Mr Lee Shi Hao graduated from the Nanyang Technological University (NTU) with a Bachelor of Science (Biology) degree with Second Class Honours. Upon graduation he did a short stint as a R&D chef at a Michelin Star restaurant before deciding to further his studies in Biology. Mr Lee is currently in his final year of his PhD in Biology at NTU where he does extensive research with an animal model (mice) on the functionality of progesterone receptor pertaining to pregnancy and miscarriage.

During his time as a PhD candidate, Mr Lee has taught various undergraduate modules specialising in Physiology and Molecular and Cell Biology. Aside from his busy research schedule, Mr Lee often meets up with students to clarify concepts and questions after tutorials. Mr Lee has also mentored many undergraduates for their research experience and final year project modules with most scoring Distinction for their modules. Mr Lee also enjoys interacting with JC students during Laboratory supervision for H3 Biology, often taking time to explain and clarify concepts with them after class. Mr Lee has also been awarded the Best Teaching Assistant Award (AY2019/20, Sem1) in appreciation for his dedication to the students he has taught.

Mr Lee believes that every student can excel if given the time and opportunity to develop. He believes that students can achieve their best academically and emotionally by building a strong teacher-student rapport to provide students with a holistic development. Mr Lee was appointed the President of the Residential Mentor Council (2018/2019), where he was tasked to plan and oversee extracurricular activities for undergraduates staying in campus. He also assisted in pastoral care for undergraduate residents staying on campus