Mr. Sng Tat Ming

Mr Sng graduated from the National University of Singapore (NUS) with a Bachelor of Engineering degree(Honours) and went on to obtain a Post-Graduate Diploma in Education from the National Institute of Education (NIE). Being a keen learner, while being a full-time teacher in school, he went on to achieve a Masters degree in Science from Nanyang Technological University(NTU).

Before joining Learners’ Lodge, Mr Sng has more than 10 years of experience teaching Mathematics in school. He has a keen interest in Mathematics and has written several A-level Mathematics books, in addition to being author and consultant for several Ten-Year series titles for the GCE A-level Examination approved by Singapore Examinations and Assessment Board(SEAB). It includes the 2017 edition featuring the latest developments and changes in the H1 and H2 Mathematics syllabus in junior colleges.

Sng Tat Ming's H1 Math Book Cover Sng Tat Ming's H2 Math Book Cover

Mr Sng Tat Ming books

One of his strength is the ability to deliver the lessons in a concise and structured manner, which often relates well to the students. He seeks different ways to give ideas across to students, and through the process guide them into deeper thinking and understanding of mathematical concepts rather than merely providing the solutions. He believes that every setback is a learning experience and overtime with hard work and grit, every individual can overcome his/her weakness and fine-tune the mistakes into valuable learning opportunities. His belief and patience in every student help them overcome their fear for the subject and install back the confidence in students. Whether with high-achievers or those who have lost their sense of direction in the process, working together as a cohesive unit, Mr Sng can help them get back on the correct track.

Since 2016, Mr Sng has joined Learners’ Lodge Education Centre, serving as an Education Specialist, teaching Mathematics classes at Integrated Programme Mathematics(IP), and A level Mathematics at both J1 and J2 levels.

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Opening Quotes Dear Mr Sng Tat Ming,
I’ve gotten an A for math! Truth be told, ever since I started learning from you, I scored an A for math in all my school exams as well. I think you have truly revolutionalised the way I approach questions: treating easy ones with prudence and care and treating hard ones with calmness and a belief that I can do it. Thanks for your dedicated support, for replying to all the messages I sent you, for the time we stayed back for 1.5h after class to ask questions. Thank you for boosting my confidence in my math by exposing me to unconventional questions. Nothing would have been possible without your support! Love you and see you soon!
 Closing Quotes

Yue Qin Wang, Raffles Institution (2021)

Opening QuotesThank you Mr Sng Tat Ming! even though I’ve only started classes during the cb, I’ve learnt a lot of mathematical tricks and methods to solve questions faster within those few months! thank you for always being so encouraging and slowing down the lesson pace when one of us needs more help or guidance! you’re one of the best teachers I’ve encountered and i hope you continue to help other students in their academic life!!  Closing Quotes

Chloe Teo Jze Ning, Yishun Innova Junior College (2020)

Opening QuotesMy jump in grades from a U to an A at the ‘A’ Levels already speaks volumes about the quality of Mr Sng Tat Ming’s teaching. Before joining LL, I struggled mainly with interpreting application questions and identifying the concepts and formulas necessary to solve them. Mr Sng’s study hacks and answering tips really broke down the syllabus content into digestible chunks that makes H2 Math accessible for an Arts stream student like myself. His relatable and entertaining anecdotes to exemplify math questions always make lessons more lively and engaging, which is just one of the many ways he connects on a personal level with students! Most of all, I’m grateful for his unwavering faith in us, encouraging me to try again even when I was convinced I was a lost cause, which eventually lead me to excel at the ‘A’ Levels. Thank you Mr Sng for everything! :)  Closing Quotes

Rachel Eng Li Wen, Eunoia Junior College (2020)

Opening QuotesDear Mr Sng Tat Ming,

Thank you for all the guidance the past year! You never failed to make classes fun and interesting, especially when you would say ‘whole world stop’. Those were the moments where I picked up on good habits and how to not repeat the same mistake again :) You made math so much more enjoyable and I grew to love it after attending your class. Thank you, Mr Sng!  Closing Quotes

Lovelle Lee, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes Mr Sng Tat Ming is a very passionate mathematics teacher. He always tries his very best to find a simpler method to explain to the class, which makes mathematics a lot easier. He is also very patient in guiding us. No matter how many times we ask him to explain a particular concept, he will still slowly explain it to us. I am very grateful to have Mr Sng as my mathematics teacher. My H2 Math had improved from D in prelims to A in A level! Closing Quotes

