JC Tutor

Mr Phay Teik Eng

Lieutenant-Colonel (NCC) Phay Teik Eng graduated from NUS in 1982 with B. Social Science (2nd Upper Hons) and Diploma in Education (Merit) the following year. He is a retired and tested Senior Education Teacher with over three decades of experience in Economics education and trainer of students’ leaders. He has joined the dynamic team at Learners’ Lodge at an exciting time in its expansion to meet the educational needs of Singaporeans.

He has taught at JJC, SRJC, ITE (for mature students), CJC and ACJC in his various roles as Senior Subject Teacher, Subject Head as well as Head of Department for Discipline and Pastoral Care. He was posted to the Education Programmes Division in MOE HQ in 1998 for an initial tour of 3 years and later extended by one year. He served as Commander of NCC (Air) and promoted to Head Training, HQ NCC responsible for developing and conducting leadership courses (both local and overseas) for secondary and tertiary students. He is one of the select few to be trained by the Ministry of Education as Emergency Behaviour Officer in 1999 to understand and meet the emotional needs of students in the time of emergency.

He firmly believes in the ability of students to excel in the subject and takes great pride in helping them do so through a variety of pedagogical approaches and confidence-building measures. His teaching has evolved to keep up with developments in the economics education landscape and the changing profile of students. He embraces changes and adapts his approach to reflect the learning habits of the new generation of students while always mindful of the requirements and expectations of the examination board. The beauty of his methods lies in their simplicity. He has shared with students the secrets to success, including the need to make their own exam-oriented notes and repeatedly warned them against rote learning.

He works hard at creating a learning environment that is fun and inviting to arouse the intellectual curiosity of the students. Only when they are curious would learning takes place. He fully believes in the need to focus not only on the cognitive aspect of learning but on other dimensions as well, especially the affective domain.

He has been credited in the national daily with helping students to overcome overwhelming odds to achieve the improbable. In recognition of his dedication and resourcefulness at helping youngsters achieve their potential, he has been recognised and invited to the Istana for a ‘tea’ party in 1994.