Mr Teng Kah Seng

Mr Teng graduated with BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Economics from Nanyang Technological University and M.Sc in Mathematics for educators, NIE, NTU and was named top trader for his financial mathematics modules. From there, he moved on to taking huge interests in mathematical modelling and pricing strategies. However, teaching Mathematics has always been his passion and drive. Having completed the “Higher Education Teaching” certificate with Harvard University, Mr Teng is well equipped to develop his own teaching strategies to teach both his JC and undergraduate students.

Since 2009, Mr Teng has been teaching H2 Mathematics and helped many students secure their As. He has taught students from different JCs and adapts to their different learning abilities. He believes that concepts form the basis for scoring A. Having real-world experience in mathematics allows him to give simple examples in class to help students understand concepts. He dedicates time each day to improve and create new contents for students in order to keep the students up to date to current exam trends. To further improve his knowledge and teaching pedagogy, Mr Teng has recently completed his postgraduate Mathematics studies with NIE, NTU.

He also has his own content website where he shares his mathematical knowledge with students. Some students, not taught by him, has also remarked on the usefulness and enrichment found on his website. Due to his subject mastery and understanding of Mathematics, Mr Teng is able to communicate Mathematics to students effectively and help them improve. He has also been part of the team to write TYS solutions for the popular world and also the CIE Mathematics Textbooks.



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Mr Teng Kah Seng and Phua Yi KaiOpening QuotesThank you Mr Teng Kah Seng for helping me achieve my A in H2 Math. The various practices and explanations you provided for the topics were much easier to understand as compared to the school’s notes and allowed me to rely on practices every week without doing much math myself.  Closing Quotes

Phua Yi Kai, Dunman High School (2021)



Mr Teng Kah Seng and Truman Tay

Opening QuotesMy thanks go out to Mr Teng Kah Seng for helping me achieve A for H2 Math, from S/E in my school exams. He accomplished this incredible feat after I joined his lessons just right before my prelims. An extremely dedicated tutor who certainly goes the extra mile, he never shies away from teaching me tips on using the GC and how to tackle certain question types and topics that I have always had difficulty with. I am forever grateful for his support and meticulous guidance during each lesson. Thanks to his invaluable lessons at Learners Lodge @ Marymount, I was able to breeze through my A Level Math exam with newfound confidence, for once in the last 2 years.  Closing Quotes

Truman Tay Han, Nanyang Junior College (2021)

Mr Teng Kah Seng and Andres Neo

Opening QuotesThank you Mr Teng for your guidance and patience!! I remember first coming in to learners’ lodge failing one math exam after another. little did I knew, after one year at learners lodge, I managed to go from an S to an A for a levels :)) Mr Teng was always there, constantly encouraging and guiding me along, offering us his tips and tricks that sure proved useful in the end. I hope more students will be able to benefit from his teaching in the future!! :)  Closing Quotes

Andres Neo Bo Jun, Dunman High School (2021)


Opening Quotes Dear Mr Teng Kah Seng,
Thank you so much for helping me achieve A in maths for A levels! The constant practice you provided for me helped me improve alot and master mathematics!!
  Closing Quotes

Amyirthan Guru, Raffles Institution (2021)

Opening Quotes I would like to thank Mr Teng Kah Seng as he helped me become more interested in studying math and helped me improve my math grade from a S to a B for A levels. He was willing to repeat points that he had gone through many times. He also provided much help even outside of class whenever we had questions and provided solutions for us quickly. He also provided us with additional notes that he writes himself that is extremely useful for understanding and solving questions. Closing Quotes

Javier lek wee heng, Tampines Meridian Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes Hi Mr Teng Kah Seng you were such an inspiring and hardworking teacher who helped me through my ups and downs in JC. Math actually became fun thanks to your teaching. You helped me with my doubts even outside of lessons, which led to me achieving a satisfactory grade at A-Levels!  Closing Quotes

Babu Gayatri, National Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes Hi Mr Teng Kah Seng, thank you for helping me secure an A for A levels :) Your lessons are really clear and focus on techniques which I found really useful !! Also, thank you for being so willing to help me with math sums outside of class and for always encouraging me. Your passion for math is really amazing haha! I’m really grateful to have a supportive teacher like you! Closing Quotes

Nicole Tan Yun Woon, Dunman High School (2021)

Opening Quotes Hi Mr Teng Kah Seng, thank you for being such a patient, reliable and diligent teacher! You always seem to have a solution to everything which make me strive to be good as you ;) thank you for helping me to achieve an A in h2 math 😄 Closing Quotes

Owyang Huiyi, Anderson Serangoon Junior College (2021)

Opening Quotes Thank you Mr Teng Kah Seng for your guidance in 2020. You patiently explained to me concepts when I was in doubt. Thank you for believing that I can get my A grade for H2 Maths in A levels!  Closing Quotes

Stella Loh, Anderson Serangoon Junior College (2020)

Opening Quotes Not only did were his lessons well-paced and extremely effective, his teachings also gave me confidence to tackle my mathematics papers and to believe in myself. He even kept lessons light-hearted especially since they ended quite late, and he genuinely looked out for every single student. I am very grateful for his lessons for I know they played a major role in my improvement in mathematics over the year. Thank you Mr Teng Kah Seng!  Closing Quotes

Sravani Somisetty, Raffles Institution (2020)

Opening Quotes Mr Teng Kah Seng has never once given up on me and even though I wasn’t his strongest student, he never failed to explain any concepts in-depth and was very patient throughout my lessons with him. His timings were super flexible and he always made sure I had enough practice before any of my exams, definitely one of the best tuition teachers I had:)  Closing Quotes

Jomond chia, Anglo-Chinese Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes Mr Teng Kah Seng is a very experienced and professional Maths teacher. Before having a lesson with him, my base for Maths was quite weak, so my maths grade is always stagnated at C or D. Mr Teng is very good at helping students build a strong base for Maths and he has his unique methods to teach Maths which are very useful and effective. He also helped me with my Maths revision during the examination period which I appreciate so much! Thanks to having a lesson with Mr Teng, I am able to get grade A for my A-Level H2 Maths!  Closing Quotes

Duan Hongxuan, Victoria Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes Mr Teng Kah Seng has taught me H2 Mathematics for 2 years already and my grades have always been at the high Bs! His method of teaching is very suitable for most students because it is very focused and tailored to each student, which makes learning and grasping concepts very easy :) His patience in teaching and making lessons fun has thus helped me score an A in the A levels, and made me more interested in Mathematics as a whole :)  Closing Quotes

Marilyn Ban, River Valley High School (2019)


Opening Quotes Thank you, Mr Teng Kah Seng, for helping me get motivated and interested in learning H2 maths. Mr Teng’s straightforward methods show the quickest way to solve problems, though they need some time to be understood  Closing Quotes

Toh Jia Qing, Yishun Innova Junior College (2019)


Opening Quotes Thank you, Mr Teng Kah Seng, for always patiently explaining the math concepts and guiding us. I really appreciate the comprehensive notes and constant encouragement. I wouldn’t have gotten my A without your lessons!!!! Thank you so much!!!!!! I hope you will continue getting students as fun as us!!!  Closing Quotes

Amanda, River Valley High School (2019)