Mr. Teng graduated with BSc (Hons) in Mathematics and Economics from Nanyang Technological University and was named top trader for his financial mathematics modules. From there, he moved on to taking huge interests in mathematical modelling and pricing strategies. However, teaching Mathematics has always been his passion and drive. Having completed the “Higher Education Teaching” certificate with Harvard University, Mr. Teng is well equipped to develop his own teaching strategies to teach both his JC and undergraduate students.

Since 2009, Mr. Teng has been teaching H2 Mathematics and helped many students secure their As. He has taught students from different JCs and adapts to their different learning abilities. He believes that concepts form the basis for scoring A. Having real world experience in mathematics allows him to give simple examples in class to help students understand concepts. He dedicates time each day to improve and create new contents for students in order to keep the students up to date to current exam trends. To further improve his knowledge and teaching pedagogy, Mr. Teng is currently doing postgraduate Mathematics studies with NIE, NTU.

He also has his own content website where he shares his mathematical knowledge with students. Some students, not taught by him, has also remarked on the usefulness and enrichment found on his website. Due to his subject mastery and understanding of Mathematics, Mr. Teng is able to communicate Mathematics to students effectively and help them improve. He has also been part of the team to write TYS solutions for popular world and also the CIE Mathematics Textbooks.