Mr Prhabagaran

Mr Prhabagaran graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Science (Life Sciences) degree with Second Class Honours (Upper). Upon graduation, he went on to work as an environmental consultant. It was only after a year that he realized that his true calling was in teaching. In it, he knew he would be able to share his love for Biology even more widely.

He went on to complete his Postgraduate Diploma in Education (PGDE) at the National Institute of Education (NIE), specialising in Biology. This saw him then posted to a top JC, where he has guided numerous students, over a number of years, to excel in Biology. He enjoys inculcating a love for the subject, that motivates students to not just memorise content but have a deep understanding of the processes involved. He also enjoys relating the learnt content to what happens in the real world. Added to that, he has many fun ways he helps students remember difficult content.

His students know him as Mr Prab, and he leverages his warm and personable character to build strong teacher-student relationships. And through it, students know they are always able to approach him easily.





Opening Quotes Hi Mr Prhab,

Thank you for all the care and effort you put into our class and not giving up on us. you are such a supportive teacher, and I appreciate that greatly. Thank you also for encouraging me when I was at a low point. It made a difference in who I am today.   Closing Quotes

Bernice (2018)

Opening Quotes Hi Mr Prhab!
Thank you for being such a fun and interesting bio tutor! your lessons are really easy to keep up with, and they’re always so informative so I never actually fall asleep! We really appreciate everything you do, be it playing captain’s ball or spending so much time to compe up with mind maps for every single topic! Your tutorials and lectures are also well-explained, so people like me can keep up better. Thank you so much for everything!
   Closing Quotes


Opening Quotes Hey Mr Prhab!

To the best Bio tutor in RI,

Your lessons are super cool and they really pique my interest in the subject. If not for you, I’m pretty sure I would always be half dead during Bio.

You’re an inspiration to so many of us, your passion really shines through when you teach! You’ve been magnificent as a civics tutor as well, like you’re super caring and warm.  Closing Quotes


Opening Quotes Dear Mr Prhab,

Thank you for being a bio teacher that tries his best to make class comprehensive, educational and entertaining for us! I really appreciate your lessons and they’ve really helped me personally.

It’s also really nice how you’ve gotten to know the class as individuals and pay attention to us. though we don’t always show our appreciation, thanks for being so personable! We’ll keep working hard too!  Closing Quotes

Sincerely, Rayna

Opening Quotes Dear Mr Prhab,

Thank you for being such a caring, committed and humorous teacher for all of us! We really appreciate the way you make tutorials (and lectures) so much more interesting, and how you really go the extra mile to do up all the mindmaps before class. I’m really grateful to have you as my Bio tutor. Thank you!   Closing Quotes




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