair percentage of students obtained A and B+ grades.

His lessons, which are known for the use of real-life applications of mathematics concepts, help his students quickly and easily grasp concepts and foster a greater appreciation for the subject.





Mr Gnan and Eunice TehOpening Quotes To Mr Gnan,

Thank you for being the most patient tutor ever. You were always accommodating and welcoming in class which pushed me to work harder for mathematics, allowing me to score decently in the A level examination! I will always appreciate your efforts. I hope that you keep inspiring students as you continue teaching :)

Regards,  Closing Quotes

Eunice Teh, YIJC (2021)

Opening Quotes Hello Mr Gnan! Before coming you your classes I was really struggling with my math and didn’t really do well for my common tests. I was really scared and anxious about not doing well but you have replaced all my fear with confidence and did decently for my math Common Test 2 that even my school math teacher said I was improving! I will make sure to aim higher and do well for my math promos Thank you for your guidance!   Closing Quotes

Naziiha Akta’ar, YIJC (2021)

Opening Quotes Mr Gnan has a lot of expertise and will show us different methods of tackling questions, that enable us to save time during examinations. He is willing to help us during stipulated tuition timings but is also willing to arrange consults outside of class time for us to clarify concepts whenever he is free, no matter how late it is. He is very patient with teaching and will explain the question again if we do not understand it. When teaching new concepts, he will have examples that enable us to properly grasp the rough idea of the topic before going in deeper to teach the topic. He has a wide variety of resources, and will specially prepare lessons according to what tests we may have, or what topics we request, allowing us to be exposed to many different types of questions so that we are well-prepared for assessments   Closing Quotes

Janine Lee, EJC (2019)

Opening Quotes Regarding his style of teaching, he uses an approach that helps students to be able to learn how to apply. After every single concept he teaches, he will come up with an example for us to apply to ensure that we are well equipped with the correct knowledge, before moving on. Personally, I find this approach very useful as it tackles the issue that is faced by most students which are applicable. Many students struggle to apply the knowledge as they do not know how to start after a long lecture of content. Hence, I find his teaching style is very beneficial for students that need more guidance due to a weak foundation. This is so as it allows us to build confidence in attempting the questions and slowly filling up the gaps in the foundation, leading us to improve drastically  Closing Quotes

Tan Zhuo Lin, Joelyn, MI (2019)

Opening Quotes In each and every lesson without fail, Mr Gnan finds a way to make the content he is teaching entertaining and simple to understand; and repeats the concepts multiple times when I can’t seem to grasp them. At times I marvel at his ability to keep his cool when I ask the same question for what seems like the hundredth time. Even when he is exhausted, he still remains patient, understanding and dedicated. Furthermore, for harder to digest topics, he conjures the most amusing analogies on the spot which really made the understanding process more straightforward for me; especially for my understanding of Calculus and other Year 5 topics I was weak in.   Closing Quotes

Lorraine Chia, ACSI (2019)

Opening Quotes Mr Gnan is the best mathematics teacher I have ever met. He has his own style of teaching which was very enjoyable and efficient. He like to explain the full meaning behind the concept rather than just let student remember the formulas. He can explain the math problem very clearly and he will let the student think first before he gives the correct answer, this really helps me build my own thinking rather than just wait for teacher to give the answer. All in all Mr Gnan was a wonderful teacher, a teacher like him is hard to find these days.”   Closing Quotes

Lyu Youyou, ACSI (2019)

Opening Quotes He is a one-of-a-kind teacher that changed my view towards Mathematics, as it was my weakest subject since primary school. Mathematics was my most feared subject as I was not a very bright child, and the thought of scoring an A was impossible. But, ever since attending his lessons in secondary 2, my life has truly changed   Closing Quotes

Yasmine Lim, SRJC (2016)

Opening Quotes When he taught me statistics, specifically Normal Distribution, he used my O levels and current knowledge of probability to link with it. This allowed me to understand how Normal Distribution works better and able to help me to understand what each question is asking for. Moreover, when there is a new formula for the students to remember and apply, Mr Gnan is able to derive the formula with students’ current knowledge and allow students to understand more clearly how the formula works. Since understanding beats ‘dead’ memorising, Mr Gnan’s method of teaching allows us to remember and apply more easily, relatively to other students   Closing Quotes

Sim Zheng Xian, SRJC (2016)


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