Chien Hung Yeh, Dunman High School (2019)


Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Sng Tat Ming for being such a fun and engaging tutor, making lessons much more bearable. Thank you for making math concepts so much easier to understand with your analogies and summaries for every topic. My math could not have improved without your guidance!! Thank you:) Closing Quotes

Anna Ng Hui Sze, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Sng Tat Ming for all the support and guidance you’ve given me leading up to As! You were very approachable and patient with us and your teaching helped me understand things much better as well as gain confidence in math which helped me improve beyond my expectations. I’m really glad to have been taught by you! Closing Quotes

Clarice Goh, Raffles Institution (2019)


Opening Quotes Mr Sng was a very helpful teacher and his math lessons were extremely helpful in providing us with the practice required to improve our grades. My math grades saw a great improvement from prelims to A levels! Thank you, Mr Sng, for all your help! Closing Quotes

Elizabeth Lee, Victoria Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Sng Tat Ming for believing in me despite disappointing you a few times :”)) thanks for pushing us to do better! Closing Quotes

Charis Kwok Jae Ern, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes Mr Sng Tat Ming teaches concepts in a comprehensive and engaging manner. Not only does he summarise the gist of each topic, but he also recommends us ways to approach the different questions, allowing us to understand the question requirements much easier. Doing the questions in class with us, he also showed us that the “hard” questions that we are doing are actually not so daunting with more practice.
Thank you, Mr Sng, for creating such an engaging, open and fun learning environment for us.
 Closing Quotes

Chui Jia Ling, River Valley High School (2019)

Opening Quotes To Mr Sng Tat Ming, the Miracle Worker.

I have always loved Mathematics. However, being overwhelmed by the H2 Mathematics syllabus since J1 and not having a prior background in Additional Mathematics in Secondary School, I lost grip of that passion. This was to the point that getting an “ungraded result” (U) for internal Mathematics examinations would be normal to me, even in the Preliminary Examinations. But just when I thought all hope was lost, Mr Sng came to my rescue with endless motivation, guidance and support, in, and out of the classroom. The all-around approach that Mr Sng takes on, whether is it covering the syllabus comprehensively yet interestingly or just being a mentor sharing his wisdom-filled life stories, has led me to find my passion for Mathematics again, through inspiration. Being from a U-grader in Prelims, to an A-grader in the A levels, I owe all of this to Mr Sng Tat Ming. I can’t help but be eternally grateful to have had him, by my side, through the challenging journey to A levels. Truly, Mr Sng is a miracle worker and I am the testimony of the great mentor that he is.

Thank you, so very much, Mr Sng. Closing Quotes

Dian Harris, Yishun Innova Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes  Thank you Mr Sng Tat Ming for helping me like math & making our lessons very fun & easy to understand! best math teacher ever! Closing Quotes

Michelle Lee, Private Candidate (2019)


Opening Quotes   I would like to thank Mr Sng for teaching me math and exposing me to challenging math questions. He is very friendly and helpful too. He even offers time beyond tuition lesson. It helped me a lot. I am very thankful for meeting him and having him as my teacher!  Closing Quotes


Lee Wen Yang, Pioneer Junior College (2018)


Opening Quotes  Dear Mr Sng,

You have been a wonderful teacher who pushed me to keep moving forward. Even with questions that stumped the whole class, you would still encourage us to give it our best and keep trying. Whenever we made mistakes, you would hit the nail on the head and accurately address our misconceptions. (To this day it amazes me how fast you can spot errors in my upside down chicken scrawl workings.) I’m really grateful for all that you have done for me and it has really made a difference for me in my As.
Thank you, Mr Sng!   Closing Quotes


Chng Sze Han, Victoria Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes Mr Sng is one of the most patient tutors I have met. His passion for maths is contagious and makes lessons enjoyable and fun for his students. Moreover, Mr Sng has the ability to break down seemingly complicated math concepts into fundamental ideas, which really helped me Ace my A levels. Thank you, Mr Sng!    Closing Quotes


Tan Wei Howe, Victoria Junior College (2017)


Opening Quotes   Mr Sng is an excellent teacher who has a firm grasp of the topics and syllabus. His engaging teaching style makes me look forward to his lessons. He is also very friendly and approachable, so I feel comfortable asking him for help. He even offered to answer questions on WhatsApp. I’m very grateful because he always revising with me my weakest topics like Graphing Techniques, turning my D into an A at A Levels! Thank You, Mr Sng!    Closing Quotes


Joshua Ng, Victoria Junior College (2017)