Mr Melvyn Tan

As a child, Mr Melvyn Tan always dreamed of becoming a teacher and sharing the joy of learning with others. He studied English Language at the National University of Singapore with the intent to teach the subject after five years. Upon graduation with a B.A. Honours (2nd Upper), he took up the Post-Graduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at the National Institute of Education.
Mr Tan’s first official posting was at Dunman High School, where he taught upper secondary Language Arts (IP English) for five years before pioneering the H2 English Language & Linguistics programme for Senior High students. Subsequently, he also had the opportunity to teach General Paper for three years, which provided him greater insight into the entire six-year syllabus and scope of the Cambridge national examinations. With this exposure he was better able to help students integrate the different language skills and achieve a smooth transition from the junior to senior years. Not one to remain passive, he enjoyed sharing his ideas with the teaching fraternity, and was recognised on two occasions in 2015 for submitting the MOE Ideas Bank Best Suggestion of the Month.
By his second posting at Commonwealth Secondary School, he was appointed as a Senior Teacher who had developed greater confidence in his methods, and was able to support his fellow teachers (as a Mentor and Cooperating Teacher) in their journey to becoming masters of their craft. He was particularly interested in techniques that would engage every child in the classroom, as well as crafting relevant and accessible feedback to motivate students to improve. Most of all, the student’s personal voice mattered to him, something he learned to develop during an intensive year-long course at the Singapore Writing Institute. He also found that the use of interactive ICT tools was especially useful in giving students a voice that can easily be documented and tracked over time.
After ten years as an MOE teacher, Mr Tan continues his teaching journey at NUS High School as an adjunct teacher. Moreover, he is now rendering his services at Learner’s Lodge Education Centre, with the aim of taking his craft to the next level and forming meaningful bonds with students who are passionate about acquiring new skills and knowledge for the betterment of their future.



Opening Quotes“Mr.  Teng is a really dedicated teacher who is always willing to go the extra mile for his students!! He organizes extra lessons to ensure that we get sufficient practice and are well prepared fro the A levels. Additionally, Mr Teng gives us advice on our academics beyond just Mathematics.

Mr Teng works long hours to prepare for his classes (as can be seen from his late night/ early morning replies to the math questions that I send to him). This shows his passion in teaching and making a positive impact to the lives of his students. Mr. Teng is math cher best cher yay”Closing Quotes

Hong Yi Ning, NJC’ 17


Opening Quotes“Hi Mr. Teng, Sharan here. Thank you so much for your help in preparing Joshua for the A levels Mathematis. He did very well scoring an A. I appreciate all the help you gave him and really can’t thank you enough.”Closing Quotes

Sharan C., Mother of Joshua C., RIJC’ 17


Opening Quotes“Mr. Teng is definitely one of the most passionate and caring teachers around who’s most willing to help you at any time of the day whenever you ask him a question. His huge interest really made me enjoy math since the first lesson he taught me, and this really sparked my interest in the subject, allowing me to do well. Definitely 10/10 would recommend (I recommend him to my juniors)”Closing Quotes

Alexis, CJC’15


Opening Quotes“Hi Mr. Teng. Just want to inform you that Lucas got A for Mathematics. You have been a great help to him especially for topics that he is weak in. Thank you so much for your dedication and hard work!”Closing Quotes

Mother of Lucas Tan, HCI’ 16[/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]